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Mere Angne Mein 7th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Chanda to take care of Shivam, as Kaushalya is not at home. Chanda tells her that she has already done all the work and kept Shivam’s clothes too. Riya looks on. Shanti praises Chanda and smiles. Sarla tells Amit that Nirmala wants Ashok, we have to give Ashok to her on rent, then she will die, she has hole in her heart, she wants to marry, she wants to die as married woman, she has much property and money, she said she will give us everything, she already gave me 5 lakhs, we will become crorepati in 2 months. Amit says fine, where is 5 lakhs. Sarla says she took it back, and just showed me. He says fine, I want 1 lakh else I will not let pandit say mantra. Sarla says pack your bag, get ready.

Riya calls Bunty and says I m confused about Chanda, she acts like simple girl and acts something else infront of other, she agreed to marry Shivam, he came to ask me whether I love him, he asked me to leave house, even Kaushalya left house in anger. Bunty says its good, one problem got less, maybe Kaushalya asked Shivam to marry, he may have refused, so she left angrily. Riya says thanks for solving my problem, Shivam loves me, how to convince him, I will talk later. She smiles.

Sarla asks Nirmala to take rest and gives back her property and cash. She says I can’t see your state, I wish I could help and give my breath to you. She gives water to Nirmala. Rani asks Amit what was the talk going on. He asks her to leave all this and go. She says I love you, that’s why I care for you. He asks her to just leave. Sarla tells Nirmala that I m worried for you, don’t know who will be the home and family, you stay here. Nirmala says I want to die as suhaagan. Sarla says don’t worry, you have sindoor of Ashok’s name and then die after 2 months. Nirmala says what are you saying, this can’t happen, I wanted my husband to see me, when I die. Sarla says yes, he will see you, give me this cash and property papers, take this room and rest there. Nirmala says fine, as you say. Sarla says I will get property papers checked. Nirmala says fine, go today itself. Amit comes with his bag and says I m ready. Nirmala asks why did you tell Amit. Sarla says I had to say, if his dad is remarrying. Rani comes and asks where are you leaving. Sarla says take care of home, we are going. Rani asks Nirmala where did Sarla go. Nirmala says I don’t know exactly, and smiles.

Shanti sends Riya upstairs and says I want to see whats happening there. Shanti answers call. Riya runs to Shivam and sees Chanda with him. Chanda asks Shivam to get her ticket, she wants to leave city, Kaushalya left home and you fought with Riya, I m responsible for all this. He says don’t blame yourself, all relations went wrong much before you came here. She asks him to promise he will never get annoyed with her, else she will feel guilty. He promises her and holds her hand. Riya cries and goes. Shanti sees Riya crying. Shivam and Chanda come downstairs. Shanti smiles. Chanda asks Shivam to come home early, Kaushalya is calling many times. He says mum’s anger won’t calm so soon. He leaves. Chanda tells Shanti that she wants to go to temple and pray for Kaushalya’s return and peace.

Shanti asks her to go in evening, go with Shivam, when he comes back from office. Chanda says I kept fast and have to go now. Riya worries and cuts her finger in tension. Shanti asks Chanda did you keep fast for Shivam, and praises her.

Vyom tells Nimmi that they have to do love drama infront of everyone. She says I can’t do this drama, I had to stay hunger yesterday. He says fine, mummy hates you, she will kick you out seeing I m unhappy with you. Nimmi worries. Shanti allows Chanda to go. Bunty calls Riya and tells her that her cousin is upset, as a girl got after her husband, my cousin is worried as her husband woke up shirt chosen by that girl. Riya says maybe her husband does not know that girl chose that shirt, ask your cousin to relax. She thinks maybe even Shivam does not know Chanda has kept that shirt. She asks Bunty to make someone keep an eye on that girl. She gets an idea and thanks her once again, for solving her problem. She says I have to get Kaushalya back home any way now. She smiles.

Chanda calls her boyfriend and asks him to come fast, I m sitting here just for you, else I would have stolen things and ran away before. Shanti gets shocked seeing her avatar.

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