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Mere Angne Mein 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with jeweler calling Sarla and telling her about Riya. Pari calls Sarla and asks her about any plans to break marriage. Sarla laughs and warns Pari about her affairs. She says if she tells anything to Sharmili, what will happen. Sarla scares Pari and ends call. Shanti hears Sarla. Sarla gets tensed seeing Shanti. Riya is worried recalling Kaushalya’s words. Shanti and Sarla are happy that Riya will be falling today. Shanti tells Sarla that very soon Riya will come home sad. Riya comes home and they look at her.

Kaushalya asks her why is she crying. Riya cries and says I kept Chandrahaar mortgaged and jeweler sold it. Kaushalya gets shocked and scolds Riya. Shanti and Sarla smile. Pari asks Vyom to break marriage. Vyom says Preeti is so simple, you can make her dance on your fingers. She says Sharmili is singing songs of Preeti, its my losses, try to understand. He gets call and goes. She thinks to break this marriage any how. Sharmili hears them and says this had to happen. Kaushalya asks Riya why did you do this. Riya says I had to get two necklaces on engagement day. Kaushalya says but Amma ji gave you money. Riya says that money got stolen.

Shanti and Kaushalya cry. Shanti asks why did Riya lie, when she always say that everyone should say truth, how did money got stolen in day in their area, if she told them about the necklace, I would have got that necklace freed, and scolds Riya. She asks Riya not to tell anything now. Raghav comes and Shanti asks Raghav to see what Riya did. He asks what happened. Shanti says ask Riya, she has gone a big thing.

Kaushalya tells Raghav that Riya is saying one lakh rupees got stolen, and she kept Chandrahaar mortgaged and now that Chandrahaar is sold. Shanti cries and says ancestors’ Chandrahaar got sold, we lost it, does Riya know how we arranged that money. She says I wanted to arrange money for my children and Riya has wasted the money. She starts her drama. Shivam comes and looks on. Sarla thinks Shanti is saying about police, if police arrests Bansi and Rajendra, I will be arrested too.

Bansi and Rajendra sit talking about the money. Sarla calls them and asks them to hide, else police will get after them. Raghav asks Riya how did anyone steal money in daytime. Riya tells him that an old woman fell and I went to help her, a man snatched my bag and run away, I did not do any carelessness. Shanti says fine, why did you not tell us, keep this house mortgaged too. Raghav holds his head. Riya says I was scared and could not tell anyone, I m sorry. Shanti says now this sorry won’t matter, money and Chandrahaar are lost. She asks Shivam to tell now. Riya says I did not inform police and Vyom’s family was here at home, I had to give necklace to Pari too, so I kept Chandrahaar mortgaged. Sarla starts crying and says she blamed Pari now. Shanti asks Riya why did she not kept her own jewelry mortgaged. Kaushalya gets angry and cries. She goes to her room and locks the door. Shanti promises Kaushalya that she will get her Chandrahaar, and till then she won’t come to Shanti Sadan. She signs Sarla and cries holding her chest. They all rush to Shanti.

Shivam asks his friend to arrange 2 lakhs. He scolds Riya and asks her not to try to talk to him now.

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