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Mere Angne Mein 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Shivam crying as he shed The task. He recollects the manager’ text and receives sad. Riya talks to Bunty and claims Nani spoke to her properly, and is glad. Shivam remembers Raghav’s phrases and cries. Shanti suggests she is not going to Allow Kaushalya be content. Sarla suggests its time we confront Shivam and Kaushalya. They go away from your home. Riya involves office and won’t discover any person in conference place. Bunty states projector is off. Riya says there is not any presentation occurring. She asks Prashant about Shivam. He tells her to collect her commission, Shivam is absent, manager has fired him. Riya and Bunty get shocked.

Kaushalya comes home and finds house locked. She asks neighbors to offer keys. Nimmi comes and asks her to connect with Dadi. The rickshaw person asks for Rs 20 fare. Kaushalya suggests she does not have it. Prashant claims Shivam skipped the parcel and bought fired, he missed the presentation. Riya is stunned and feels guilty. She cries. Bunty requires her apart. Riya thinks this happened as a consequence of her, he missing his career.

Riya phone calls her manager to tell him all the things and relates to know he went Banaras for meeting. She calls Shivam and he is on just how driving. Shanti and Sarla arrive house and produce couple of matters. She opens the doorway and Sarla asks The person for getting points within. Nimmi says Sarla did a great deal procuring in advance of repairing Amit’s marriage. Sarla asks Shanti what she wishes to do. Shanti asks her to get in touch with Sarla. She taunts Kaushalya and Nimmi for hiding dollars. Nimmi attempts to know whats the matter.

Riya phone calls Sarla and asks about Shivam indirectly. She finds all the things standard there and thinks they don’t know anything. Riya suggests she will apologize to Shivam and say sorry to him. She phone calls Shivam again. Shivam bumps into an individual and the man scolds him. Shivam apologizes and The person nevertheless scolds him. Shivam raises hand to defeat him in anger and leaves from there.

Shanti calls a band and Nimmi sees These are coming for their dwelling. Kaushalya asks whats occurring. Shanti asks her to sing a tune and have content, she’ll know the shock quickly. Kaushalya refuses. Shanti asks her to sing, why is she shy. Kaushalya starts off singing. Shanti stops her looking at Shivam. She stops Shivam for the door. He asks what occurred. She states He’ll understand it. She asks the band fellas to Perform properly. Raghav arrives household. He asks what happened. Shanti states its fantastic factor, he is going to develop into Mama Sasur and one more good news.

Shanti stops Shivam and asks him to wait. She does great welcome and tilak to him. Shivam and everyone get puzzled. Shanti plays Shank and does Shivam’s aarti. He asks whats going on. She asks exactly what is he carrying out. She asks Kaushalya to provide kheer. She asks Shivam to provide his income, and helps make him take in the kheer. She tells everyone that Shivam is accomplishing a task. All of them get stunned. She states she is aware everything.

She asks Kaushalya to tell him. Kaushalya suggests I did not know this. Sarla suggests she is emotion unhappy. Raghav asks when did he join task, answer Shanti, why did he cover it. Ashok suggests its Excellent news, why is he annoyed. Shanti suggests we are not upset, see we received band, we sense undesirable that Shivam has built us strangers. Sarla acts. Raghav states I m even now alive. Shanti states I m hurt and cries. She claims Kaushalya and girls knew this. Kaushalya suggests I swear, I did not know this and asks Shivam to present money to Shanti.

Raghav says they may have rule that whoever earns offers revenue to Shanti, else they can depart residence. Shanti does drama. Raghav scolds Kaushalya and states he isn’t going to imagine her. Shivam claims he has dropped The work and asks them to phone office and know. Raghav gets angry and Shivam cries, and leaves from your home. Bunty receives a call and says mum is unwell, I really have to go. She asks her to tell her about Shivam. Kaushalya cries. Sarla tells Raghav that she go over ups for her children’s errors. Shanti cries and claims she is acquiring wanting breath. Shanti indications Sarla and asks her to acquire her to place.

Shanti offers her bangles to Raghav and asks him to sell this to pay for the items. She states she purchased cooler, along with other matters, she considered Shivam got a job and acquired it, how will she repay it, she is apprehensive. Raghav suggests Shivam will do everything to pay money, he will see his bicycle, This is certainly his punishment now. Shanti apologizes. He states he will connect with health practitioner. Shanti claims I m good now. Riya appears to be for Shivam.

Shivam performs soccer and remembers Shanti’s taunts. It rains and he will get offended recalling Shanti’s tortures on them. Riya sees Shivam’s bike and involves him. She asks why did he not just take her simply call, she was acquiring him. He asks why. She claims I m sorry, he lost his occupation thanks to her, she has stolen that parcel. He receives shocked and indignant. He asks why did he do this and shouts on her inquiring her to reply.

Riya shouts Shivam I really like you and He’s shocked. Raghav asks Shivam to buy the points Shanti purchased and he doesn’t believe in him now.

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