Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein serial

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Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saawana function beginning. The ladies do rituals. They praise Raghav for being good husband and getting Gajras for Kaushalya. Raghav laughs. Shanti asks Raghav to have shame, as he is growing old, go to room now. She sends Raghav to his room. Shanti asks Preeti to come. Sarla calls Rani and asks about Nirmala. Rani says Nirmala is sitting here. Sarla says keep an eye on her. Shivam and Riya smile seeing each other.

Nandu comes and gets a gift for Preeti. Shanti laughs on Raghav and Nandu for being wife’s puppet. Nandu gives saree to Preeti. Shanti asks her to touch Nandu’s feet now. Preeti cries and touches Nandu’s feet. The ladies start dancing. Ashok calls Riya and tells how he gifted Nirmala, Sarla got very angry. Riya says if Sarla felt bad, it means she loves you, she will not leave home, do as I said, she will understand your love soon. He says fine, I will call later, Nirmala is coming.

Nirmala says I came to thank you and take your blessings. Her Gajra gets stuck to his shirt. Bindu passes by and takes their pic. Shivam tells his friend that he is not coming to office. Riya comes to room and stumbles. She falls in his arms and they have an eyelock. He gifts her on Saawan and she thanks him. Shanti says I got sarees for everyone. Rani thinks to call Amit. Sarla calls Amit and asks for Nirmala. Rani says she is not at home, maybe she went to get betel.

Sarla asks how did you allow her to go. Rani says I think she came, she is knowing door and ends call. She says strange woman, she got her husband remarried and not roaming restless by feeling cheated. She calls Amit and asks him to come home soon. Sarla wants to hurry and leave. Shanti gets costly saree and Sarla refuses, and takes other one in hurry. Kaushalya gets costly saree and Nimmi gets glad. Sarla says I have to leave.

Amit comes home and asks Rani for money. She flirts with him. She dances on husna hai suhana…. Amit holds her and gets close. The door bell rings. He asks Rani to check. Sarla asks where is Nirmala. Rani says I don’t know, why did you come. Sarla argues and asks Amit what is happening here. She asks Rani to call Nirmala. Sarla asks Nirmala where is she. Nirmala says I m at stall with Ashok. Sarla gets angry and says its not good, what will people think. Sarla asks Amit to drag Nirmala home. Amit says its matter of one month.

Shanti thinks Kaushalya got costly saree. She tells Kaushalya that Sarla likes this color, if she asks, then you give her, every color suits you, stay for few days and then wear this, Sarla will cry. Riya comes. Shanti asks her why did she get late to come. She gives a saree to Riya. Riya likes it and thanks her. Preeti asks Shanti for saree. Shanti says I gave on your birthday, Nandu got one today, Nimmi can make some suit for Preeti.

Preeti asks why does Nimmi need colorful clothes. Shanti says even you don’t need colorful clothes then. A lady comes and asks Shanti to come fast, Mrs. Mishra died. Shanti gets shocked and says I met her in morning. The lady anyone can die any day. Shanti says I have to go and see her. She cries and hugs Kaushalya. Riya, Nimmi and Preeti look on. Shanti goes to her room and shuts the door.

Shanti says I want to see Shivam’s children before I die, I want his children this year. She asks Kaushalya to talk to Riya about having a child. Kaushalya thinks how to talk to Riya.

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