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Mere Angne Mein 3rd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chanda hugging Sarla and crying. She says I told you this lie. Sarla says you mean, whatever you said you are rich and people are after you is lie. Chanda says no, people are after me, but I lied that I m rich. Sarla asks why are people after you, did you loot anyone. Chanda says no, they got me here saying they will give me work and money, they are beating me, I did not eat food since one work. Sarla asks why did you not tell this before and gets angry. Chanda says I m really worried, give me some work, you look rich. Sarla says yes, I m from rich home. Chanda says I don’t want money, I want roof to stay, my family is after me, keep me in your house. Sarla asks why, my house is not ashram. Sarla says I saved your life, this is enough, how shall I trust you, you said two stories in 5mins. Chanda says yes, I see my mother in you and gives her mother’s earrings as Sarla saved her life. Sarla asks is this of gold. Chanda says yes, before anyone snatches this, its good if I give this to you. Sarla gets glad and checks earrings.

Shanti sees Riya and calls out Kaushalya. She says I liked two beautiful girls and asked pandit to find about their families, and match kundlis, I don’t want any problem. She sits there and says I will see how long will people stay alive on just air. Riya works. Shanti asks her not to do work. Riya says I m still your bahu, new one is not final. Shanti says you are copying me and asks Preeti to see Riya does not help in household work. She goes.

Riya gets Bunty’s call and says I know they are angry and behaving this way, its good I m with you. Bunty says I m sure they did not give you food. Riya says no, I m not allowed in kitchen. Bunty asks how can Kaushalya do this, she acts to be simple. Riya says don’t tell anything against Kaushalya, you know what happened with her, both her daughters faced problems, she got food for me and I refused. Bunty asks why did you not eat. Riya says I don’t want food, I want my right, I have to go to kitchen, cook food and eat. Bunty says if they don’t allow then, I will get tiffin for you. Riya says don’t worry, I will eat food. She hears veg vendor and gets some idea.

Sharmili calls out Nimmi and Pari. Pari asks why are you shouting. Sharmili says because you are deaf. Pari says Nimmi would be sleeping in her room. Nimmi comes. Sharmili asks Pari what was she saying. Nimmi says I was doing kitchen work. Sharmili says I know who works and who pretends to work. She tells them about the puja and asks them to do what she says. She asks Pari to tell Sujeev to come home before havan, and its Nimmi’s first puja and asks her to apply Devi Maa’s sindoor. She asks her not to create any hurdle in puja. She asks Nimmi to manage snacks and food, and Pari will make Prasad. Pari asks how. Sharmili says by your hands. Pari says new bride has to do work. Sharmili scolds Pari and asks her to just work.

Shanti sees Riya buying less vegetables for herself. Shanti says Riya is keeping fast and buying less quantity. Riya goes home and smiles. Shanti follows her and comes home. Riya tells Shanti that she is Shivam’s wife, its good you did not forget this. Shanti asks how will you eat vegs, raw without cooking. Riya says I will cook food, I can die being hungry, don’t get happy, I will cook food and eat, don’t worry. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get lock for kitchen. Kaushalya says I have to make food for Raghav, he would be coming. Shanti asks her to cook fast, I will call Sarla, don’t let Riya enter kitchen. She goes.

Shanti asks Sarla to find a nice girl for Shivam. She says I will give you Chandrahaar if you find a simple and beautiful girl. Sarla gets glad and looks at Chanda. Sarla stops Chanda and asks her to do a job. Chanda agrees to do any work. Sarla smiles and says great, but I have to check are you suitable for that work, and if this earrings are of real gold, come. She tells about Gaumata and asks what do you think person should be simple like cow or not. Chanda says I will become what you tell me.

Kaushalya and Preeti cook in kitchen. Kaushalya says Riya got after Shanti. Preeti argues with her and says I have seen how you took food for Riya at night. Kaushalya says she did not eat anything since morning, so for humanity….. Preeti says Riya ruined my and Nimmi’s lives, I m not happy being married, you know the reason for this, Riya is responsible for this, no one else, that woman did this. Kaushalya worries for Preeti and prays she gets happiness in life. Riya hears them. Kaushalya stops Riya from entering kitchen and says Shanti stopped you. Riya enters kitchen. Preeti asks Riya can’t she understand what Dadi said.

Riya ignores them. She starts cooking. Kaushalya shouts and says she is so stubborn. She asks her to do anything, its no use to say. Kaushalya and Preeti leave. Preeti says you worry for son’s love, than daughters, situation is in Shivam’s favor. Kaushalya says stop nonsense. Shanti looks on and says Kaushalya loves Shivam more, don’t worry, I m alive, I will kick out Riya from kitchen. She takes the kirana and vegs and throws on the ground. She asks Riya to get out, drink poison, burn herself, but just leave. She calls her the most shameless girl, and says if Riya’s mum was alive today, she would have died by shame today. Riya cries.

Riya shouts water and acts weak infront of Raghav. She begs for some water and faints. Raghav gets shocked.

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