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Mere Angne Mein 4th December 2015 Written Update

Raghav getting glad seeing Riya’s arrangements. He asks Preeti to call Shanti. Shanti hopes Raghav comes on time, else she will die. She rests. Preeti comes and asks her to wear yellow saree and come out, Riya has done something special for her. Shanti sends her and thinks what did Riya plan. Mama talks to his GF and Vyom comes to him. Vyom asks Mama to run away, as Sharmili will not leave him. Mama asks what did I do. Vyom says she has run away, Sunehri Mata. Mama is shocked. Vyom says she is blessing everyone and is in Mummy’s room now, if mummy knows, you are gone, do something.

Sharmili looks for her shawl. She says she will drink water first and have Prasad, she will see Pari then. Shanti comes out and is glad. She walks on flowers, and they all put flowers on her. Riya makes her wear garlands and says you are our chief guest. Kaushalya claps happily. Raghav says Riya has done all this, credit goes to her, she worked hard to make you smile. He asks Shanti is she happy. Shanti says yes, and asks for music and dance.

Riya welcomes them in this get together and welcomes Raghav and Kaushalya for dance. Raghav says I won’t dance. Riya says fine, we will call our lovely girls first. Nimmi and Preeti act like Raghav and Kaushalya. Raghav and Kaushalya get shy. Nimmi and Preeti dance. Raghav and Kaushalya also dance along. Shanti looks at them and gets dizzy. Mama catches Sunehri and takes her away before Sharmili sees her.

Shanti removes garland and feels unwell. Raghav asks her did she like this. Shanti says real program has to start. Raghav asks is she fine, why is she sweating. Shivam, Preeti and Nimmi sing ye to sach hai ke bhagwan hai………… Shanti cries. They all clap.

Ashok comes home and asks Rani to get tea for him. Sarla holds a knife and stares at Ashok. He gets shocked seeing her so angry. Sarla asks about his new work. Ashok looks at Rani. Rani gets tensed. Sarla asks Ashok where is he working. He says once his work gets good, he will tell everyone. She scares him. he shouts for Rani, asking is tea made….

Nimmi performs on My name in Anthony…. And everyone laugh. She dances with Riya and Preeti. Shanti feels dizzy and holds the swing. Sarla scolds Ashok and calls him a cheater. He asks did you ask Rani not to tell me anything, what are you hiding. He says he wants someone to help in food stall. Sarla asks why is it a woman, that Nirmala, its Bindu’s Jethani/sister in law, tell me why did you start food stall with her. Ashok gets call and is shocked. Sarla asks what happened, what is the new problem now, tell me. Ashok says everything is over, we got order to leave this home. Sarla and Rani get shocked.

Rani asks why. Ashok says I don’t have canteen work, why will they give this house, they gave us time till tomorrow evening, go and spread this news also. Shivam and Riya dance on mai koi aisi geet gaun…………..They all smile. Raghav asks Shanti is she fine. She nods.

Sarla asks Ashok how can we leave from this house, is this any joke, I will talk to your senior, you did not let roof stay on our head. He asks what will she talk to senior. She asks him to go to Nirmala’s food stall. She calls Tiwari and scolds him. She says she will not leave this house, she knows he takes bribe and will complain in police. Ashok says Tiwari got retired, this was someone else, who is ethical like Raghav, don’t know what will happen now, call again and apologize. Sarla says its your mistake. She says just Amma can do something now. Riya says solo performances ended, now we all will dance together.

They all dance on doli taro….. song. Riya goes to bring snacks and thinks no mistake should happen now. She asks Lord to help. Shanti dances and faints. They all worry and hold her. Riya hears them and runs out from kitchen. Raghav asks them to call doctor. Riya says I will call doctor.

Riya calls the doctor. She says that doctor is not available. Riya calls another doctor. Shanti asks Raghav to call doctor. Raghav says I will call doctor and Sarla also, she will come, don’t worry. Sujeev waits for Pari and sees time. He says bad Pari did not come till now, let her come, I will make her fine by beating her. Pari thinks where is she stuck. Sarla calls her. Pari says I know mummy wants money, so I won’t take call. Sarla cries and is worried.

Riya says doctor will appear, don’t fear. Nimmi says Shanti fell down nowadays, she is really unwell. Nimmi asks Shanti to open eyes and cries. She goes and prays for Shanti. Kaushalya hears Nimmi and cries. Sarla phone calls Raghav. He suggests he has no time to talk now, and asks her to get in touch with later on. Sarla thinks how can this occur that Raghav didn’t speak to me. Raghav asks health practitioner what took place to Shanti. The health care provider checks Shanti and asks did she have something Erroneous for reaction. Raghav asks Kaushalya and Riya, and irrespective of whether Riya gave Completely wrong drugs. Shivam states he named ambulance. The health practitioner states receive the healthcare merchandise right here, she is getting crucial. Riya displays the medicines Shanti experienced previous. The health care provider asks did she give each medicines Improper. Riya says no, health care provider explained not to offer these two togethers, I’ve checked and didn’t give these collectively. The health practitioner suggests her reaction exhibits both of these were being taken collectively. Raghav appears to be like at Riya. Riya nods no.

Sarla suggests Raghav did not check with me and cries. She tells Ashok. Amit will come and asks Sarla why is she performing again. Sarla scolds her and tells Amit that Ashok received buy to leave home. Amit asks how can this materialize, are we accomplishing Improper do the job in your house. Ashok reminds he began gambling in canteen, that’s why That is happen. He raises hand and asks Amit to shut up, he instructed Amit not to run gambling in canteen, they missing canteen and now residence, Sarla needed to beg infront of Shanti on account of Amit. Rani claims its not Amit’s error, I respect you, but I can’t see any person taunting him, Many others can also be liable. Ashok asks her to open up eyes, Amit is to blame for this. Sarla asks Ashok not to state something about Amit, he obtained work in safety company, he can get funds. Sarla and Ashok argue.

The health practitioner tells about wrong medicines and Shanti’s point out remaining even worse. They all examine Riya. Riya suggests I didn’t give Completely wrong medicines, I m expressing reality. Shanti is handled at home. Riya asks them to rely on her. Raghav retains his head. Riya goes out and is sure she didn’t give Mistaken medicines, how can this happen. She counts the tablets in it. Nimmi asks if she gave Erroneous medication then. Riya claims I don’t forget names and doses very well, I don’t know how can this occur. Nimmi says everyone helps make blunders and goes.

Shivam tells Kaushalya that Riya can’t do this mistake. Nimmi says she has counted tablets, Riya gave all medicines together. Raghav is angry, but he controlled himself, else Riya would have gone by now.

Written Update By Amena


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