Mere Angne Mein 25th July 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein serial

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Mere Angne Mein 25th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya coming to room and looking for Shivam. Shivam showers flowers on her. They get glad that Shanti praised Riya. He says now I want my football team. Kaushalya tells Raghav that I m annoyed with Shanti. He asks why, Shanti praised Riya a lot today. She says Shanti did not praise me, I gave all my life to this house. He asks shall I praise you. She says no, you praise me daily, I want Shanti to praise me. He smiles and looks at her. She hides her face. He gets a call and goes out.

She sees a saree which Renu gave her, and says this is good one. Shivam asks Riya to take permission from Shanti and join again, I feel bored at office. He rests in her lap and she agrees. Shanti comes there and asks them why are they sitting in room. They get away. Shanti asks Riya to do all work, and don’t forget anything, take Shivam along, I have written clothes, bangles and some things.

Rani argues with Prabha. Bindu says we will go and complain to Shanti. Sarla worries and says she is my mother, she did Nirmala’s kanyadaan, she will beat me. She asks Nirmala to beat Bindu and Prabha. Nirmala and Sarla take out slippers and make them run out. Sarla tells Nirmala that she is bearing this because of her. Nirmala cries and says thanks for coming. Sarla asks Pari to go to Shanti Sadan, Preeti will say some story.

Riya asks Shanti shall we go out and get things. Shanti says don’t forget anything, go. Riya and Shivam leave. Kaushalya asks Shanti shall we not celebrate Saawan festival as Nimmi lost her husband. Shanti says Nimmi’s sorrow is at her place, and festival will be celebrated, its Riya’s first Saawan in our house. Nimmi hears them and goes.

Riya and Shivam do shopping. Riya says I m feeling hungry. He says I will take you to some good place, sit. They leave and he applies brakes to get her close. She says I will not go on your bike, I will go by rickshaw. He says you will get insult, you are my legal wife, I did not apply brakes by making any other girl sit. She smiles. They leave.

Preeti cries and apologizes to Shanti. Shanti asks her what did Sarla say you, that you changed. Preeti looks at her and says forgive me. Shanti says your tears won’t affect me, go to inlaws and get few scoldings, then you will know. Preeti says I will not go anything, forgive me, I want to stay here. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Preeti. Shanti says fine, if you say, hut Preeti has to bear punishment. She goes. Kaushalya tells Preeti that Shanti has forgiven you, don’t do anything now, I kept something special to gift you on your birthday, I will get it. She hugs Preeti and goes. Preeti thinks Sarla said right, I have to take revenge by love.

Shivam and Riya go to Ashok’s stall to have food and greet him. They find Ashok lost and apologize to him. Riya says you called that night. Shivam says we felt you were drunk. Ashok asks them to go. Shivam asks what happened. Ashok says you should have answered call, I would have got saved from selling off. Riya asks who did it. Ashok cries and shouts Sarla has sold me to Nirmala. Riya says I think Ashok is drunk. Ashok says I m drunkard right, I m saying in my senses, I was forced to remarry, Sarla made me marry Nirmala for money. Riya asks how can Sarla do this.

Ashok says I called everyone that day to take help, but no one answered. Riya asks why did you not go to police. Ashok says shall I make world laugh on me, Sarla said she will burn herself if I don’t remarry. Bindu passes by and throws bangles on Ashok, asking him to have shame. Riya says I have a solution, you have to focus on Nirmala for few days, just love Nirmala, Sarla should be sad for this marriage, you have to accept Nirmala as your wife. Shivam says this is wrong plan. Ashok says no Shivam, Riya is right, I will explain Sarla in her way. He thanks Riya and asks them not to tell this to Shanti, I don’t want Sarla to get ashamed. Shivam hugs him and asks him not to worry.

Sarla and Pari see Nirmala and Rani having snacks. Nirmala asks Pari to get food plate for her. Sarla says Pari will work. Pari asks for money. She goes to get food. Ashok comes home. Nirmala goes to kitchen and acts like cooking. Ashok says I m also feeling hungry, and asks his new bride to get food. Nirmala gets glad and says I will get food. Ashok asks Nirmala to get his clothes too. He does not talk to Sarla. Sarla gets worried. Rani says I can understand your sorrow, even Amit does same with me.

Amit says Ashok changed side so soon, he was refusing to marry and now getting mad after Nirmala. Sarla asks him not to say nonsense. Ashok calls Riya and says I can’t do this, Sarla is hurt. Riya says we have to do this, else Sarla won’t know your importance, its temporary, everything will be fine, keep doing the same, take care. She prays for Ashok. Nirmala takes food for Ashok and shuts the door. Sarla looks on. Nirmala sees Sarla outside.

Ashok gets a saree for Nirmala. Sarla gets shocked. Nimmi cries while doing decorations. Riya, Shanti and Kaushalya look on.

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