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Mere Angne Mein 28th June 2016 Written Update

He says I m against marriage, and did not go there. She asks him to go there and delay marriage, I m reaching there. The call ends. Riya says don’t know Ashok heard everything or not. The power comes. Riya asks Yogesh to hurry up.

Sujeev calls Pari and asks her to find his IT file. Pari asks Sharmili to save her, Sujeev is getting attacks these days. Sharmili asks Pari to find file. Sujeev gives 50000rs to Sharmili and asks her to keep it, as things are getting stolen. Nimmi looks on. Pari says I m not thief. Sujeev calls her mad and asks Sharmili to get Pari’s treatment done. Pari apologizes and swears on Sharmili that she will never steal anything. Sharmili asks will you kill me. She goes to call doctor. Pari thinks I will return them all this torture to them with interest. Pandit asks for someone to come for kanyadaan. Shanti asks Sarla about Ashok. Sarla says he said we are doing wrong with Riya, he won’t come. Shanti asks who will do kanyadaan now. Ashok comes there and says why are you taking tension. Sarla asks Shanti to let it go, he has come now, give me Chandrahaar too. Shanti asks Preeti about Nandu. Preeti says he maybe doing clerk work. Shanti scolds her.

Yogesh recovers the data and gives the chip to Riya. Riya thanks him and rushes. Ashok tries to delay things and says just I will do kanyadaan. Shanti asks whats happening, some see Ashok. Nandu comes and takes Ashok with him. Riya calls Nandu and asks about the situation. Nandu says marriage did not happen yet, come fast. Riya and Anupam try to take auto and worry that they can get late. Ashok comes back and says now I feel better. Shanti gets annoyed. Nandu is tensed. Pandit asks Ashok to do rituals and guides him. Ashok says I m getting dizzy. Shanti says fine, kanyadaan is over, go and faint now. Kaushalya says Raghav is not here, Preeti is annoyed, Nimmi does not know of Shivam’s marriage, does marriage happen like this. Shanti asks her to be happy, good days will come. Chanda smiles.

Pandit asks the bride and groom to stand for wedding rounds. Shanti sends Kaushalya to get Chandrahaar. Kaushalya gets the necklace and makes Chanda wear it. pandit asks Kaushalya to do ghatbandhan now. Ashok screams and faints. They all get shocked. Riya is on the way. Sarla asks is his breath coming. Shanti asks Shivam to take wedding rounds. Sshivam says rounds can happen later, if Ashok gets serious then…. He asks Preeti to call doctor. The auto driver does not drive fast. Riya says its emergency. He says its new auto, it will get spoiled. She asks him to stop auto, and drives in full speed.

Nirmala comes and asks what happened to Ashok, this can’t happen. Sarla asks Nirmala to stay in control, its not Ashok’s marriage, why are you crying. Amit says if Ashok died, then we will sell his organs. Sarla asks are you mad, he is your dad, how can you talk about selling his organs. Amit says he did not come to use till now. Riya drives auto faster. Doctor comes and checks Ashok. He says he is perfectly fine, I think he got dehydrated, make him drink lemon juice. Shanti asks doctor to go. Nirmala says I will be with Ashok. Sarla says don’t go close, stay away. Shanti asks everyone to come and resume marriage rituals. Nandu signs to Ashok. Shivam and Chanda start taking wedding rounds. Riya is still on the way.

Riya and Anupam come to Shanti sadan, and get shocked seeing Shivam and Chanda in mandap.

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