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Mere Angne Mein 5th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shanti talking to Kaushalya. Shivam and Riya have a talk. Riya says love has much power, and explains him. Shivam asks her not to go and holds her hand. Riya says don’t make this tough for me. They have an eyelock and get sad. Kaushalya comes and sees them. She smiles and knocks the door. Kaushalya says Anupam and Bua have come, and asks them to come. Anupam brings many sweets for Shanti. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make all the food for the puja. She praises her cooking skills.

Bua praises Suman, who can cook anything at all so effortlessly. Shanti asks why did she deliver sweets produced at your home, she have her 2 hrs. She states Bua bought old, I m so nutritious that I can Prepare dinner just about anything in 1 hour. Anupam states its mahurat time, connect with Riya. Shanti asks Kaushalya to tell Anupam that it’s not fantastic, else Riya and Anupam will dance on your own head. Kaushalya suggests Permit it be, probably they forgot. Shanti praises her and says they didn’t continue to keep rituals. She asks her to inform in difficult voice, else she is going to regret a good deal.

Kaushalya goes to Anuoam and suggests she has to talk something imp. Anupam goes together with her. Kaushalya claims its great you didn’t get residence sweets, but Shanti required household sweets for bhog. He says he did not feel undesirable. Kaushalya sees Shanti watching her angrily. Kaushalya acts rude to Anupam on Shanti’s insistence. She feels poor later on. Riya fulfills Anupam and Bua and will get glad.

Raghav decides to return The cash to Anupam and shares it with Kaushalya. He goes and tells this to Shanti. Sarla hears this and receives fearful for losing The cash. Raghav suggests what shall I say when we are not receiving income in this article. Sarla feels she is getting rid of five lakhs. Preeti states she’s going to see the elders and relates to them. She states Anupam is calling Raghav. Shanti claims we’ve been finding some thing, we will occur, you go. Preeti comes to Nimmi and tells her that elders are exploring a little something within the space, all of them are worried. Sarla tells Amit to see in which she sits and claims funds is below. She signs him to consider funds. She smiles using the money from your milk box.

Riya will come there and asks what transpired. Nimmi comes to Raghav and asks them to come back out. Raghav suggests inform them we’ve been finding one thing, We’re going to appear. Shanti says we’re not acquiring five lakhs, you also find it. Shanti thinks how that will help Sarla now. Sarla sits on the milk box and hides funds. Riya asks her to sit down on sofa. Shivam asks Anupam to take a seat, and he will just appear. Sarla asks Amit to cover the money.

Shanti sees the money slipping from Amit, and will get shocked as he kicks it beneath the mattress. Nimmi thinks Shanti hides issues less than bed and checks. She gets The cash and offers it to Raghav. Raghav suggests He’ll give income to Anupam now. Bua tells Anupam that Shanti can ask for revenue and asks Riya to see. Riya states some robbers have occur at wedding day evening and took some objects. Anupam tells about Madam x undertaking these kinds of matters. Raghav asks Shanti to offer income. Sarla cries.

They all arrive out. Raghav apologizes to them, indicating he had some imp work. Shanti suggests we received habituated to Riya. Raghav indicators Shanti go return the money. Shanti returns the money to Anupam, declaring they received Riya and she is their laxmi. She states They are really returning tilak number of five lakhs. Riya asks Anupam about this. Shanti claims Anupam gave this by A great deal happiness. She hugs The cash and gives them. Sarla and Amit worry and acquire indignant.

Amit will get goon’s simply call and hurts his hand. He asks Sarla to find out. Raghav and Shivam question Anupam to consider money back. Shivam claims I generate and I will care for Riya. Shanti asks Anupam to make jewelry or FD to Riya, but not give dollars. Anupam smiles and normally takes the money. Rani tells Riya that Raghav is good gentleman, but now Sarla can’t do nearly anything. Riya asks what. Rani suggests very little. Raghav many thanks Anupam and tells Riya that he desires just relations rather than money. He asks her to go with her father and blesses her. Shanti blesses Riya and asks her to return before long. Sarla asks Amit to go and see.

Sarla calls Bansi and tells about Anupam having 5 lakhs, and asking him to rob the hard cash. She suggests she’s going to provide them with dollars of past time way too, but this work really should be performed. Bansi agrees and states she is Madam x, if she is aware we did theft in her home, she will not go away us. Amit suggests what shall I do heading there and asks Sarla did she do just about anything. He says goons are troubling him. He asks does she love him. She says Sure. He claims He’s fed up now. Kaushalya tells Riya that Shivam and so they all will overlook her. Sarla will get indignant looking at this. Nimmi jokes on Shanti and laughs. Shanti appears at her. Riya seems to be at Shivam and will get teary eyed. She leaves with Bua.

Bansi and his man follow Riya and Bua to get 5 lakhs rupees.

Written Update By Sahir


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