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Mere Angne Mein 27th October 2015 Written Update

Scorpion biting Shanti. Shivam removes the scorpion. Riya ties the cloth and makes Shanti rest. Kaushalya asks them to call Raghav. Riya calms them and says Shivam will get doctor, poison will not spread. Sarla looks on. Pari asks Sujeev did he get impressed by her. He says no, you are very funny. She imagines her wedding night with Sujeev and smiles. She faints seeing diamond necklace. Sujeev holds her and she comes out of imagination. He says he has to have lunch. She asks can I join you. He says sure, come.

The doctor checks Shanti. Shanti says this time I will die, I can’t bear this. Sarla says she knows the man who can remove poison. Riya says doctor is giving medicines. Sarla says she is elder, she can’t care for Shanti. Shanti says no, Riya takes good care of me. Sarla goes out and calls Chander. She asks does he know to remove scorpion poison. He says no. She says even then just act and come here at Shanti Sadan. She thinks she got scorpion, she has to help Shanti, but why did scorpion bite Shanti, mum did not do right with me.

Sujeev asks Pari to start having food. Pari says she will serve him food. Mama says Sujeev is not angry infront of her, but Pari is full of greed and selfishness. Sujeev says Pari is very funny, and removes his gold chain. He gifts her chain. Pari wears the chain and asks how do I look. He says good, sit, I will get something. She dances and steals the spoons from the table. Mata ji asks them to see she is stealing spoons, good, its for out benefit. Sujeev comes there and gets headache. Pari asks what happened.

Sujeev says I m fine. The juice falls. She says I will clean it. She slips and he holds her. Mata ji, Mama ji and Vyom see them on live feed. Pari acts good to her. Chander comes to Shanti Sadan as Bicchoo Maharaj. He acts like he is curing Shanti. Sarla says great, continue jantar mantar, when medicine effects, everyone will think your magic did the cure. Chander’s moustache is coming out, and Sarla takes him to corner acting as if she is beating him. She makes his moustache stick. Shanti says she is feeling better. Sarla says I will give him 100rs, and then asks him to return it. Raghav comes home and asks what happened. Shanti says a scorpion has bitten me badly and shows the leg wound.

Shivam says don’t worry, doctor gave injection. Raghav asks who called this maharaj. Nimmi says Bua and mum called. Raghav asks are you mad to call Maharaj in today’s times when doctor has every cure. Pari cleans the table. Sujeev says you cleaned it well, you are very nice and shows her necklace for her. She asks him to make her wear it. He laughs and makes her wear it. Mama says once let them marry, we will take everything back.

Pari asks is this diamond set. Sujeev says yes. Pari gets glad and hugs him. Mama ji says I have done her final, she is very fast and looks like she will marry him today itself. Vyom calls Pari and she ends call. She says some Lallu is calling to ask for charity. Mata ji and Mama ji hear her and laugh on Vyom. Vyom calls again. Sujeev says its wrong, maybe any poor man needs some money. Vyom says my work is over, I m coming home with mum and Mama, you leave soon. Pari lies to Sujeev and says dog has bitten my sister. She asks for his mobile number. He gives her number and makes her wear his ring. Mata ji says this girl should become my bahu, go and manage Sujeev now. Pari says she had fun, she will leave now. Sujeev smiles.

Sarla says she will come later and goes. Raghav asks Shanti to have some sleep. Amit comes to the men from whom she took loan. They beat up Amit. Amit asks them to stop, he has got money. He says he has got his wife’s jewelry, its more than 5 lakhs value. He cries and hugs them. The man says we are not so bad, we will sell jewelry and recover money. Pari is on the way and has hidden jewelry she got from Sujeev. She thinks to take auto. Vyom comes to her and asks is he still here, he was passing by. He asks how was meeting with Sujeev. She says he is the best. She thinks now she will marry Sujeev, not him. Amit comes home and holds Rani. He says she has sacrificed her jewelry for him, she is real Rani of his heart, he loves her a lot. Rani gets glad and smiles. It turns out to be Rani’s imagination. She turns and sees Sarla.

Sarla acts weird and Rani keeps an eye on him. Preeti and Kaushalya help Nimmi in making the lahenga. Ashok is sad and talks to the man. He is upset as canteen got shot. The man asks Ashok to come to his home. Raghav cries seeing Shanti’s pic. Kaushalya calls him a good son. Raghav and Kaushalya have a talk and smile. Preeti wakes up and sees Nimmi sleeping near the material lahenga.

Rani asks Sarla about Shanti. Pari will come and Rani thoughts her with regards to the factors in her purse. Sarla asks Rani not to be immediately after Pari and sends her. Sarla asks Pari whats the make any difference. Pari states That is my client’s necklace, I will return this, when will we invest in this sort of issues. Sarla suggests in any delivery. She calls Ashok as he didn’t occur house. Sahil arrives property and greets Shanti. Shanti tells her voice changed as scorpion has bitten her. Sahil asks for scooty keys. Riya claims I can get it. Shanti thinks she did excellent to give scooty to Sonal. Riya goes not get keys and scooty. Shanti states Kaushalya gave scooty to Sonal. Sahil states its fine, and leaves. Shivam will come and Riya says mum did not inform me about scooty, I would have not asked Sahil to come. Kaushalya states Sure, but… Shivam scolds Riya and defends Kaushalya. He states we call almost everything below ours, you belong to family unit and is not going to have an understanding of sharing.

Shanti thinks today she felt Shivam is her grandson. Kaushalya says its my blunder. Shivam claims no, Riya is right, its her scooty, you ought to have told Riya, just don’t contact her items from now. Kaushalya suggests I termed, connect with didn’t hook up, Sonal came to teach Nimmi, she was fatigued so I gave scooty. Shanti states I’ll phone Sonal and ask for scooty. Riya says no, it received’t look very good. Shivam taunts Riya and she or he will get irritated. She goes into the place. Shanti states Shivam has acquired caught now, where to go, mum or wife.

Shanti claims she feels anyone got scorpion in my residence. Sarla gets tensed. Shanti says now see what I do.

Written Update By Sahir


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