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Mere Angne Mein 6th December 2015 Written Update

Sarla scolding Rani for sleeping in Sonal’s room. Sonal asks her to go and sleep, let Rani sleep here, the guys are sending bad letters to Rani. Sarla says Rani would have any affair. Rani says no. Sonal defends Rani. Sarla says I will talk to Rani in morning and goes. Sonal asks Rani to sleep. Raghav takes care of Shanti. Shivam and Riya come there. Shivam tells maybe Raghav is mistaken. Raghav says he has found out everything and maybe he is mistaken. Riya and Shivam apologize by sitting down infront of Raghav. Raghav leaves. Kaushalya says Raghav will forgive soon, come.

Shivam asks Riya not to worry. Shanti thinks Shivam is talking for his wife…. Vyom comes to meet Pari. He sees Sujeev and Pari sleeping and wakes up Pari. She shouts seeing him. Vyom makes her quiet and takes her with him. Shivam tells Shanti to explain Raghav to forgive Riya. Shanti says I did not see you defending your mum and sisters, now you are defending your wife. Shanti asks Shivam to explain Riya not to do such mistakes, everyone does mistakes, but tell me if Riya did this mistake with your mum, what would you do. He says I would have done what Papa did. Shanti asks him to act mature. He leaves.

Vyom tells Pari that he can’t see her in problem, he will get out of this mess. He asks why did she go with Sujeev when she loves him. She says everyone would doubt. He asks her to promise that she will keep Sujeev away from her. She promises him. He hugs her. Riya says she wanted to apologize to Raghav. Shanti asks why did she get Shivam, just keep Shivam out of home matters. Pari recalls Vyom’s words and sleeps on the couch.

Its morning, Shivam greets Riya and asks her for tea. She says she will give tea to Raghav. He says Raghav won’t stay angry for long. Kaushalya hears them and smiles. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Sarla cries seeing her home and hugs the pillar. Sarla throws the things while arguing with Ashok. He taunts her and asks her to wait to get completely mad. She cries.

Riya comes home and brings vegs. Shanti asks her what is she doing. Riya says I thought to cook before Raghav goes office. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give her accounts of expenses. Kaushalya says she will manage this month and asks for Rs 2000 more. Shanti gets angry and asks how to get money. She says one more person added to eat in our house, and Riya does not give me salary. Shanti asks her to cut costs. Pandit comes and Shanti saks Kaushalya to get ginger tea for them. She signs her to add less ginger.

Nimmi and Preeti greet pandit ji. Pandit tells Shanti about Ramayan, which should be heard every day. Kaushalya prepares to read Ramayan. Raghav comes there and reads Ramayan. Riya gets milk for Shanti and Raghav stops her, asking her not to do anything for Shanti. He asks Kaushalya to take care of Shanti. He gets angry. He says he will take care of Shanti’s medicines. Riya apologizes and accepts her mistake. She says she did not give wrong medicine to Shanti. Shanti asks them to forget it. Raghav says its not a small thing to forget so soon. Riya says listen to me.. Raghav says I have three grown up children, they don’t answer me like this, I can expect this from you too. Shanti asks Riya not to cross answer Raghav. Kaushalya sends Riya.

Raghav gets Khare’s call and says he will book Nandu’s ticket. Shanti asks is he our son in law to take care of his ticket expenses too. Raghav says I will manage and asks her not to worry. Shanti thinks she will also write a Ramayan and send Riya on Banvas. Kaushalya pacifies Riya and they together cook food. Shanti looks at them and leaves,

Ashok gets Nirmala’s call and says he is worried at his home. He says he can’t come today and asks her to buy all items from market. Sarla prays and thinks where did Amit go. She says where did Rani go and thinks she has run away. Ashok asks her not to worry, he will beg to Sharma and they will get house. Sarla scolds him. Sonal asks Sarla to call Raghav and take his help. Sarla says you don’t have any Mama and Nani.

Pari gets breakfast and serves Vyom. Sharmili looks at them. She asks Pari to just stand. Pari says let me sit, I made breakfast and my legs are paining. Pari cries and shows Vyom her tears. Vyom also stands up. Sharmili asks him to sit and have breakfast. Vyom eats breakfast. Bunty calls Riya and asks how is it going on. Riya says its difficult to run family keeping everyone united. Bunty laughs. Riya tells what happened. She says she will unite this family, whatever happens. Bunty asks her not to do anything. Riya says I will fall, then stand and again fall, and then again stand up, I will not lose and become an ideal bahu. Bunty wishes her all the best. Riya tells Bunty she will talk later, Kaushalya is coming. Kaushalya asks Riya to carry on her talk. Riya ends call.

Kaushalya asks Shivam to consume normal drinking water as its cold weather conditions. Shivam checks her hands. Riya suggests its swollen, I’ll operate, you’re taking relaxation. Kaushalya states you are not allowing me operate and tells Shivam that Riya is running anything. Shivam states yes, you worked due to the fact years, consider getaway, you’ll be able to’t keep without the need of performing get the job done, sit seeing Television. Kaushalya states good, who will Prepare dinner foods. Shivam states Riya will Prepare dinner, give your recipes to you. Kaushalya asks who can make parathas for you. He says Sure, Riya can’t Prepare dinner like you. Riya stares at him. Kaushalya asks Shivam to acquire Shanti to temple and sightseeing. He says thanks for reminding and goes. Shivam tells Shanti to get ready, he will consider her. Shanti asks do you remember and will get happy. She tells Raghav that Shivam is having her out. Raghav smiles. He asks Shanti to not go, her bones will break, she is previous. She states whats my age, the thing is you. She laughs. Raghav asks Shivam to handle. All of them chuckle.

Sujeev comes for breakfast. He asks Pari to sit. Pari states Sharmili asked me not to sit down. Sharmili states she is lying, Sujeev I just told her to stand till your spouse will come therefore you serve him meals, what Erroneous did I say. Sujeev suggests relaxed down mummy, it is possible to train Pari. He likes the dish. Sharmili claims she manufactured it to teach Pari. Pari states I asked this recipe on cellular phone. They argue. Sharmili asks her to take a seat now. Pari retains Vyom’s hand and smiles. Sujvee retains her hand and she will get tensed. Sharmili asks for paratah. Vyom and Sujeev don’t go away Pari’s hand. Sharmili asks what took place. Pari concerns as each her hands will not be cost-free.

Sarla’s house is getting vacated. She runs after men and police comes there. Inspector asks Sarla not to take law in her hand.

Written Update By Amena


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