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Mere Angne Mein 28th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya sending Shayari messages to Shivam. He gets annoyed reading her messages. He is in office and misses her. She says you are my love and my obstinance. They recall each other and get teary eyed. Yeh kya kiya khuda…..plays………… Kaushalya goes to Shanti. Shanti asks her to make Chanda ready like Urvashi, so that Shivam gets mesmerized seeing her, give your good saree to Chanda. Riya hears them. Kaushalya goes. Shanti smiles seeing Riya.

Nimmi, Vyom and Mama come home. Nimmi gets shocked seeing a wall instead the locked room door. She asks how is this wall here. Sharmili asks her not to start questioning after coming from Maayka, did you not get anything for me. Mama tells what all Nimmi got from her Maayka, this time Vyom got 500rs as shagun and I got 100rs. Sharmili says your value is really of 100rs and scolds him. Pari comes and calls Nimmi poor for getting pickles, papad and snacks. Nimmi says Pari did not bring anything from her Maayka and goes. Sharmili says Nimmi is sharp tongued. Kaushalya makes Chanda ready. Shanti compliments her. She goes out and sees Shivam coming home. Shivam stops seeing Riya and looks at her. Shanti asks Shivam to go and get freshen up. He sees Chanda there and goes.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to not serve food. She asks Chanda to serve food to Shivam, as Kaushalya is unwell. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she is doing this to get Shivam and Chanda. Shivam feels uncomfortable as Chanda serves him food. He asks Shanti to join him. Shanti says no, your wife took away the happy days of dining together. He gets upset.

Nimmi apologizes to Vyom and says if you feel this happened with you because of me, I will be careful and apply sindoor. He says thanks a lot for your favor. She says its limit, I m talking well and you are talking to me like this. Shanti tells Shivam that Nimmi came home today. He asks how is she. Shanti says she was crying, she is called Jabran bahu, I have called Sharmili and scolded her. Shanti asks Chanda to get the curry for Shivam. Riya goes after Chanda and stops her. Riya gives the curry and asks Chanda to give this to Shivam.

Riya looks on as Chanda served the food. Shivam sees the sorry written over the dish and sees Riya. He keeps that away. Shanti says Chanda, Shivam is shy, he won’t ask for anything, serve him daal. Chanda puts daal in his plate. He says I don’t want and daal falls over his hand. Chanda cleans his hand with his saree. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks her to see. Shivam goes away. Chanda says I m sorry, Shivam left because of me. Shanti says its because of Riya, and scolds Riya.

Shivam goes to his room and finds his cupboard well arranged. He wonders who did this and the marriage album falls. He sees marriage pics. He recalls Riya and his special moments in their marriage.

He recalls Shanti’s words and thinks of Preeti and Nimmi’s lives. He crushes his marriage pic and throws it. Chanda massages Shanti’s legs. Shanti wishes Riya had such values, why are you crying. Chanda says Riya always taunts me that I came here to marry Shivam, I have no such intention. Shanti says its Riya’s planning to make you leave, and thinks I will get marriage done, but have to check Chanda’s Chandni first. Chanda says forgive me, I will not stay here now. Riya gets the pic and cries.

She goes to Shivam while he is sleeping and applies the lep on his hand, as hot daal fell on his hand. Tujhme Rab dikhta hai…..plays. He wakes up and she quickly goes out. He sees the lep on his hand and she hides. He looks outside and shuts the door. She cries.

Sharmili tells the ladies that I will become Dadi when time comes. Sujeev says don’t get sad, I will make you Dadi soon. Sharmili gets shocked.

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