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Mere Angne Mein 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sarla getting mad for the treasure. Amit asks Rani to help him. Rani asks did he make her cook food for them. He says yes, these is my office staff and if we make Riya happy, we can get part in treasure. Riya asks you both here. Rani tells her that Amit wanted to get food for Shivam, he has love for his brother. Amit says yes, I love him and don’t show it. Rani says you are like my sister. Shivam comes, and Rani hands over the tiffin. Amit asks them to have food, as Rani made it by hardwork, its by love. Amit and Rani act sweet. Amit hugs Shivam, and leaves with Rani. Shivam asks Riya to pinch his hand. Riya pinches him. Shivam says I don’t know why did Amit give food, he is very miser, there is something fishy.

Riya says there is nothing. A man asks them to come and see live telecast of their home. Sarla tells reporters about the treasure in her brother’s house. Sarla says this is my house, and gives interview. She says we will take treasure as a blessings, I will buy big house, big car and 100-200 kg gold. Shivam and Riya see this on news. Kaushalya says I m shy and won’t go out. Shivam and Riya talk about this news.

Pari stops Sharmili and Vyom from seeing tv, as Preeti is seen. She does not want Sharmili to see Preeti, as that will fail Sarla’s plan. Sharmili sees Sarla and tells Pari that is your mummy. Pari denies and says she is duplicate. Pari praises Sarla and says she does social service. Sharmili says you are stopping me from seeing tv, is this your Nani’s house. Pari goes. Sharmili says don’t know whats happening. Pari thinks to off the tv, else her plan will fail.

Bhajan mandli women come and Kaushalya takes them inside the house. Sarla calls Amit. Rani answers call. Rani and Amit are on the way. Sarla scolds Rani for taking Amit’s phone. Rani asks Amit to talk to Sarla. Sarla asks Amit not to be with Rani. He tells how he is getting friendly with Shivam and Riya. Sarla gets glad and asks him to be away from Rani. He says I know, don’t teach me.

Mohit drinks and walks on the road. He falls down. He says I have decided, its my love test today, if any car hits and kills me, it means Preeti does not love me, if any car comes and I get saved, then it means Preeti loves me. He stands infront of the truck. The truck stops. The man scolds Mohit and asks is he mad. Mohit says Preeti does not love me. The man calls police station. Sarla scolds and beats people asking them to get lost. Shanti thinks I gave power to Riya at wrong time, I know she will not give us any money.

Prabha and Bindu come and Sarla argues with them, saying they came just for treasure. Prabha and Bindu act sweet. Sarla asks Nimmi to keep an eye on them, why are you staring at me, did Riya tell you. Nimmi says no. The police comes and sees Mohit creating nuisance on the road. The digging work starts at Shanti Sadan and media covers the situation. Sarla dreams of the treasure and is going mad. Shanti looks on. Sarla says I will name my house Sarla Sadan. Shanti hears Prabha and Bindu planning to be good to Sarla and looks on their drama. Sarla scolds them. Bindu asks Kaushalya do you think same about Sarla, as she thinks about me. Sarla asks her not to break her house. Nimmi tells Preeti that people came to ask for money before they got treasure. They laugh.

Ashok asks Nirmala not to cry, Sarla always says something or the other, don’t worry. She says I m worried, will you never leave supporting me. He says yes, but focus on work now. Bindu gets angry to wash utensils in Sarla’s home and stall. Sarla laughs. Prabha says I can come to work anytime, give me 6 gold coins. Sarla says I will do what I want, poor people sit far from me. Shivam and Riya sit to have food. Everyone come there as special food has come today. They all ask Shivam not to forget them. Bunty asks Riya not to forget her. Riya says no, Bunty bores us. Bunty says people forget even families. Riya says everything will be same even if we get treasure.

Nimmi says see how Sarla is waiting for treasure. Shanti was scolding her and stops. She asks her to say anything, I have taken sanyaas. Bindu says Shanti will not get anything, as Riya has keys and control, Shanti has taken control. Nimmi says Riya is great. Sarla and everyone run as something is found. Sarla says its treasure, and asks Nimmi and Preeti to stand here and not let anyone come.

The man says this is just a stone. Sarla says dig more. Rani flirts with Amit, and he gets angry. He asks her to go on her own, as she is hugging him and disturbing his drive. She says fine, I will sit away, house is close, no one will come home till night, tell me I love you. He says we are going to Nani’s house, get treasure when its found. Rani asks is he sure that she will give him treasure if she gets it. He says yes, as you don’t have anyone else. She gets glad and says we will leave now. He asks her not to hug and move back.

The man shows a pot. Everyone get glad. Sarla takes pot and runs inside the home. She does not give it to media or govt people. Sarla says I won’t give this to anyone and goes upstairs. Pari thinks what to do, Sharmili should not see Preeti. Sharmili says I think its Pari’s mother. Pari removes the cable lines. Vyom asks Sharmili does treasure really found like this. Sharmili says we have our own treasure, have this apple and sharpen mind. Sarla says I will not give this pot to anyone. Shanti recalls she has put this pot for Vastu pujan and tells Sarla. Sarla does not believe it, and says I will open this pot. Rani says I have come, give it to me. Sarla scolds her and opens the pot. Sarla checks the pot and everyone wait. Sarla gets the dry coconut, and Shanti signs her. Sarla says its treasure, take it and throws down. She gets Lord’s idol. Shanti and Kaushalya greet the idol Sarla says this will be of gold and cleans it with her saree. She does not get anything and cries. Prabha, Bindu and everyone start laughing on Sarla.

The govt men leave. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her to leave. She cries and sits with Shanti. Riya and Shivam come home. Kaushalya is annoyed with Riya. Sarla thinks to be good to Riya to be able to come Shanti Sadan daily.

Riya tells Kaushalya that we should stop this treasure hunt. Kaushalya asks shall I ask you everything now, and argues that Riya changed after getting keys.

Written Update By Amena


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