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Mere Angne Mein 26th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling Shanti about pandit. Shanti stops Kaushalya and says leave the matter now, I know Riya did wrong. She says fine, wait and gets Riya and a wooden stick. She asks Kaushalya to beat Riya. Shivam and everyone hear them. Raghav asks Shanti what is she doing. Shanti calls Sarla inside and says we agree Riya did mistake, what can we do. Riya starts crying. Sarla pacifies her. Shanti takes Kaushalya outside with her.

Rani calls Prabha and tells about drama in Shanti Sadan, I have seen new avatar of Kaushalya, she is behaving like Shanti, I became her fan, I felt bad for Riya, you come fast. Prabha says I will come. Rani turns and sees Sarla. Sarla scolds her. Nimmi and Preeti talk to Shivam. He says whats happening in this house. Nimmi says Shanti did this. He asks her to shut up.

Renu sees Riya crying and consoles her. Riya says I m not Shivam’s enemy, I had kept fast, Sahil made me eat bhujiya by mistake, whats my mistake in this. Renu says Kaushalya is angry now, you talk to her later. Kaushalya recalls how she has scolded Riya infront of everyone and asks Shanti did she do wrong. Shanti says you are right, you are saas now, atleast we came to know whose side would Shivam take. Shivam comes there and Shanti scolds him. She asks why did he not take Kaushalya’s side. Renu asks Rani to explain Riya. Rani pacifies Riya and says you should be happy that Shivam took your side, stop crying now. She asks him to get lost. Kaushalya says I fought with Riya for Shivam’s sake, I will apologize. Shivam stops her. Kaushalya asks him to go, and asks him to think what would Raghav do. He apologizes. Shanti says now don’t tell this to Riya, we don’t want any drama now.

Ashok comes home and calls Shanti Sadan. Preeti talks to him. He says he can’t come, and asks for Pari. She says Pari is not here, just Sarla and Bua are here. He sees the pic in paper and says he has to control Pari. Shanti asks Kaushalya to do as she says. Sarla comes there and says everyone is standing outside and seeing drama. Shanti asks Kaushalya to be happy now. Sarla says she has controlled Rani. Shanti opens the door and sees all the women. She scolds them.

Prabha comes and greets them. Nimmi and Preeti pacify Riya. Renu comes there and asks Riya not to cry. She asks the girls to get Riya. Nimmi says mum is not like this, don’t know why she got angry. Preeti says mum is strong thread of this house who united everyone. Shivam comes. Preeti asks Shivam not to tell anything to Riya and they leave. Riya tells Shivam it was not her mistake. He asks her to be quiet for some time and gets angry. She says mummy did the drama and you are asking me to be quiet. He gets angry and says drama my foot. Raghav comes there. Shivam scolds Riya and says my mum will not come to your side, you have to go to her side, learn to love my mum before loving me, get normal and come downstairs.

Shivam sees Raghav outside his room. Riya cries. Sarla sees Shivam and Kaushalya crying and smiles. Sarla and Shanti sit talking. Rani asks Riya to come with her, as Kaushalya is crying too. Rani makes Riya smile and gets Riya downstairs. Shanti does not let Riya and Kaushalya talk. She signs Kaushalya. She tells Sarla that Kaushalya will complain again. Rani prays to get Amit. A man talks to Ashok and asks him to share his story to lighten heart. Ashok cries and says he does not know what is his family, his son threatens him to vacate land, my daughter’s pic came in newspaper for wrong things, and my wife scolds me for no reason.

Pari acts to keep the fast for Vyom and asks for gold gift. He give sher a gift and she gets glad. He gets his brother’s call. She quickly eats few things and hears Vyom talking about cash. She acts as fainting. He asks her not to keep fast. She says she will meet his elder brother. He says my brother handles everything. She knows about his elder brother. He says he did not get married. She gets glad and says she is fainting. He asks her to eat anything. She says I will do puja first.

The pandit does puja at Shanti Sadan. The girls say about Riya and Shivam’s mistake. Shanti suggests whatever. Shivam states I did not want to marry because of this politics, I just slipped, mum feels I fell due to the fact Riya broke the quick, whom ought to I assist. Nimmi states you know who did this. He suggests Dadi. Preeti asks Shivam to reward Riya. He claims what reward. Nimmi asks him to give any reward. He suggests he didn’t purchase. Preeti asks him not to fret, and asks Nimmi to make a saree for Riya. Nimmi says I understood this, so I presently designed it. Shivam thanks them, and claims Riya’s mood is off, possibly she is going to be happy seeing the saree, I desire so. He smiles.

Shanti tells the story of Hartalika and asks Renu to narrate The entire story. Renu tells about Parvati retaining rapid for Shiv, she does Hartalika rapidly to acquire Shiv ji. Sarla asks Shanti the place may be the drama. Shanti suggests it’ll get started now, count down. Sarla counts downs. Riya and Kaushalya see one another. Kaushalya attempts to discuss. Shanti asks Kaushalya for getting sarees, as Bindu is awaiting it. Nimmi displays the saree. Preeti likes it and they hope Riya and Kaushalya’s mood gets far better.

Kaushalya provides the sarees. Shanti asks Riya to the touch the sarees for shagun. Riya notices its her saree. Shanti asks what transpired, you might be observing like its your saree. Riya suggests yes, its my saree. Kaushalya will get shocked. Bindu asks will we get uttaran now. She throws the saree. Sarla suggests why will you be saying Shanti, question Kaushalya, she has completed all this. Bindu claims I m very poor, but don’t insult me. Shanti smiles. Nimmi and Preeti arrive there and seem on.

Sarla starts crying and blames Kaushalya for providing her bahu’s sarees. Sarla holds Bindu’s ft to apologize and asks Kaushalya did she get this saree from Riya’s bag. Kaushalya states yes, this saree can also be Riya’s. Rani thinks Riya won’t understand how to take pleasure in this drama, I’ll instruct her. Sarla throws saree and says I don’t want. Kaushalya states Shanti mentioned don’t do biasing between bahu and daughters, and questioned me to consider. Shanti claims you should have instructed Riya. Kaushalya states I must have asked and apologizes to Riya, and suggests its all new sarees.

She folds palms and states sorry. Nimmi gets indignant and asks will mummy apologize to Riya now. Shanti smiles. Nimmi asks Riya did she get glad to help make Kaushalya apologize for any saree. She suggests I bought this saree as a present for yourself, and throws it in havankund. Shivam comes and appears on stunned as Nimmi burns all of the sarees. Everyone get stunned.

Shivam picks the sarees. Kaushalya asks Nimmi is she mad and slaps her. Nimmi claims I’m able to’t see any one insulting you, I will respond like this. Shanti states see what Nimmi did, she has set suhagan sarees in hearth, This really is huge abshagun. Sarla suggests you need to Management Nimmi. Sarla asks Riya to obtain maturity, its make a difference of one saree, you should know to stay in joint loved ones, its fantastic that Bindu received insulted, I’ll make clear her. Shivam goes just after Nimmi, whilst Riya stops him. Riya cries.

Shanti and Sarla ask Riya to see Kaushalya and Nimmi. They ask Riya to be away from them.

Written Update By Sahir


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