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Mere Angne Mein 28th October 2015 Written Update

Shivam apologizing to Kaushalya from Riya’s side. He says you have bear a lot in life. She asks him not to tell anything to Riya. He says Riya has to learn to respect you. Kaushalya says you have really grown up. Shanti tells Shivam that now he is stuck between his wife and mum, he can understand Raghav better now. Shivam goes to room and sees Riya upset. Riya says you did not give me chance to explain. He says I don’t like anyone questioning my mum, will you feel bad if Anupam gives scooty without asking you, your problem is you are not able to adjust in joint family. She says I understand, but mummy ji…

He says mum told me that you will adjust slowly, she asked me not to let you apologize. She says situation was such, you interpreted something else, my intentions were not to hurt anyone. He says how shall I explain you… Shanti sees Kaushalya tensed and calls her. Kaushalya cries. Shanti says this is bad habit to cry for little things, you have become mum in law now. She asks her to become a successful mum in law like her. She reminds its Karwachauth tomorrow. Kaushalya says I remember, I will do all arrangements. Shanti sees Riya and asks her to keep Karwachauth fast. She reminds what happened last time when Riya broke fast. She says get ready well, I have called girl to apply you mehendi. Riya apologizes to Kaushalya. Shivam looks on.

Riya requests Kaushalya to give her some time, she will learn and adjust everything. Kaushalya says this goes on, don’t think much. Riya goes. Shanti says Kaushalya failed as mum in law and is irked. Shivam thanks Riya for saying sorry to Kaushalya. Riya says she did not do this for him. She asks him to leave her dupatta and he smiles. She sees her dupatta stuck to chair. She says we have to leave soon, else boss will scold.

Ashok comes home. Sarla asks where was he all night. Rani gives him water. Ashok tells Sarla that his canteen got locked, as Amit opened the bar in it. Sarla argues and he scolds her. She defends Amit. Rani gets shocked knowing Amit’s mistake. Ashok sadly goes to his room. Shanti keeps food plates for all the ladies. Shanti makes Kaushalya have food by her hands. Kaushalya takes her blessings. She gives some shagun to Shanti. Kaushalya makes Riya have food, and blesses her. Riya gives her shagun. Shanti stares and finds her shagun less. Shanti asks does my son earn less than Shivam, Kaushalya gave me 101rs and Riya gave 501rs. Kaushalya laughs and gives 501rs to Shanti.

Shanti asks them to call Sarla. She asks them to eat fast, else they will get dizzy in the day. Kaushalya and Riya take food plates. Shanti asks them to sit and eat well. Rani comes to Amit and says she has dressed up well for him. She asks how does she look. Amit says like always, monkey… Rani gets upset. Shivam comes to Riya and compliments her beauty. She smiles and teases him. She says don’t get annoyed, I was joking and makes him smile.

Sarla and Ashok argue, as he has no way to earn now. She says she is keeping Karwachauth and wants gift from him. Ashok says I will try. Pari asks what gift. Sarla tells about Karwachauth, and calls Rani to come fast. She says we are leaving for Shanti Sadan.

Shanti asks Riya to get good mehendi applied. Sarla asks Riya to get Shivam’s name written. Riya looks at her and gets thinking, that Sarla has seen Shivam’s name in her marriage mehendi. Sarla thinks why is Riya thinking, did she recall it, no, its very old thing. Shanti says I will gift the girl whose mehendi turns darker. Riya gets Amit’s name written. Bunty comes to Riya. Riya says mehendi will spoil, be careful. Shanti asks Nimmi is lahenga ready, Bunty has come to take it. Nimmi says she could not make it, by her scorpion matter. Nimmi thinks there is no fun without drama here. Nimmi says she has prepared the lahenga and goes to get it. Shanti acts and says she has made Nimmi prepare lahenga, she has worked hard, and praises herself. Kaushalya says yes, and gives credit to Shanti.

Mata ji asks Mama and Vyom to do as she says. She gets muneem ji’s call. He says its just 9 days now, Sujeev should marry soon else… She says I know everything and ends call. Pari works in parlor and sees time. She thinks to leave from parlor and celebrate Karwachauth with Sujeev. She tells Madam that she is in tension, she wants to meet her mum in hospital. The lady says you can’t go, staff is less here, I will go and manage your mum in hospital, but you can’t go today. Pari thinks. She scolds Madam and leaves. Shanti asks Sarla to get mehendi applied.

Nimmi shows the lahenga. Bunty says its beautiful. Shanti says she has done its designing and instructed Nimmi. Nimmi says she will get blank paper so that Shanti makes designs, and they can open shop. Bunty gives money to Nimmi. Shanti calls Kaushalya and tells her to give money to elders. Kaushalya asks Bunty to give money to Shanti. Shanti takes the money and Nimmi gets irritated. She says she has to pay for material bought from shop on loan. Shanti asks her to tone down, she will see everything.

Mama ji keeps an eye on Pari and sees her leaving from parlor. He informs Mata ji. She asks him to follow Pari. Sarla keeps an eye on Riya and Bunty. Riya tells Bunty that she doubts on her. She says she has shown Shivam’s name to Sarla at that time. Sarla calls Pari and asks her to come to Shanti Sadan. Pari says she is working overtime at parlor.

Sarla says I will ask your madam, how can she make you do overtime. Pari gets ready and says she will keep fast for Sujeev, sorry Vyom. Bunty asks Riya are you sure Sarla read Shivam’s name. Riya says yes, I m sure. Bunty says leave it, fine she did the drama, but you should thank her, your marriage would have not been happening. Sarla comes to them and asks what are they talking. Rani shows her mehendi. Sarla scolds Rani. Rani says I m laughing on your innocence.

Shanti says she has ache, don’t understand about that scorpion. Riya claims I’ll phone medical professional. Shanti says no, I can get fantastic. Sarla states mum will likely be high-quality in number of times. Shanti says how did scorpion come in Shanti Sadan, I believe somebody remaining it in this article, its an individual’s plan. Sarla asks who’ll do that. Shanti says Nimmi. Sarla suggests Indeed, proper. Shanti states see what I do now. She sits praying and says see when I start off jaap, the one particular who will get scorpion will get big punishment, the person can get difficulties. Sarla gets tensed.

Kaushalya asks Shanti why is she undertaking jaap. Shanti asks her to try and do her do the job. Kaushalya asks Bunty to get mehendi utilized. Bunty suggests no, I m acquiring late, I came to collect lahenga. Riya asks Bunty to spend time along with her. Shanti asks Bunty to remain. Kaushalya states sit with Riya. Sarla states Permit Bunty go, her mum might have stored fast. Bunty states no, my mum went to her Maayka. Sarla states this means you received’t go, good be with Riya and speak with her. Riya applies mehendi to Bunty. Sarla appears to be like on and receives tensed. She collides with pillar and thinks Is that this due to Shanti’s tapasya…

Sarla asks Riya why did she stare her at mehendi applying time. Riya says I felt you have seen Shivam’s name in my hand at marriage time, is this true.

Written Update By Amena


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