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Mere Angne Mein 30th September 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Shanti telling Kaushalya about asking pandit about Sinha. She calls pandit and asks about Sinha family. She asks him to take photo to them. He says they show me the door, I will try, they are big party. He asks which girl, Nimmi or Preeti. Shanti says Pari is eldest, talk about her. He says fine, I will talk to them. Shanti asks Kaushalya to send Raghav to her room. She thinks to give good news to Sarla later.

Shivam talks to his friend and says what honeymoon, man becomes a donkey after marriage. Riya hears him and gets annoyed. He asks her to drink cold milk and calm her anger. She says fine, if you insist. He says even I m angry, I can have a sip too. They have few romantic moments. Music plays……………. Raghav comes to Shanti and massages her legs. She says she has told pandit to find a guy for Pari. He says yes, Sarla will get some burden off. She says Ashok is useless, if I die, who will take care of Sarla. He asks her to be happy. He sings a bhajan. Kaushalya comes and looks on smiling.

Nimmi and Preeti come to Shivam’s room and play cards. He asks them to leave. Nimmi says we will sleep here. He says he wants to play cricket now and will beat them. Nimmi says you sleep, you maybe tired. They run from there. Shanti asks whats happening. Shivam says there are bed bugs. Shanti asks him to come and sleep downstairs. Nimmi and Preeti tease him. Raghav talks on phone and a man brings flowers. Everyone come there. Shanti asks who ordered flowers.

The man says you can ask Raghav. Raghav gets speechless. He asks who asked for it, I think Kaushalya ordered it. Shanti asks Kaushalya why did she order flowers. Kaushalya says no, I did not. The man says its to decorate Shivam’s room. They all run. Shanti turns to see and asks where did everyone go. Shanti understands and says what might be Raghav thinking, and leaves. She asks the man to go inside. Raghav asks the man to decorate Shivam’s room and asks him to go soon. Kaushalya smiles. Raghav asks the man to go by balcony. The man says I m not monkey. Raghav says then face my mum. The man says I will leave. Raghav says fine, I will manage, now decorate the room and explains him. Raghav asks him to do it fast and sits there.

Rani sleeps in balcony. Sarla comes there. Rani gets scared seeing her. Sarla passes some taunts. Sarla gets Bansi’s call. He says a customer wants to buy photo frame for 10000rs. She asks when will he come. Bansi says I will come in morning. Shanti acts sweet to Riya. She says she lost her husband’s pic also. She taunts Nimmi. Rani calls Riya and talks about Riya’s first night, calling her lucky as Shivam loves her. She wishes Riya all the best. Riya thanks and ends the call. Riya gets upset because of Amit.

The goons see the canteen and think to divide the canteen to start their pub. Kaushalya thanks Raghav and likes the room. She asks what to give the gift to Riya from Shivam’s side. He asks why did she not ask Shanti. She asks what shall I tell Shanti. She shows the rose dried up, and says you have gifted this to me on our first night, I kept this since 24 years. He looks at the rose and gets touched. He says if Shivam takes rose, Riya will be angry. She says its most beautiful gift. He gives a gold mangalsutra and she likes it. He says Amma got this, we could not give mangalsutra to Riya, so she got it. She says Shivam will be happy. Raghav gives her a rose and surprises her.

He asks shall we get our room decorated too and flirts with her. She gets shy and ticks his nose. Shivam comes to Riya and finds the atmosphere hot. She says its pleasant. He feels awkward and sits beside her. He compliments her and asks her to say thanks, he is getting nervous. He asks her not to get shy, its looking overacting. He holds her hand and smiles. Nimmi and Preeti have a talk about Shanti and Riya. Nimmi says Riya should understand, she is making Shivam and Kaushalya worried. Preeti says Shanti is loving Riya for her salary day, the day the salary comes, her love will go, as Riya won’t give her salary. Nimmi says yes, you give your salary to Shanti, not Riya. Shivam asks Riya to adjust in his house. She says she will pass all struggles when he is with her. They recall their old days. He says we were restless for each other, our eyes used to talk, things were simple. They have an eyelock. She hugs him. Shanti and Kaushalya come there and see Riya’s earrings stuck to her sherwani. Shanti says they are modern and goes away.

Kaushalya gives the mangalsutra to Shivam, and asks him to give to Riya in Mu Dikhai. Shivam says no need, I have her mobile, I took money room dad. Kaushalya says fine, give this also, wife gets happiness by this gift. Shanti asks Kaushalya what is she giving, and asks her to show. Kaushalya shows it to Shanti. Shanti says Riya is very lucky. She asks Kaushalya how did she get money. Kasuhalya says Raghav got it, you told him to give this, you taught this. Shanti asks Nimmi and Preeti to take Riya to her room. Kaushalya gives Shivam the gift and sends him. Shanti says Kaushalya wants to score well with Riya and goes to scold her. She tells her that Riya will not give anything to her daughters. She provokes her against Riya.

Shanti tells Nimmi and Preeti that their Nana did two marriage and shows pics. Kaushalya says this can’t happen.

Written By: Amena


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