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Mere Angne Mein 6th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya getting permission to cook food in kitchen. Everyone leave. Riya taunts Shanti that Shanti failed and this way her rule will end. She says you are falling weak and taunts her. Shanti gets angry and asks her to go and cook food. Riya goes. Shanti fumes.

Sarla asks Chanda to stay with her. Chanda refuses and says I m scared of Rani, she will not leave me. Sarla scolds Rani and tells her that she will hide Amit. She asks Rani to give her costly saree to Chanda, why did you spoil her saree. Rani says I won’t give my saree. Sarla gives Rani’s fav saree to Chanda and asks her to get ready. She ties cloth to Rani’s mouth and shuts her mouth. She asks Chanda to get ready and look beautiful. Sarla locks Rani in room.

Riya is cooking food. She calls Bunty and tells her that she got permission to cook in kitchen by using wrong ways. Preeti comes and argues with Riya. Shanti looks on. Riya continues her work. She gets Anupam’s call and says everything is fine. Shanti looks on angrily and thinks to make Riya leave soon.

Sujeev angrily comes to Nimmi and Sharmili. Everyone come there. Sujeev asks Nimmi do you want to kill my Vyom, if you don’t value his life, then leave. Nimmi asks why shall I leave, what is his mistake, I was getting itching, so I washed the sindoor, I don’t believe all this. Pari asks Nimmi how can she not believe this. Nimmi asks Pari not to interfere in her matter. Sujeev asks Nimmi to leave. Sharmili says let her be here, it will be more disrespect if people sees this, she is stubborn. Sujeev says she has held your hand. Sharmili says I got angry on her. Nimmi says I will do like this if anyone slaps me. Sujeev asks will you hold your mother’s hand too, answer me. Sharmili asks Nimmi to answer. Sujeev asks Nimmi to stop the drama. Nimmi goes. Sharmili says see her tevar… Mama tells Sharmili that Pari is doing this, if Nimmi goes, our plan will get ruined, do something of Pari.

Sarla laughs and asks Rani to see Chanda. Chanda asks Sarla not to do this. Sarla praises Chanda and asks her to think about herself. She asks Chanda to take rest, I will get food for you. She pushes Rani. Rani goes after Sarla.

Raghav is upset and talks to Kaushalya about Riya. He asks her to inform her what goes on at home, I could not cope up from what happened in marriage, when I came back home, I got to know about Shivam’s divorce, papers are made, signs are taken, children’s lives are ruined, inform me few things, I don’t get anything to know, I come home and get new news every day. Kaushalya cries.

Chanda asks Sarla to open Rani’s hands and free her. Sarla says I will free Rani just because you are saying. Sarla opens the dupatta from Rani’s hand and sends her. Chanda dries her hair. Amit comes home and asks Chanda is she doing shampoo’s ad. Chanda falls and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Music plays………….

Shivam is at office and recalls Riya. He thinks how he has avoided Riya before. She asks can’t we make a new start, please give me a chance. He asks what shall I see, I don’t see our love, I just see hatred, I can’t make a new start, if you saying, fine, if my sisters’ live can start again, I can make a new start too, tell me can my sister’s live start again. Fb ends. Bunty sees Shivam looking at Riya’s desk. She says if you love her so much, why did things reach divorce. He says I don’t want to talk. She says you have to talk, Riya is my best friend.

He says go and ask Riya, why did she do this, I told her not to interfere in house matter. She says Riya’s intention was not to hurt anyone. He says yes, even then I m hurt, she has always hidden things, she could have discussed things with me. She asks can you live without her, ask your heart, don’t you have no reason to reunite…. Answer me. He says I don’t have to answer. She goes.

Shanti tells Raghav that she knows Shivam well, Shivam came to me and told me that he hates Riya, and wants freedom from Riya. Raghav and Kaushalya look on shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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