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Mere Angne Mein 6th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sharmili asking Vyom about his hair. He says don’t know whats happening, someone mixed something in hair gel. Pari smiles. Nandu gets sad seeing Preeti. Sarla asks for chandrahaar. Shanti asks her to leave that and calls Riya. She says I will call her. Riya is busy in the fight with that man. Shanti asks Shivam to call Riya, as Riya is not taking her call. Traffic inspector comes and man complains about her. Riya argues and scolds the man.

The ladies gossip that Riya did not come, when everyone is waiting for her for ritual. Preeti says she has gone out. Shanti asks where. Nimmi says I know, Riya has gone to buy new necklace for Preeti, you all wait. Riya comes and Shanti asks where is the necklace. Riya asks which necklace. Kaushalya says you should have told us. Shivam tells the same. Shanti asks where did you go if you did not go to get necklace. Nimmi lies to cover up. Riya says yes, I went to get necklace but there was traffic at home. Shanti asks her to stop the story and come to do ritual.

Riya does the rituals and lifts Preeti’s ghunghat in the rasam. Kaushalya gives her nek and asks her to tell her before going anywhere. She scolds Riya and asks her to take the nek. Shanti looks on and smiles. Sarla asks Shanti to give her Chandrahaar. Shanti asks her not to do abshagun. Sarla argues. Shanti laughs. Kaushalya says I will call jeweler. He calls jeweler and asks about the Chandrahaar. He says it will come after 13 days, someone died in my house and I m in village. Kaushalya tells this to Sarla. Sarla gets annoyed. Shanti asks Sarla to make kheer.

Ashok calls Sujeev. Sujeev says baraat will leave soon on time. Pari puts something on the sherwani and tells Sujeev that he got this beautiful. He says you got this. She says don’t tell anyone, if Vyom knows Sujeev got it, he will be glad. He calls her cute. He says I m cute and innocent, but just you find me sweet, everyone does not understand me. Sharmili calls Sujeev to come. Sujeev takes the groom’s sherwani and goes to her. Sharmili asks Pari to get to work. Sarla gets some nek and checks the anklet. She asks Shanti whats this, old silver chain, you got it polished, is this my value here. She cries. Kaushalya gives her necklace to Sarla. Sarla says I will take this as your blessing and gets glad.

Shanti asks what happened to my phone and asks Raghav to check. Raghav does the rituals. Everyone smile. Kaushalya cries and asks Preeti to adjust in inlaws, respect and love everyone there. Shanti says yes, don’t try to change that house, do everything on time, don’t get late. She sees Riya and taunts her.

Sujeev asks Vyom whats this hairstyle. Vyom says someone did this. Sharmili taunts on Pari, and Sujeev defends Pari calling her innocent. Sharmili does the tilak to Vyom and wishes nothing happens now. Sujeev asks Pari to do aarti. Pari does aarti by saying weird lines. Sujeev makes Vyom wear the pagdi. Sharmili says we have to hurry now.

Shanti tells everyone that she is feeling scared. Raghav asks them to get lemon water for her, what happened. She says how to tell you, but I have to say. He asks her to say it or not do any drama. She takes him aside and shows the video. Shanti thinks I will expose Riya, how she met Mohit on haldi day. Kaushalya and everyone go after Shanti and Raghav. Sarla stops Prabha and Bindu. Mama dances in baraat. Vyom gets itching and Sharmili blames Pari. Sujeev says I went with Pari. Shanti says I don’t know how this video came, but I m shocked. Everyone get shocked seeing the video. Shanti taunts on Riya and cries. Riya worries.

Kaushalya scolds Riya and asks her to leave the house. Everyone get shocked.

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