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Mere Angne Mein 24th October 2015 Written Update

Rani coming home. She meets Sonal and gives her some money to have food in canteen. Sonal leaves for college. Rani sees Amit sleeping and goes to him. Rani hugs him and smiles. Sarla comes there and gets shocked seeing Rani with Amit. Kaushalya asks Shanti to see monthly expenses. She says this year Karwachauth will have more expenses, as Shivam has to give Riya some gift. Shanti asks what did Raghav give you, why will Shivam gift Riya, nothing changed. Raghav comes there. Shanti lowers her tone.

Shanti says Kaushalya fails the budget every month. Raghav asks Shanti to retire and give everything in Riya’s hand. Shanti coughs. Riya cares for Shanti. Nimmi says Shanti did not like it. Shanti scolds her. Riya asks why will Shanti not like it. Nimmi says Shanti is worried as you will lose your beauty. Shanti asks her to mind her smartness in studies. Raghav goes.

Sarla scolds Rani and Amit wakes up. Sarla says you are so shameless, your place is there in balcony. Rani says she forgot to tell her, that Amit and she came close when Sarla was missing. Sarla gets shocked. Shanti shows her nameboard and says she can go anywhere, its her house. Rani says Amit took money from her. Amit says I needed it. Rani says you have eaten food by my hand, I m shy to recall. Amit says I did not have it by her hand. Sarla says stop it. Pari comes and asks whats happening, you spoiled my sleep.

Sarla scolds Amit and Rani. Amit says I did not do anything, Rani is acting. Sarla asks him to swear on her that he will not see Rani. He says yes, she is just a maid. Rani says I also promise I will make my husband mine, see he will hold my hand infront of you. Pari likes the drama.

Kaushalya asks why did Nimmi mess up her sarees. Nimmi says Shanti asked me to use old sarees material. She says Riya has many sarees, she will not wear it, now I will make lahenga by her sarees. Kaushalya asks her not to touch Riya’s sarees, it was an issue before also. Nimmi promises her she will not take Riya’s saree. Nimmi sees a packed saree and asks whose saree is this. Sarla and Amit ask Rani to go and work. Pari says Rani is very smart, first Sarla was kidnapped and now she is not getting importance. Amit asks Pari to go parlor. Pari says she will tell about him. Amit asks what will you say. Pari says mummy was kidnapped, and you did not go to find her. Rani says even you don’t worry, you were missing all night. She asks Sarla to ask Pari where did she go.

Pari says she did not go anywhere. Nimmi teases Kaushalya for Raghav’s gifted saree. Pari cries and says she went to temple to pray for Sarla. Amit says she is big drama queen. Pari goes. Preeti asks Shivam to drop her. Shanti asks them to save money, Shivam can take them on one bike. Riya says its illegal, just two people can sit on bike. Shanti says its my bike, I will decide how many people sit on it. Riya says if people do wrong, it does not mean we do wrong, police can catch us.

Preeti says I will go by rickshaw. Shanti says I m saving money, petrol charges. Riya says I will take auto and send Preeti with Shivam. Shanti asks them not to waste time, and go. Nimmi jokes on Shanti. Kaushalya sends Preeti. Shanti asks Riya to get vegs from market while coming. Riya says she has money. Shanti asks Nimmi what is she seeing, she will not send Riya if she is not permitting.

Shanti makes them leave on single scooty. Sarla argues with Ashok, when he tells about Amit, ruining the canteen business. He says canteen can get shut. Sarla says you maybe have done this yourself. Ashok says I will die if I m such useless for you. Sarka says will you now make me widow. Ashok gets annoyed and leaves. Amit tells Sarla about loans on him. Sarla says I don’t have money. She asks Rani to give her food. Bunty calls Nimmi and asks about bridal lahenga. Nimmi says she will prepare it soon. Shanti takes call. Nimmi argues and Shanti beats her. Nimmi asks for money, she needs more to complete order. Shanti asks her to make it herself.

Sonal comes to Nimmi and they wonder about Shanti’s doings. Shanti goes out and sees scooty. She asks Sonal to drive it and show. Nimmi asks Shanti why is she wasting petrol. Shanti gives the keys. Sonal drives the scooty. Vyom calls Pari. She acts like talking to doctor and he asks her to meet her, he has to talk something imp. She ends call and he throws the phone. Pari thinks Vyom got after her to talk about marriage. A girl asks Pari about her Nani. Pari says she is fine. The girl asks how, she was dead right. Pari says really, and thinks she has to note her lies. The parlor lady says Pari lied about Nani’s death, how many Nanis she has, did she lie. Pari says I did not lie, I m mad in my mum and Nani’s love, I call them by cross names. Madam asks who has died. Pari says her mum died, not Nani.

The Female states Pari is fooling you, we will find fact, We’re going to go to her house to learn. Pari argues While using the Lady and cries. She functions like finding electrocuted. Madam asks her to go household. Pari leaves. Shanti wears helmet and sits driving Sonal. She holds Sonal and enjoys the trip. She says you push effectively and sits to drive the scooty. She says teach me now. Sonal claims you can be hurt, don’t travel. Shanti suggests I m suit, educate me. Nimmi and Sonal be concerned. Sonal suggests she is going to teach tomorrow. Shanti suggests high-quality. Shanti reads newspaper about some Baba and thinks to meet.

Sarla satisfies Baba and he tells about some lady who’s got cheated her.

Written Update By Sahir


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