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Mere Angne Mein 28th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya trying to cook food. Ashok comes home and asks Pari where was she at night. Pari colors her nails and does not answer. Sarla says Pari was with her friend. Ashok says I have to meet her friend. He asks Pari to take him to her friend’s house. He throws the nail polish. Pari says its costly. He asks how did she get money, if he did not give her. Sarla says I have given her, is there any problem. Ashok says fine, I will show the problem. Sarla opens the paper and asks Rani and Sonal not to see. She sees Pari’s pic outside the hotel. She asks Ashok is he not ashamed to spoil Pari’s name. He gets shocked as Sarla blames him and not Pari.

Riya sleeps in the kitchen. Kaushalya and Preeti go there and see her sleeping. Shanti tells Nimmi that she is very hungry. Riya wakes up and says sorry. Nimmi comes there. Kaushalya says she will cook, and asks Preeti and Nimmi to help her fast. Shanti asks what burnt, why is this bad smell coming. Kaushalya says I burnt the khichdi. Kaushalya panics and asks Riya how did she make curry like this, it’s a dish, not any pickle. Shanti asks for food.

Kaushalya asks Riya to be quiet and not shiver. She says you have to serve food. She asks Nimmi not to let Shanti come inside. Nimmi stops Shanti and gives her juice. Pari cries and hits her head to the door. She pushes Sonal. Amit comes home and asks whats this drama now. Ashok scolds Sarla and asks her to see Pari, she has crossed all limits, they are not like Kaushalya’s children’s nails too, your children’s future is dark. He goes. Sarla asks Pari whats this. Pari says its nothing, I m not lying, everyone has problem with me, I don’t want to stay here. Pari hides the newspaper seeing Sonal.

Kaushalya says I know Riya does not have mum, but you could learn anything from Bunty’s mum, Suman and Bua, did they not teach you, did you cook this for your dad all these years, I did not see such roti till now, how can anyone eat this. Riya cries. Kaushalya dumps the dish and guides Riya to cook. Riya gets sad seeing Kaushalya behaving strict.

Nimmi says she will massage Shanti’s head. Shanti says she will check in kitchen. Shanti comes there and Kaushalya makes Riya do all the work. Shanti asks Riya what is she cooking, and asks about the old dish. Riya says yes, but.. Nimmi says come Dadi, we will wait. Shanti asks will Riya cook till dinner. Kaushalya moves Riya and asks did Shivam know you don’t know cooking. Raghav comes and says its fine Riya is taking time, as she is cooking for first time. He reads the paper. Kaushalya asks Riya does she know to put tadka on Daal. She says even I did not know anything when I got married, but I learnt in 4 days, will you also learn? Riya cries.

The family sits to have food. Shanti likes the food and says she will give nek to bahu. She gives nek to Kaushalya saying its for her second first rasoi. Shivam looks at them. Shanti says Kaushalya’s hand taste came in Riya’s handmade food. Raghav says I liked it, and gives 500rs to Riya. He asks Shanti to give two orders for Chandrahaar, one for Riya from his side. Shanti coughs and makes faces. Shanti asks Kaushalya why did she insult her, why did she help Riya. She pinches Kaushalya’s arm in anger.

Shanti suggests I could have food when Riya cooks by coronary heart. Riya stops Shanti and claims I did not Cook dinner foods now. Shanti suggests I am aware, I are having Kaushalya’s handmade foods since 24 yrs, its superior you said truth, make foodstuff by itself tomorrow, explain to Kaushalya you gained’t require her aid. She tells them about some yog instructed by pandit, so Riya will likely be sleeping in her home until 10 days. Nimmi asks Riya why did she make Kaushalya a liar, why did you say fact to Dadi. She says you spoiled mummy’s graphic to generate your picture. Riya suggests I don’t lie. Nimmi claims depart it, you did Erroneous. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to sotp it, Riya is elder. Nimmi suggests why don’t Riya understand mummy did this for Riya. Kaushalya sends Nimmi. Preeti suggests explain this to Riya too and goes.
Kaushalya asks Riya to own food stuff then sleep in Shanti’s room. Nimmi tells Preeti that she will be able to’t see mummy acquiring insulted, I wish I could convey to Riya the reality of Dadi. Preeti states we will go and notify. Nimmi says its difficult, Shivam stopped me. She says Shivam ought to realize its needed to convey to Riya about Shanti.

Shivam comes there and hears every little thing. He suggests I really know what you each are undergoing. He hugs them and states I understand you both equally are fantastic sisters, but I m hoping to elucidate Riya, I suppose time is working poor. Nimmi says no. Riya’s time is working terrible, as she will have to sleep with Dadi for 10 times. They chortle. He hugs them and asks them to guidance him. He guarantees he might be with them. Nimmi suggests Riya will know Dadi’s reality by their snoring. They chortle.

Shanti could stay awake by leg pain. Riya states she will massage her legs. Shanti states no, I have practice of Kaushalya, but in recent times she doesn’t occur, you rest. Riya suggests I’ll therapeutic massage your legs. Shanti fills Riya’s ears against Kaushalya and her daughters. Kaushalya cries as home is starting to become a battle floor. Raghav asks her what occurred, is she not finding sleep. He suggests we started out from the place and right now each individual member contains a area, did you’re thinking that how did this turn into attainable, its due to Shanti therefore you. She smiles and cries.

He asks why does she do error and cry. She states I check out to be like Shanti and a few error occurs. He consoles her and asks her to acquire patience, Riya will require time to be bahu. He claims you also need to have time to be saas, you have encounter, its not so rough. She claims I will attempt very well. He asks her to go and sleep and jokes.

Its early morning, Nimmi talks on mobile phone. Shanti asks Kaushalya to fill h2o from the lane tap. Nimmi asks for cell phone as its imp about scientific tests. Shanti sends her. Nimmi thinks she has got to post assignment. Riya greets Shanti and asks did she connect with someone. Shanti states they have to fill water. Riya asks shall I go. Shanti says afterwards, sit now. Riya says she will help Kaushalya in filling drinking water. Shanti asks her to show taking part in music in Nimmi’s mobile phone and insists. Nimmi arrives and sees them. Riya says I’ll go and assistance them. Shanti asks about calling buttons and asks her for making tea first.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to view Riya is sitting down as Maharani. The girls inform Kaushalya about present day bahu. Nimmi states Riya has no intentions to fill water. Kaushalya claims go away it, I am able to’t listen to a word versus my bahu. Riya offers tea to Shanti and asks shall I go. Shanti says it is possible to’t go alone, wait I’ll drink tea and have you. Kaushalya and Nimmi provide buckets and Riya tries to take bucket. Nimmi suggests no will need, you relaxation. Shanti states why, I’ll occur together. The females taunt Shanti. Riya lifts water and Shanti asks Nimmi to take it. Nimmi taunts Riya for not Functioning.

Shanti gets connect with on Nimmi’s cellphone and says no person does vogue examine in this article. She asks Nimmi. Nimmi says she stuffed variety A great deal time before. Nimmi goes to receive h2o buckets. Nimmi takes her phone. Sahil and Bunty come household and question Anupam about silence in the home. Anupam laughs. Sahil asks where did Bua and Suman go. Anupam suggests Bua went to village as well as your mothers and fathers went out. Bunty suggests we will simply call Riya. Anupam states no, Permit her alter in her new home. Shanti praises Riya infront of Anyone. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shanti is giving instruction to Riya. Shanti scolds Nimmi.

Shanti eats the food and praises Riya. Shivam says its just fine. Riya adds chilli in the daal. Shanti takes it and Riya gets shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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