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Mere Angne Mein 23rd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anupam talking to Riya on phone. He is worried and asks her to come back, as those people are not good. She says this is my family, I started planning like them, I had to file police complaint, I don’t like doing this, but I can’t come back. He asks her to come. She says I won’t come till I change them. He says if you don’t agree, I will do what I want. He ends call and goes. Riya calls Bunty and asks her to manage Anupam, he is very angry. Bunty says fine, I will manage, listen when I came here to help Anupam, Shivam was taking Anupam’s side and saying sorry too. Riya gets glad. Riya asks Bunty not to let Anupam do anything wrong. Shanti thinks if she had any bahu like Kaushalya for Shivam, it would be good. She asks Raghav to take some rest now.

Raghav asks Sarla to call Sujeev and thank him for saving Shanti. Shanti says no need, I have thanked him well. She says I m managing home since long, I have many enemies, don’t know who is waiting for my death, call lawyer, I want to make a will, I want to name this Shanti Sadan on your and your children’s name soon. Sarla gets shocked. Raghav says we will do this later, I m happy you came back. Shanti says call lawyer tomorrow. Sarla asks Shanti to rest, everyone is in tension because of her. Sarla is annoyed as Shanti is not giving her any share in property.

Nimmi says Kaushalya believes in all these things, I will ask her. She calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya’s phone is left in kitchen. Nimmi cries and says mummy has no time to talk to me, she is avoiding me, maybe she has forgotten me.

Sarla thinks Amma is giving Shanti Sadan to Raghav and his children, what about me. She asks Chanda to go and get washed-dry clothes from terrace. She asks Shanti why did you run from Riya’s house, you cheated me. Shanti says I did not cheat you, Riya came there and scared those two men, they have run away and Riya took me from there, don’t know how did she got to know. Sarla says Riya has got clever now, she is not like before. Shanti says Riya has put kerosene on her, she was scaring me, I will find out the solution to make her leave.

Sarla says you fit Chanda here, then Riya will leave, tell me what did you find out about Chanda. Shanti says I doing out Chanda is a nice girl. Sarla says I told you before. Shanti says I trust you. Sarla asks her to make Shivam and Chanda married and give them Shanti Sadan, don’t give anything to me. Shanti says don’t be sad, I wanted to get missing and put blame on Riya, but her fate was good, she got saved. She goes to have bath.

Sarla gets a call from Nimmi and thinks why is she calling me now. She asks what is the problem, tell me. She talks rude and tells about Shanti’s kidnapping. She asks did you call me to backbite about Pari. She scolds Nimmi and asks her not to trouble her. Nimmi says no one told me anything, tell me how is Dadi’s health. Sarla asks her not to act and ends call.

Riya goes to Shivam and smiles seeing him. He turns and sees her. She thanks him. He asks for what. She says for believing me and giving respect to my Papa. He says whats there to thank, I have believe on my Riya…. She smiles. He goes. She gets teary eyed. O re piya……plays………. She runs to him and hugs him. He holds her face and they hug smiling. Riya’s imagination ends. Riya smiles and says he said my Riya…… Shivam looks at her from far.

Nimmi is worried and thinks what to do, Kaushalya is not answering call. She calls Preeti. Preeti thinks how did Nimmi think of me today. Preeti answers call. Nimmi cries and asks how are you, no one calls me and asks about my welfare, mummy is not answering, you also did not call me, what mistake did I do, everyone stopped talking to me. Preeti asks why shall I call, did you call to ask my welfare, ask yourself and then call. She ends the call. Nimmi cries.

Chanda does bad sight off Shanti. Riya sees this and rushes. Kaushalya asks what are you doing. Riya says you should do this work, and takes a plate to do the same. Chanda wishes the best for Shanti and acts sweet saying I will tell Yamraj to take me instead you. Riya comes and says even I wish the same, if both bahus are wishing same, Lord will answer. Chanda asks why did you call me bahu, are you joking. Shanti and Sarla ask Riya to stop this. Shanti says Riya will do black magic on me. Riya does black sight off and goes to burn the chillies. Chanda asks Riya why is she doing this when Shanti is stopping her. She puts water on the stove. Raghav coughs by the chilli smoke and asks who is burning chillies, open the windows.

He asks where is Nandu. Preeti says he went out. Raghav asks Kaushalya, and does not talk to Preeti. Preeti cries. Chanda does some arrangements. Riya smiles.

Riya tells inspector that she is happy here, everything is fine. He says strange, your room was locked, I have to arrest all of them. They all get shocked.

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