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Mere Angne Mein 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere A ngne Mein watch online

The Episode starts with Riya worrying as Kaushalya asks her to get the necklace soon. Preeti cries in her room and throws all the cards given by Mohit. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to give tea to Preeti. Riya says I will go and give tea to her. Shivam makes some list. Preeti burns the cards. Riya comes to her and sees her holding the cards. She rushes and blows off fire by water. She asks Preeti what is she doing. Preeti says I don’t want to do this marriage, get this cancelled. Riya asks what, we asked you and you said yes for marriage. She sees the cards there.

Preeti says I m really sorry to say yes that time, I don’t have problem with this marriage, but I m unable to forget Mohit. I will try my best to forget Mohit, I can’t see mum and dad upset. Riya consoles her and says I think we should talk to Kaushalya once. Preeti says no need, she is very happy, I don’t want to hurt her. Riya says we asked you and said yes for marriage, if you not ready, tell me, we will cancel marriage, if you need time, I will talk to Raghav and Kaushalya and postpone marriage. Preeti says no need, I will be normal in one week, don’t worry. Riya wipes her tears.

Pari goes to Vyom and asks did he show his true colors. She cries. He says you did not think this will defame my family if I refuse now. She says I don’t care, I will tell Sarla to cancel this marriage, I will give a plot to Sarla and she will happily do my work, if you see any other girl, I will not leave you. He says I m marrying Preeti, how can’t I see her. She says Preeti rarely talks, what will you talk to her. He promises her that he will always love her. She hugs him. Sharmili and Mama look on and get angry. Vyom smiles and thinks am I mad to not see such beautiful girl Preeti, Pari is very selfish.

Shanti and Sarla are in market and try to find that shop. Sarla says I have asked Pari to send the necklace pic, see what I do now, I learnt smartness from you. Sharmili is angry and tells Mama that Pari will try to break this marriage now, she knows she will lose value. But we will not let this relation break, I will do this marriage, even if I have to play some big game. Its time to take Amma’s bangles. Mama asks why, do you want to call Amma in Vyom’s marriage. She calls out Vyom. Vyom asks Pari to hide fast. Sharmili and Mama come there. Sharmili shows the bangles for Preeti. Vyom likes it. Pari looks on. Sharmili says my mum gave this for my bahu, I wanted to give this to Sujeev’s wife, but you know how is Pari, I don’t like her, my heart broke that time, I will fulfill all my wishes now, these bangles are worth 1.5 lakhs, I want to give this to Preeti, talk to Preeti once, she will also have some wishes. Vyom agrees. Sharmili sees Pari hiding and makes her jealous. She leaves with Mama.

Pari asks Vyom why is Sharmili doing all this. Vyom says I want to marry, else it will be big problem for both of us, don’t do any drama. He leaves. Pari gets worried. Nimmi comes to room and sees the cards on the floor. She asks Preeti whats all this. Preeti says I did mistake, I got emotional and told truth to Riya that I don’t want to marry. Nimmi asks why, you should have told me, I would have got some solution, Riya can’t do anything in this. Preeti says what to do now, shall I tell Riya I said that by mistake. Nimmi says no, we should wait that Riya does not make this an issue, lets clean the room fast.

Sarla and Shanti go to a jewelry shop and ask for some jewelry necklaces. The man shows some necklaces. Sarla says show any stolen necklace as well, if you have and shows a picture. The man says fine and calls police station. He says two women came and asking me do I sell stolen items. Shanti takes his phone and ends call. She says we are not thieves. He says these days women are involved in robbery gangs, police will come now.

Shanti scolds Sarla and says we found out that this man is a right man, my son is inspector and sends us to investigate this way, we are done, tell your name. The man says no need to write name. Sarla says we will ask govt to give you prize. The man asks Sarla in which police station is her brother working. Sarla says that’s hidden. Shanti says we will leave now. They leave.

Riya thinks how to solve Preeti’s problem, how to get 1 lakhs and save Chandrahaar. Shanti tells Sarla to come with her. Riya talks to someone and asks what, will I get just 2 lakhs. Shivam comes and asks her why is she looking worried. She ends call and says nothing. He tells her that she was looking happy in engagement, and her face was glowing, she was looking beautiful, I have seen you wearing that Chandrahaar, Maa used to wear it occasionally, you will also wear on special occasions, Maa used to wear it as a gold medal. She gets tensed. He asks her will she wear it in marriage. She nods. He asks where is your necklace, you can wear it again, I will compliment well. She says I don’t have necklace, its with jewelry, hook was broken, so I gave it to repair, I will get that tomorrow. He says get it, Maa does not like any carelessness.

She thinks how to tell Shivam, he looks happy. He asks is there any worry. She says I have some confusions in mind. He asks what. She says about Preeti. He asks what happened now. She says I feel Preeti is not able to forget Mohit. Shivam says what does she want to do, she is engaged, does she want to marry Mohit. Riya says I spoke to her, she wants to marry but… Shivam says Mohit will ruin Preeti’s life. Riya says yes, we have to give some time to Preeti, so that she accepts things. He says no use, she will get married soon and adjust in her new house, she will forget everything, Mohit can come and break Preeti’s marriage if we delay it. He says I feel you are hiding something else also. Riya says nothing. He says if there is any problem or issues, share with me, we will solve it together. She says fine, and worries.

Shanti and Sarka come to another jewelry shop. Shanti asks Sarla not to show necklace photo, if jeweler calls police, then you see. Its same shop where Riya has given her necklace. Sarla says we have come to buy necklace for Rajmata. He says fine and looks at her. Sarla asks are you staring at me. He says you are Amit’s mummy right. Sarla laughs and says yes, how do you know Amit. The man says I know him well, how is his agency running. Sarla says good. The man says this is Amma ji right. Sarla says yes, Amit’s Nani. He asks who is this Rajmata. Sarla says leave relations, you just show the necklace. Sarla tells Shanti that they can show the Pari’s necklace pic to this man, he knows us. She asks him to show big necklace. Sarla says I don’t think Riya’s necklace is here. Shanti says you show Pari’s necklace photo, don’t waste time. Sarla says these necklaces are not good, see this pic, if you have such necklace, then show. The man says you got late, I sold this necklace to a girl who took two necklaces, she bought it in one lakh. Sarla and Shanti smile. Sarla laughs and asks did she get money or not. The man says she was in hurry and gave a big necklace instead it. The man shows Riya’s necklace. Shanti and Sarla smile seeing the Chandrahaar.

Shanti thanks Lord that she got a good chance now. The man says I will not send this necklace, the girl kept this necklace mortgaged, she will get money. Shanti starts crying. The man says don’t cry, its about one lakh, she said her money got stolen. Shanti says my husband gave me such necklace which got stolen, give me this necklace. The man says I will call that girl. Shanti and Sarla start crying and ask him to give this necklace, they will give him one lakh now. He says what will I tell that girl. Sarla cries and gives him money, asking him to make any excuse. Shanti wears necklace and blesses him. They leave.

Nimmi asks Preeti to say if she does not want to marry. Preeti cries and says no one cares for me. Nimmi cleans the room. She says I m saying this to cheer you, I don’t like Pari, Sharmili, Sujeev and that Mama, I knew it was Mama who was in rickshaw with some girl, I don’t like anyone there. Preeti says let this marriage happen. Nimmi asks are you mad, Vyom got engaged and went, he did not call you, don’t know he wants to marry you or not, refuse for it. Preeti says I can’t. Nimmi says then you will be crying. Preeti says you can’t understand how it feels to marry someone else than your love. Nimmi says I want to help you. Preeti asks what will you help, will you sit in mandap in my place? Nimmi gets shocked. Preeti says I can’t hurt parents and can’t forget Mohit, I have to live with this fear. Nimmi says I can do one thing, I can design your wedding lahenga, come and select design. Shivam and Riya come. Shivam asks shall I select design… Riya says Shivam, can we delay time for marriage, we should give chance to Preeti and Vyom so that they can meet and know each other. Shivam says yes, but its all fixed now, I don’t think Raghav and Kaushalya will agree.

Preeti says no need to do anything, let this go on, its good if marriage happens soon. Shivam teases Nimmi that her marriage will get completed now, as she used to tell Kaushalya that she wants to get married. Nimmi says no, I don’t want to marry. Shivam says you will tell this again when Dadi scolds you. Nimmi says Dadi got boring, I should have mum in law like Dadi, who always scolds me, I won’t be bored, I don’t care about the guy’s nature. They laugh. Vyom calls Preeti and she does not answer. He tells Sharmili maybe Preeti does not know its me, she does not have my number. Sharmili calls again. Preeti gets tensed. Shivam says you think its Mohit, and answers call. Sharmili says Preeti what happened to your voice. Shivam says its me Shivam, I had Preeti’s phone. Sharmili says make Preeti talk to Vyom. Preeti asks what shall I talk. Shivam gives her phone. Preeti greets her saying aunty. Sharmili says say mummy. Preeti says ji mummy. They all laugh teasing her. Sharmili asks Preeti to talk to Vyom. She asks Pari to sit and hear, as she has habit to overhear everyone’s conversation. Riya asks Shivam to come, and not listen all this. Shivam and Riya leave. Mohit’s call comes in waiting. Preeti gets upset seeing his call. Mohit keeps calling. He gets angry as Preeti has no time to talk to him. Vyom asks how are you. Preeti says I m fine. Vyom says I liked your family, did you like my family. She says yes. Sharmili asks Vyom to leave family, talk about love, sit here and talk, see Pari, he wants to talk in private. Vyom tells Preeti that he is waiting to her to come to his house. Pari fumes.

Shanti asks Riya about Chandrahaar. Kaushalya says Riya gave it for repair. Shanti asks Riya will it come tomorrow. Riya says yes. Shanti smiles.

Written Update By Amena


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