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Mere Angne Mein 24th November 2015 Written Update

Riya seeking Shanti’s permission to go out to buy brush. Shanti asks her to finish work, she will send someone to get brush. Riya irons the clothes. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she will handover money to Sarla in evening, let her get treatment anywhere she wants, call her. Sarla prays that Shanti gives her money. Shanti calls Sarla and asks is she fine. Sarla says I m okay. Shanti says we will give you money till evening. Sarla gets glad. Sarla says she will come soon and thanks Lord.

Riya goes to room and calls Rani. They both chat and get some idea to expose Sarla. Rani calls a lady home. The lady tells Sarla that health scheme camp is going on, the most healthy person will get 1 lakh. Rani asks Sarla to go. Sonal asks Rani not to joke on Sarla, as she has cancer. Sarla asks lady to go. Rani asks lady to go to Prabha, she is healthy and will win money. Sarla gets interested and Rani asks shall I call her. Sarla scolds her. Riya calls Rani and asks did she do work. Rani says no, Sarla is in room. Riya says we want her blood sample, keep an eye on her. Rani says fine.

Rani tells Sarla that she is going out for shopping. She leaves. Riya calls the lady and asks did Sarla come. The lady says not yet. Riya says inform me when she comes. She thinks Sarla should go soon so that reports come till evening. Rani waits for Sarla to come out. Riya calls Rani and asks did Sarla come go there. Sarla comes out. Riya is curious to know about Sarla. Riya asks Rani to go to camp and wait.

Sarla goes to camp and argues with people. Rani tells Riya that Sarla has come here. Prabha and neighbors see Sarla and have pity on Sarla. Sarla goes to give sample. Riya thinks now truth will be out. Preeti gives the radio to Shanti. Shanti asks her how did she get this ring. Preeti gets tensed. Nimmi says tell them I gave you this ring, its imitation one. She lies to Preeti. She asks Shanti to get ring tested if she wants. Shanti looks at the ring. She gets call and Preeti takes ring back.

Sarla gives her name and ID card. The lady gets everything recorded. Sarla says she is most healthy. The lady insists and take her pic. Sarla thinks she should get this 1 lakh rupees. She goes. The lady calls Riya and says the work is done smoothly. Riya gets glad. Nimmi comes and looks at Riya.

Sarla calls Rajendra and talks to him. Nimmi asks Riya is there any tension. Riya says no. Anupam comes to Shanti Sadan and greets everyone. He brings gifts for them. Shanti tells Anupam about Sarla’s illness. Raghav calls Riya. Riya comes and gets glad seeing Anupam. She asks Anupam why did he come, as she was coming to meet him. She thinks she should send Anupam home, she can’t show her inlaws down by telling Bua’s truth infront of dad. Riya tries to get reports soon. Raghav praises Anupam for giving so good values to Riya. Riya calls Bunty and asks her to help her. She asks Bunty to do anything and take Anupam, she will explain her later, its urgent. Bunty says fine, I will see.

Pari sees Sujeev calm and asks can I ask anything if you don’t get angry. He says tell me, I won’t get angry. She asks since when does he get attacks. He asks what is she saying. She says she will be happy if he is happy with her, why can’t this happen. He says we can be happy, I will take you to hospital. She gets irked calling him mad. He says he loves her. She says she loves him too, and asks him to prove this to mummy. He says Sharmili will feel same, when you are ill. She thinks she has to control him in calm way.

Sarla talks to Sonal. Sonal is worried for her. Sarla starts acting as if she will die soon. Rani comes. Sarla asks Rani to take care of home and leaves with Sonal. Rani thinks she did not get sad, but she will celebrate that Sarla will be exposed. Anupam tells Raghav that he feels happy coming here, he feels like a family here. Raghav asks him to come anytime. Bunty calls Anupam. She says she is outside his house. Anupam says I m at Riya’s house, come later. Bunty says I slipped and fell, I m hurt, please come. He says fine, I will come. He tells this to them, and says he will leave, he will come later. Riya and Shivam go to see off Anupam. Riya asks Shivam to be with Raghav, she will just come. Anupam says I feel Riya is worried. Riya says nothing, you should go, Bunty is hurt. He asks her to say if she is hiding anything. She says nothing. The man comes to give money. She sends them inside home. She asks Anupam to take care. He leaves.

Raghav tells the man that he would never kept house mortgaged if they did not need money for sister’s treatment, its temple for them, everyone’s feelings are attached, they will return money soon and take house back. Sarla and Sonal come there. Shanti says money is arranged. Riya calls lady and asks for reports. She prays she is able to save the house. Rani calls Riya and says Sarla left. Riya says reports did not come, you wait, I will tell you when to come. The man asks Shanti to count money. Raghav thanks him and asks Shivam to count.

Kaushalya asks Riya what is she performing here, come to provide food items. Riya suggests I will come. Raghav and Shivam depend revenue. Sarla will make a pity face seeing Shanti. Riya waits for studies. Sarla goes out and phone calls goons. She says she’ll provide them with money in early morning, she has arranged dollars so she has termed. She asks them not to touch Amit. She asks them to produce Amit communicate. Amit asks Sarla to return shortly. Sarla claims every thing is okay, I’ll are available early morning, don’t fear, I will just take you. Rani cries observing Amit’s pic and problems for him.

Sarla thinks she will be able to’t imagine this. Riya checks reviews and states Sarla does not have most cancers, not even cold, she is completely fine. Shanti does puja near tulsi plant and receives unhappy. Raghav asks her to handover the papers to the man. He claims he will get home back again before long, they necessary revenue for Sarla’s procedure. Shivam claims when Bua receives wonderful, I will consider my most effective to get house. Sarla functions like she didn’t prefer to consider cash. Raghav asks her not to fret, and provides her revenue suitcase. Shanti provides file to the man. Riya comes and holds Sarla’s hand stopping her from having revenue. Shanti holds the file and appears. The household sees Riya. Shanti asks what on earth is Riya accomplishing. Riya states we don’t want to maintain household mortgaged now. Shanti keeps file again and states we don’t have time for acting. Riya claims I m not performing, Sarla is not going to require this revenue now. Sarla didn’t have nearly anything, she’s not sick, she doesn’t have most cancers. They all get shocked.

Riya tells everyone that she has taken Sarla’s blood samples and given it for tests, Sarla has no illness. Shivam asks Riya to stop it. Raghav asks Shivam to let Riya speak.

Written Update By Amena


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