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Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pari telling Rani about Riya taking medicines to stop her pregnancy. Rani says I m trying to get a child and Riya is doing this. Sarla asks Pari why did she do this, whats our use if Riya got insulted, when baby comes, we won’t get any money, we have to get Raghav’s job back doing anything. Shanti says I m so upset, I feel I should also die. She says I will not hear baby’s cry in a year. Kaushalya recalls her promise and cries. She says I can’t see Raghav’s face. Shanti says don’t say bad, till I make the baby sleep in my lap, I will not die.

Its morning, Shivam is annoyed with Riya. Riya looks at him. Shivam keeps the baby pics. Riya asks him to understand her. He asks what shall I say, its happening as you say, why are you taking tension. She says I should have not hidden about contraceptives, I did mistake. He says its not easy for me to accept this, I need time. He goes.

Nimmi and Preeti cook and argue. Kaushalya asks Shivam why is he returning Bal gopal pic. He apologizes and says I don’t think I can keep my promise.

Nirmala checks the papers and cries as Ashok’s name got erased on divorce papers. Rani tells Sarla that she will not die and not lesson Sarla’s problems. Sarla asks her to shut up and gives her list of items to get. She gives her some money and sends her. Nirmala calls lawyer and says the papers got spoiled by water, I want to get papers made again, I will pay money, prepare new papers. He agrees.

Preeti tells Kaushalya that Riya’s bad sight has caught this house, you all made me marry Nandu when I wanted to do as my heart wants, Riya does what she wants, I also want to do what I want. Nimmi asks who is stopping you, you go out and come when you want, go and talk to Shanti. Preeti argues and goes. Riya asks Kaushalya to give Bal Gopal pic to fix in room. Kaushalya says no, you did not respect it. Riya says fine, I won’t talk about this, tell me what shall I cook. Kaushalya goes annoyed. Riya cries.

Shivam gets into an argument with his boss and gets angry. Boss scolds him. Shivam tells him that he will resign. Sarla calls Bansi and asks him to kidnap Nirmala this time, I m sending her out, be ready.

She asks Nirmala when is she dying, your time is going to end in this world. Rani gets the items and gives to Sarla. Sarla shows tulsi plant for Nirmala. She asks Rani to read Gita for Nirmala. Kaushalya is worried for Shanti. She asks Riya not to act like worrying for Shanti. She says I can’t say Raghav and Shivam. Preeti adds fuel in the fire. kaushalya scolds Preeti. Riya says I will go and find Shanti.

Amit asks Shanti not to say this. Shanti asks Amit to fulfill her wish, I gave you many toys. Amit says this is not easy. Shanti says life is not easy, you can lessen my pain. He says Sarla will kill me. Shanti says you don’t care for me. Amit says I can’t do this. Shanti says if you don’t help me, you come to do my final rites. She goes. Amit says she will trap me along her.

Riya looks for Shanti and asks people. She passes by Shivam and does not see him. Riya calls Nimmi and says I did not get Dadi, inform me if she comes home. Nimmi says fine. Preeti taunts on Riya. Preeti speaks against Riya and argues with Nimmi and Kaushalya. Kaushalya goes to beat Preeti. Nimmi stops Kaushalya. A jeweler comes to Shanti Sadan, and Preeti hides. He says a girl came to me asking for making mangalsutra, as her marriage is in four days. They get shocked. He sees Preeti.

Shanti gets a child at home and says this is Raghav’s grandson. Everyone get shocked.

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