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Mere Angne Mein 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Riya crying and leaving. Shivam massages Kaushalya’s head. She tells about big issue when he has hidden about his job, and Shanti was glad when he has given salary to Shanti. He asks whats the matter. Riya cooks and oil gets on Nimmi’s hand. Nimmi screams. Shanti comes and scolds Nimmi and Preeti and asks them to help Riya. Nimmi says we did not ask Riya to help. Shanti argues with Nimmi and blames her to trouble Riya. Nimmi says I was helping Riya. Shanti asks Nimmi to make chutney. Preeti asks Nimmi to wash her hands. Nimmi says Riya never leaves chance to get me scolded.

Kaushalya says I have to go. Shivam asks her to freely tell him. She asks him to explain Riya to give salary to Shanti, its rule of their house and Riya has to agree too. Shivam says I feel Raghav is great, he manages home so well, I m in tension from now itself. He says I will talk to Riya. She goes. Riya cries recalling Kaushalya’s words.

Sarla wakes up at night and takes an axe. She sees Rani crying. Shivam goes to Riya and sees her. She sleeps and he thinks how to talk to her. He hits the wall. Preeti sees him awake and asks why is he doing boxing at night. He says nothing, I m not getting sleep. She asks whats the problem. He asks her not to say anyone. She says she just told Nimmi. He asks did she tell her all the things he confided. She says this time I won’t say, I swear. He does not tell her the actual matter. She goes. He thinks how to handle Riya.

Sarla takes the jewelry and leaves keeping pillows on her bed. Rani wakes up and looks around. Riya shuts the door and sits sad. Rani talks to Amit’s shirt and says she loves him a lot, she can do anything to get his love. Sarla sees a plant and goes to hide the jewelry there. Sarla says now, no one can steal this and covers the soil with leaves.

Riya sees Shivam did not come till now. She thinks did Shivam go seeing door shut. She opens the door and waits for him. She thinks she reacted like a kid. Rani removes buttons from Amit’s shirt. Sarla gets shocked seeing someone putting torchlight on her face. Rani hears her scream and keeps the shirts back. Rani goes to Sarla’s room and calls out mummy ji. She gets no reply and sees the pillows on the bed. She thinks did Sarla run with foreigner or jewelry.

Shivam smiles Kaushalya and Riya’s pics. He sees Riya’s anklet and recalls her. Rani thinks where did Sarla go. Its Ashok who sees Sarla. She asks from where is he coming at this time. He asks why is she asking him now. Shivam comes to Riya and says he has to talk something imp with her. He says we have rule in our house, which everyone obeys, whoever earns in this house, gives salary to Dadi. Riya sleeps. He sees she slept and worries. Shivam caresses Riya.

Sarla holds Ashok. Rani takes their pic. Ashok says he has drunk for the first time as his heart broke. Rani thinks to take their video. Ashok shouts on Sarla. Rani gets glad seeing their drama. Sarla and Ashok come home and have an argument. He asks her not to support Amit in illegal work. She says you can’t talk to me like this in drunken state. Ashok says its useless talking to you. She says she has no place for him in her room and asks him to sleep on sofa.

Its early morning, Mata and Mama ji have a chat. She asks him to receive overwhelmed up by people and do the drama, she’ll give him extra cash and a gift. Makdi Mama agrees. Shanti and Nimmi Use a humorous argument in morning. Kaushalya laughs. Shanti asks her did she speak to Shivam. Kaushalya says Sure, I instructed him, but I don’t know did he explain to Riya or not. Shanti points out her that Riya should give her salary to her.

Makdi Mama irritates Sujeet and claims He’s having psychological assault once again. Mata asks Sujeet to go away Mama. Mama runs. Sujeet beats him. Mata asks Vyom to come quickly and halt Sujeet. Mata calms Sujeet and hugs him. Vyom makes Sujeet indication around the cheque, though Sujeet just isn’t in total senses.

Shivam wakes up and sees Riya. They’ve got some intimate moments. They’ve an argument. Riya will get Anupam’s get in touch with. Shivam suggests he has to speak to her. She receives occupied on contact. Shivam says this factor might be informed to mum by Dadi.

Kaushalya asks Riya did Shivam speak with her. Riya says no. Shanti asks Kaushalya to talk nowadays, else she will see to it.

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