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Mere Angne Mein 26th November 2015 Written Update

Mere A ngne Mein watch online

Shanti ending all relations with Sarla. Everyone gets shocked. Sujeev thanks Pari for making food for him. He sees some other dish and throws the plate, saying its not my fav food. Pari gets tensed. Shanti tells Sarla that she is not her mother now. Sarla asks Shanti how can she end their relations. Sarla admits that she has done a lot, how she did this for Amit. She says she did not ask for money to make jewelry, Amit is kidnapped. She cries.

Shanti asks Sarla how much will she lie, what shall I do, shall I kill you. Sarla says I m not lying. Shanti says this is your problem, go your home, think and solve. Vyom holds Sujeev’s hand to stop him from marrying Pari. He says he told Pari to make this food, punish me, not Pari. Sujeev aims gun to shoot Vyom. Sharmili calms down Sujeev. She scolds Vyom for defending Pari. Pari is glad that Vyom started supporting her.

Rani asks Sarla why did she not tell about Amit. Sarla scolds her and asks did Rani ask Amit about his problems ever. Sarla says Amit had loan he took for home expenses and marriage. Shanti says I have no daughter now, you deal with this problem. Sarla cries. Amit screams and goons scold him. They threaten to remove all organs. The doctor says he will take heart first, then lungs, liver , kidney and every organ. Amit cries. The doctor says he has removed organs of animals, even humans are same, tell me whether to make him unconscious or in conscious state. He asks them to keep cloth in Amit’s mouth and takes a drilling machine. Amit shouts in fear.

Sarla tells Shanti that Amit is really kidnapped, they will not leave him alive. Kaushalya asks Shanti and Raghav to believe Sarla. Rani cries for Amit. Nimmi is worried too. Kaushalya asks Shanti what will we do if anything happens to Amit. Rani scolds Sarla and asks why did she lie when she asked about Amit, you lied to me always. Rani cries for Amit and gets angry on Riya for using her, now Amit is in risk, if anything happens to Amit, she will burn their home.

Sarla asks Shanti to see, Riya has used her bahu. Rani says I felt Riya is my sister, and she has risked my husband. Rani cries and leaves. Sarla says she will never come here, even if Shanti calls her. Sarla and Sonal leave. Shanti cries. Sarla sees Rani crying outside Shanti Sadan. Sarla says don’t have hope from them, they have left me and my family, they don’t care for Amit, I m alive and not let anything happen to him. Rani asks them to go home, she will find Amit. Sarla says Amit is kidnapped. Rani says I will find him.

Everyone is sad in Shanti Sadan. Shanti goes to her room. Raghav also goes. Kaushalya sends her daughters and goes. Riya sees Shivam. He gets annoyed and leaves. Shanti cries and talks to Raghav. She says she can’t bear all this now. Kaushalya looks on. Shanti says your dad left everything on me and she could not manage. Raghav says if Sarla is saying true about Amit, if anything happens to Amit, we will regret, I love Amit as Shivam. Shanti asks what shall I do, forgive Sarla? Kaushalya says forgive Sarla, if anything happens to Amit, we know the reason why Sarla lied such big thing. Shanti stares at her angrily. Raghav says its not Amit’s mistake, I feel we should go for Amit, we can’t take risk. He goes. Kaushalya asks shall I go. Shanti asks her to be here and not to speak in every matter.

Riya comes to her room. She asks what happened Shivam. He asks what did she want to prove, that Bua is wrong, and you were right, you don’t know meaning of family, did you think of their reactions. She says you mean I m wrong, I felt you will understand me. He says you did mistake. She says I did not do mistake, I did what I felt right, your house would have got mortgaged, are relations not for Sarla, if she knew importance of family, she would have not done drama, I did what I felt right, this is my family too. He says for family, there is no right or wrong, if you knew Bua’s truth, why did you not tell me.

He says we all are hurt here, relations have to managed. She says if anyone lies? He says yes, family can be managed by lies, see mummy, she knows Bua. Riya says I m not mummy ji, I can’t support wrong, when that lie was making us lose our home. He asks will she break family for house? Bua and Dadi’s relation ended today, tomorrow Dadi and Maa’s, then Maa’s relation with me will break, you won’t care. Sarla home come and hugs Ashok. Ashok says don’t cry, I prayed for you in temple, I m sure you will be fine. Sarla says I m fine, nothing happened to me. I m crying for Amit.

Ashok asks Sonal not to cry and go to her room. He asks what happened to Amit. Sarla asks him to save Amit, else they will kill him, Amit took loan and goons are recovering money. He says same people who came in canteen to ask money. Raghav asks Shivam will he come with him to find Amit. Shivam says sure, you once said when son’s foot size equals to father’s foot size, then father’s responsibility becomes son’s responsibility, I will come. Raghav asks him to get bike. Riya cries in her room, and says what wrong did I do, I got Bua’s truth out.

Nimmi and Preeti arrive at her and see her crying. Nimmi asks Riya not to cry, we explained to Shivam to tell you Dadi and Bua’s truth of the matter, he didn’t listen, he ought to have instructed you. Preeti suggests Of course, this drama might have not transpired. Riya says no, its all my blunder, I m misfit On this relatives, you equally go from right here, make sure you. Nimmi and Preeti go away.

Sarla digs the soil. Ashok asks exactly what is she executing. She claims she must have performed this before, Amit questioned for jewellery. Ashok asks did she cover it below. She suggests Of course. She gets the jewellery box under the soil and will get the jewellery. Ashok is amazed. Sarla states she’s going to sell jewellery, but not Allow something occur to Amit, she is going to preserve Amit.

Riya tells Shanti that she goes out. Shanti asks her to accomplish anything at all. Riya claims I reliable you, so I bought this real truth, I m gonna law enforcement station to acquire police enable to find Amit. Shanti stops her and asks her to not go. Riya asks why. Shanti claims this is Shanti Sadan, our bahu and daughters don’t go out at nighttime, I is not going to hear, Raghav and Shivam have gone, what’s going to I reply your dad if just about anything comes about to you, the number of relations will you crack. Riya states I need to help you Bua. Shanti asks her to prevent this performing and visit her area. Kaushalya thanks Riya for preserving this property, and breaking their relatives. Kaushalya cries and asks her to go to her place.

Shanti is going out in cold night. Everyone try to stop her. Shanti and Kaushalya roll on the ground and do some Pariknama.

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