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Mere Angne Mein 29th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanti scolding Nimmi. Nimmi calls her friend and tells about assignment. She goes home and completes the assignment. Preeti comes and talks to her. Nimmi talks against Riya. Preeti asks her to give some time to Riya for Shivam’s sake. Nimmi agrees. Preeti says we will have some fun. Nimmi says we will tease Shivam when he comes home. Nimmi shows her designs. Preeti likes it.

Shivam arrives dwelling and rests. He hugs Riya’s saree and smiles. Nimmi and Preeti appear and tease him. He asks them to talk about their age. Nimmi says now he has transformed. He asks them not to do overreacting and pull their ears. They apologize. Nimmi states they planned to enhance his home for his initial night time and they run teasing him. He blushes.

Its morning, Shanti likes the meals and teases Raghav for praising Kaushalya. They all smile. Raghav and Kaushalya take a look at each other. Riya thinks Shivam did not just like the food I made and serves him environmentally friendly chillies. Shanti asks Shivam to possess food stuff. Shivam refuses. Shanti normally takes it and Riya concerns. She indications Shivam to take Daal. He says I may have Daal and drinks it in one go, in addition to chillies. He starts off coughing. Shanti laughs. He leaves from there. Raghav and Shanti joke on Shivam.

Its night, Riya could not sleep by Shanti’s snoring. Riya thinks just this last evening should move soon. She can take her pillow and goes out. She sleeps inside the hall. Shivam is struggling to snooze and smiles recalling her. He thinks just he is familiar with how The ten times passed. Its morning, Shanti wakes up and isn’t going to see Riya. Shanti goes out and sees Riya sleeping from the hall. She asks why did she rest in this article. Riya states she was not finding slumber. Shanti asks whats the challenge, I don’t snore. Riya states I had been feeling hot there. Shanti replies she held cooler for her, anyways she’s going to be lacking Riya from right now.

She asks Riya to fold blanket effectively, and asks did Anupam utilized to do All of this at her house. Riya states Sure. Shanti sends her to receive freshen up. Kaushalya receives simply call from Bhajan mandli and asks Shanti about bhajan mandli intending to Sinha loved ones. She asks am i able to go. Shanti asks her to go, she can get Significantly items, don’t consider utensils there, Sarla will say it and acquire things, get Nimmi and Preeti also. Kaushalya suggests I really need to ask bhajan mandli when. Shanti states its simply because I took Sarla’s identify. Kaushalya informs the mandli that she’s coming. Shanti hears radio.

Kaushalya asks Raghav to acquire someone to enhance the space for Shivam. Raghav asks where is her ghunghat. She states she has explained to him. He asks what. She suggests I advised Preeti, pandit advised me … He gets a get in touch with and suggests I’ll attain punctually. He leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go, as bhajan mandli rickshaw has occur. Kaushalya and her friends arrive at Sinha residence. She appears to be within the lavish household.

A woman walks there wearing goddess apparel. The women mention Sunehri Mata. Kaushalya smiles hearing them. Kaushalya sees the chandelier falling and moves. It falls on the bottom and she moves back. She sees One more chandelier coming down around her head and falls down. It stops as Sunehri Mata stops it. It falls down beside Kaushalya. The people today call it a miracle and greet her. Kaushalya stays tensed and thanks Mata for saving her. The ladies get in touch with her Fortunate that Mata saved her. The girls look at Mata ji’s two sons, who will be unmarried and they’re observing ladies for their sons, they don’t want any abundant Woman. Kaushalya hears them and smiles.

Amit talks to Sarla and states Shanti has gone mad. Sarla says Shanti enjoys you. Shanti phone calls Sarla. Sarla claims she has extended age. Sarla asks Shanti to come above. Amit states he won’t keep at your house if Shanti is coming. Rani asks Amit the place is he likely. He claims to marry. Rani says I will occur alongside. He leaves annoyed. Sarla talks to Shanti. A person reveals his magic and asks his sister does she comply with his talent, he is sensible. He suggests he has learnt magic and it has created chandelier tumble.

Sunehri Mata scolds him and suggests she designed his magic a miracle. She shows her correct aspect and it is a fraudster. She hears shank and asks him to manage general public. Sarla relates to fulfill Shanti. Shanti claims she has sent Kaushalya to have items, and she will just take it from Kaushalya. Sarla claims Sinhas are loaded. She dreams of Chandrahaar and tells Shanti. Sarla cries and says Kaushalya controls Raghav. Shanti asks is Kaushalya scaring you in aspiration. She calls jeweler and asks him to receive Chandrahaar before long. Amit phone calls Sarla and asks her to return house. Sarla would make justification and leaves.

Some One more Sunehri Mata will come between her devotees. Kaushalya sings the bhajan. The person welcomes the prince, Sunehri Mata’s elder son. Kaushalya receives happy observing him. The dude asks Mama ji about his younger brother. Mama ji states he went out for many work, He’ll come. He states now its Sujeev’s birthday and asks Bhajan mandli to sing. Kaushalya sings and Sujeev sits together with her. He is sweet natured and offers silver cash to Everybody. Kaushalya states these are generally Considerably, just one is ample for me, its equivalent to one thousand silver coins for me. Mama ji asks her to just take it. Mama ji asks Kaushalya to pray that Sujeev gets a great bride. She claims she obtained kheer for Sujeev. He suggests I like it a lot and eats it. He planned to give the rest to Kaushalya and Mama ji stops him. Everyone head to just take Mata’s blessings. Mata blesses them. A lightweight glow comes from the hand and they all get pleased. Sujeev touches the factors for charity. The people today cheer for Mata. Kaushalya looks on.

Kaushalya comes home and gives silver coins and money to Shanti. Shanti gets glad. Kaushalya says Sinha’s elder son is unmarried, if either of Nimmi and Preeti get married, we will be lucky. Shanti asks why did she not think so about Sarla’s daughters and gets angry.

Shivam hugs Riya. Shanti calls him out. Shivam moves Riya and her earrings gets stuck to his sherwani. Kaushalya and Shanti come there.

Written Update By Sahir


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