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Mere Angne Mein 23rd September 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Pari seeing Vyom. She begins performing that she is weak and he gifts her. She likes the reward and goes with him in his vehicle. Raghav is aggravated viewing Kaushalya absent, and asks Preeti why did your mum not come. Preeti says mum was asking about saree. He states she can put on just about anything, why is she inquiring me. Preeti states you may have misunderstanding, mum explained…. He asks her to relaxed down and make clear. Preeti claims I don’t know.

Pari and Vyom are on just how. She asks him to deal with any good café. Shivam involves Riya’s property. Bunty and Sahil welcome him. Shivam states you fellas know me, don’t do this, I get awkward. Bunty teases him. Riya comes there plus they smile. Shivam talks to Anupam and Bua. Suman delivers the juice. Shivam claims I’m able to’t consume. Sahil suggests He’ll show Riya’s room.

Preeti tells Kaushalya that Raghav asked her to don any saree. Kaushalya says it means he is very angry. She receives aggravated as Preeti couldn’t inform Raghav every thing. Shanti phone calls Sarla and states its Excellent news, I have offered the Chandra haar buy. Sarla gets glad. Shanti states Raghav is not really speaking to Kaushalya, I will add gasoline in the hearth. Sarla states you are so great. Shivam and Riya meet in her room. Sahil states he has function and goes. He apologizes to her.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to vary her saree. Kaushalya suggests she does not have quite a few sarees. Shanti suggests you bought many in relationship. Kaushalya asks for The shop area keys. Shanti asks her to take from Riya’s cabinet. Kaushalya asks how am i able to acquire. Shanti says everyone can share matters in your house and sends her. Shivam tells Riya that he believes spouse and spouse are equal. She tells concerning the Teej quickly, its Distinctive for her. He asks what happened. She suggests practically nothing, I m hungry since morning. He asks her to possess foodstuff. She claims no, its entertaining to complete compact items in appreciate. He suggests I know. She suggests you don’t know, else you would’ve acquired reward for me. She says she would not want present, as he has come.

Preeti involves Kaushalya and asks why is she getting Riya’s clothes, does this glimpse fantastic. Shanti states that you are training biasing. Kaushalya suggests Shanti is true. Preeti waits for Nimmi, and suggests what’s going to Riya Imagine. Shanti says she also utilized to make them share points usually and asks Kaushalya to wear it, and says Absolutely everyone supports one another and wears clothes. Kaushalya agrees. Shanti stands outside the house and listens. Preeti claims this is simply not proper. Kaushalya states I’ll do what Shanti claimed. Shanti thinks to inform this to Sarla.

Sarla receives All set. Rani will come there and asks for her jewellery. Sarla asks her to put on imitation jewelry. Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to acquire Rani and come, else what’s going to people today say. The keymaker arrives and provides the keys to Rani. Sarla sees the man although talking on mobile phone. Shanti asks Sarla to acquire Ashok and Amit much too, as she has got presents for them. Sarla finishes simply call and asks Rani.

Bua does aarti and tilak of Shivam and Riya. She offers nek to Shivam. Shivam refuses. Suman and Bua talk to him to acquire it as shagun. He asks for 1rs, as there is not any distinction between one and a thousand. Anupam presents 1 rs and bends. Shivam asks Exactly what are you executing, I will touch your feet. Anupam suggests no and hugs him. Bunty jokes seeing the drama. Buntu teases Shivam and asks him to inform one thing to Riya. Bua asks Riya not to worry about her quickly breaking. She asks Shivam and Riya to go away now. Shivam and Riya depart. Sarla checks Rani’s fingers. She will not get anything at all. Rani states I have nothing. Sarla asks who came, whom were you conversing. Rani suggests Prabha has sent him to inquire regardless of whether I m coming to her house. Sarla hears the keymaker and goes to find out. Rani hides The main element and thinks she will see Sarla.

Sarla calls Prabha from the balcony. Sarla taunts Prabha. Prabha’s husband greets them. Sarla says so a lot of things modified, now we have grown to be kinfolk than neighbors. He suggests I wasn’t here and Prabha got Rani married. Sarla says just you are practical in that home and taunts Prabha. Sarla claims she won’t ship Rani. He asks what, I m union chief and will protest towards you. Sarla states no, serene down, I imply Rani has held Hartalika rapid. Prabha claims Sarla has finds odds to mail Rani listed here. He asks Prabha being tranquil. Prabha says Sarla can be a perilous female. He states stop it, I m union chief. Prabha suggests This really is our locality and Sarla is the issue maker in this article. He suggests Sarla is such a wonderful well mannered lady. Prabha claims you did not see when law enforcement has appear. Sarla asks them to kind their residence matter. Sarla says she will send out Rani afterwards. Prabha can take her spouse Within the property and shuts the door.

Rani asks Sarla is she contacting Pari. Sarla states Pari isn’t characterless to roam about. She phone calls Pari and asks where is she. Pari claims she’s active. Vyom and Pari are in lodge place. He will get lots of items for her. Pari ends call. Pari does tilak and aarti of Vyom. She says he is God for her, she will almost always be with him. He hugs her and suggests he trusts her, he is Blessed to receive her. She likes the presents. She states I feel we should always go household, as I have headache.

Bua sends Sahil with clothing and jewellery of Riya. Anupam asks whats all this. Bua claims I manufactured All of this ready. Shivam and Riya are on the way. He brings her to some place. She asks is anyone see us. He states so what, we have been spouse and wife, I desire to go on day with my wife. She suggests she looks like he has operate with him. Bua misses Riya and taunts Suman. Suman argues with Bua. Anupam asks them not to battle. Bua says she will get in touch with Riya. Anupam stops her and states Enable Sahil arrive, he will show you. Riya and Shivam see persons in the yard and obtain it extremely crowded.

They sit about the bench and also have a talk. Shanti waits for Shivam and Riya. Sahil arrives there. Sahil receives the shagun, outfits and jewelry. Shanti asks did he come to see Riya and Shivam. Sahil asks did they not get to until now. Shanti appears at Kaushalya.

Shanti tells about the quick to Riya. Riya claims she did a mistake, her fast obtained damaged. Shanti receives stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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