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Mere Angne Mein 23rd April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nandu dressing like Mohit and coming to Preeti. She says you can’t become like I want. He says I want to have a home, but I don’t have any status right now. She asks why did you marry me then. He says because I love you. She says I don’t love you, I will never accept you as my husband. He asks why this hatred, what mistake did I do, tell me, I will try to rectify, I will keep you as queen. She asks queen or maid, you will make me work for others. He says no, I did all this for you, what shall I do for your happiness, tell me. She asks will you do anything. He says tell me, your happiness is my life. She asks him to leave from her life forever. He says no, my love stops me from doing this. She says I will calm down your love. she puts water on his face. She scolds him and says I don’t love you, I hate you. He gets shocked and leaves. She cries.

Anupam talks to Riya and asks her to be at home. She says I don’t want to be at home, else thoughts will trouble me, I can meet Shivam at office. He says I won’t leave Shivam if he insults you. She says no, he won’t, and I can’t spoil professional life because of my personal problems. He asks her to be strong. She says I m not weak, take rest, I will go. Anupam says I will drop you at office. Riya says I will manage. He asks her to sit, he will make some food.

Shanti talks to Raghav and says I m worried for you, when will you come, don’t leave food in tension. She asks Kaushalya to talk. Kaushalya asks him to have food on time. He asks how is Preeti, is she fine. Kaushalya says she is fine, she will need time to accept new relation. Shanti takes phone and ends call. She calls Sarla. She asks where is she, when will lawyer come. Sarla asks her not to worry, I will come with Rajender, but how will you stop Shivam, he can meet Riya. Shanti says I know how to stop his love, you come fast. She ends call.

Riya recalls the family’s anger and thinks if this is my mistake, I will rectify it. Preeti does the work and says I m burden on you all. Shanti asks what nonsense. Preeti says I m burden, I m still in my Maayka after marriage.

Shanti asks Nandu to find a home soon, Preeti is sad, talk to Raghav, take your bride. Nandu says I will arrange a home. Shanti asks Preeti is her phone ringing. Preeti checks the phone and says its Riya’s call. She asks Riya why did she call, to know whether I m happy or not, I got married to Nandu. Riya gets shocked. Preeti says I m so happy that if I get any call, everyone looks at me with doubt. Shanti takes call and scolds Riya. Shivam comes there and hears Shanti. Riya cries and says I have hidden a small thing, why are you giving me such big punishment. Shanti asks her not to call anyone. Riya leaves. Anupam gets tiffin and sees Riya gone. He gets sad.

Shanti says don’t know when will Riya stop troubling me, she is threatening me. She acts to fall down. Shivam and Kaushalya rush to her. Nimmi takes fruits and the basket falls near the shut door. Sharmili thinks where did Nimmi go. Nimmi hears the old woman crying. She goes to see and Sharmili stops her.

Kaushalya asks Shanti not to take Riya’s name. Shivam takes care of Shanti. Shivam says there is no sprain. Shanti acts and asks is this Shivam, I feel I m dying today, Raghav come soon, Riya threatened me. Kaushalya asks Shivam to call doctor. Shanti says no need, I have my children, Shivam be with me. He agrees. Sharmili takes Nimmi away from that room. Nimmi asks what happened. Sharmili asks what were you doing there, I asked you to keep fruits on table. Nimmi says I heard someone crying. Sharmili says that’s Mama, he does acting, and would be practicing, why did you go there, did your parents not teach you anything. Nimmi says don’t get my parents in between. Sharmili asks her to keep fruits on dining table. Nimmi goes. Pari comes and taunts Sharmili. Sharmili says I will see both of you soon.

Rajender comes there and asks for Shanti Sadan. He comes dressed as lawyer. Shanti says Riya threatened to send lawyer, what will happen now, take me, its my mistake to kick her out. Kaushalya says I kicked her out, take me. Sarla comes and acts. Rajender says I m Riya’s lawyer, I have come to talk about divorce. Shivam and everyone get shocked.

Shivam asks does she want divorce, I will give her divorce, tell me where to sign. He signs on the papers. Riya prays in temple.

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