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Mere Angne Mein 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Shivam contemplating Riya. The sisters arrive and tease him. He states he would like to ask a thing. He claims if anybody behaves excellent along with you therefore you scold without any motive then.. They say its wrong. He asks what to do to deal with this. They check with him to say sorry and thanks. They inquire who is she. He states I had been asking for an acquaintance, don’t give me curiosity glimpse. They tease him and run. He smiles. Raghav and Kaushalya have a talk. He asks her to shut The sunshine as his encounter is glowing a good deal and it’ll mild the space. She smiles. He says she used the cream and He’s experience good. She asks him to slumber.

Its early morning, Nimmi states dad seems to be clean these days, He’s glowing. Kaushalya smiles and retains newspaper. The women smile and go. Raghav claims he is receiving shy On this age. He suggests He’ll get ready for office. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring sindoor box to create the gold ring glow. Kaushalya claims she will get it. Shanti suggests I will go and acquire it. Shivam talks on phone and claims He’ll return almost everything in per month. Shanti sits there to listen to him. She drops the ring and thinks Shivam has taken it.

Shanti sweeps exterior key doorway to obtain the ring. Nimmi normally takes pic and sends to Preeti and Shivam. She brings Kaushalya and reveals her. They all inquire what exactly is she doing. Shivam asks her not To do that. Kaushalya says Raghav will be coming in this article. Shanti blames Shivam for this. Raghav will come and asks whats going on right here. Shanti suggests she missing the ring. He asks Anyone to return inside. Shanti sees Shivam and stops him from likely. She asks him to offer ring and go. All of them get stunned. Shivam suggests what ring, and why will I steal your ring. She says I read you saying you may need dollars, return the ring.

Kaushalya suggests why will he steal. Shanti states he has stolen it. Shivam receives unhappy. Shanti scolds him. Raghav will get indignant and Shanti asks him to check Shivam. Shivam and everybody get shocked. Raghav checks Shivam and he cries currently being humiliated. Raghav isn’t going to obtain the ring. Shivam wipes his tears. Raghav claims the ring is not with Shivam. He asks Kaushalya to convey new ring for Shanti. Shivam cries and leaves. Raghav feels negative. Shanti begins her acting and sends him to office.

Nimmi stops Shivam and will make him smile by expressing a joke. She says Dadi is rather wise and could not shoe movie to father. Shivam sees Raghav looking at them and signs them. They get tensed. Preeti and Shivam depart. Nimmi rushes In the home. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Shivam is just not a thief and Shanti asks her to secure a ring. She taunts her and sends her to Prepare dinner. Kaushalya cries. Bunty and Riya await Shivam at office. Shivam comes and suggests I m sorry, and thanks. My sister instructed me I shouldn’t behave this sort of along with you. She claims its good, I ought to have requested you. He offers her an envelope and she or he smiles. He claims sorry and many thanks Once more and leaves. New music plays……… She stares at him.

Bunty claims he is so sweet and possess adore letter so soon. Riya finds the great amount she paid for him and smiles. Riya says he has self regard. Bunty says I understood it. Shanti taunts Kaushalya for creating mild food and will get ring in her mouth whilst having daal. She laughs and scolds Kaushalya for Placing ring in daal to very clear Shivam’s identify. She suggests she is likely to make this a big situation, Permit Raghav come household. Kaushalya claims I told you Shivam can’t steal, my son isn’t a theif, its confirmed now. She cries and hugs Nimmi.

Nimmi sends pic to Shivam and asks him to send it to father to indicate Dadi’s steps. He appears to be like at Riya. He sees Riya Weary of work and receives tea for her. Riya gets delighted. He goes. Riya claims our system is Doing work, he gave me tea. Bunty claims I m pleased also. Riya suggests she has for making Tremendous impact on his loved ones now. Bunty leaves for household. Shanti claims whom to believe in now. Nimmi states she must have made use of her eyes, rather than doubting Shivam. Shanti scolds her for taunting her. She suggests Enable Raghav arrive. Nimmi says what is going to she say, she has despatched pic to him. Shanti asks Kaushalya to manage Nimmi. She asks Nimmi for making the dishes to the company and mail pic to her brother. Nimmi says fantastic.

Kaushalya pacifies Nimmi and asks her to respect her Dadi. Riya talks to Bunty and comes to Sarla’s household. She thinks what excuse for making. Shanti talks to Sarla on mobile phone and jokes on Kaushalya. Sarla sees Riya outside the house the home and acts sweet to her. Riya suggests I came for providing no cost present. Sarla asks her to have her. The neighbor lady thinks why is Sarla sticking to this Female a good deal. Kaushalya asks Nimmi did she fork out the drinking water Monthly bill. Nimmi says she gave Preeti.

She calls Preeti to check with. Preeti suggests you took it back again, declaring you pays it. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to pay bill quickly. Sarla introduces Riya to Sonal and phone calls Amit residence. She suggests Riya has arrive these days once more. Riya sits with Sonal and talks to her. Sonal states she is helping her tuition college student in science challenge. Riya asks shall I enable you to. Sonal suggests Indeed. Riya checks on Internet and shows the web tasks ideas. Sonal many thanks her. Riya sees Sonal’s pic with Shivam and Amit and asks her. Sonal says this is Shivam and Amit, and states They’re brothers. Riya seems to be on.

Kaushalya cries and defends Shivam. She argues with Raghav and says he is my blood, he has my upbringing. A man involves Slash h2o connection and Shanti is stunned.

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