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Mere Angne Mein 22nd September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Ashok viewing Sarla and Amit fuming on him. He asks Rani to not provide him foodstuff. He receives upset. Nimmi and Preeti adorn the house and visualize gifting Riya. Preeti says we don’t have money. Nimmi suggests she has an strategy, she can design a thing awesome. Shanti wouldn’t know. Shanti arrives and asks what. They make excuse. Shivam comes and delivers a lot more flowers. Kaushalya says she is likely to make garlands, its to start with Hartalika Teej of her bahu, she is going to do the top. Shivam smiles and goes.

Bua relates to Riya. Riya says she did not find about speedy on World-wide-web and asks Bua to inform details. Bua claims she is going to inform almost everything and asks her to Watch out for Shanti. Anupam comes and claims Riya mentioned Shanti is nice. Riya says Shanti loves me, Kaushalya is stringent there, not Shanti. She claims I didn’t like when Kaushalya scolded Anupam for sweets. Bua claims I am able to’t be Erroneous in knowing individuals, Kaushalya is like cow, she is harmless, Raghav and Kaushalya respect me a lot and goes to see Suman.

Anupam suggests Raghav has gave 5 lakhs with regard, does any person try this in now’s occasions, put together with the quickly. Riya says I have finished all arrangements, and Bua is offering me ideas. Kaushalya asks Nimmi and Preeti to get several products. She asks for Gajras way too. Shanti stares at Kaushalya. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to generate listing. Kaushalya reminds the many products again. Shanti presents money to Nimmi and claims every one of the purse is empty now. Nimmi goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to go and use any superior saree, she will transform quite a few sarees currently, suhaagan ought to glance very good. Kaushalya states she’s going to go and change.

Shanti suggests I’ll phone Riya later and sends Kaushalya. She asks Preeti to go with Kaushalya. Riya tells Bua to Permit her prepare effectively, as its her initial Teej. Bua says your inlaws didn’t contact, Shanti didn’t say when will they arrive at take you, and reminds what she reported about puja. Riya hugs her and claims I remember all the things, so I wore superior clothing. Bua claims its very first Nirjala fast, notify me if you really feel hungry, we accustomed to do do the job at your home and fields and kept speedy also, even now we were sturdy. Riya states Indeed, if I get dizzy, I’ll tell you. She jokes plus they chortle.

Bunty likes the bhujiya and Bua comes there. Bua says they’ve to help keep foods as bhog to start with. Bunty states This can be designed independent for us, its not for Prasad. Bua scolds Sahil and Bunty. Riya receives ready and says best. She then messages Shivam and sends her pic. He smiles and compliments her. Kaushalya tries some sarees. She tells Preeti that Indian use is the greatest and Raghav always decides her sarees in Teej functionality. She asks Preeti to click on the sarees pic and send Raghav to receive his impression. Preeti suggests pictures aren’t going and contact is not really connecting, as he is away from coverage space. Kaushalya says she’s going to dress in the saree Raghav selected final time. Preeti says its beautiful. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Preeti to go, as she should prepare now.

Raghav arrives back again to station and sits in his cabin. He receives the pic of Kaushalya’s saree. His staff members gentleman asks for leave as its Hartalika speedy currently. Raghav says my daughter has despatched this pic. The man says probably Bhabhi ji is asking you. Raghav smiles and messages his option. Sahil and Bunty much like the sweets. Sahil excitedly asks Riya to try and makes her eat the Bhujiya. Riya cries in shock. Sahil asks is this tasty. She spits it and asks will you be mad, its my rapid. Bunty scolds Sahil and asks is he fool. Anupam states he is youthful, he did not do that intentionally. Sahil suggests I didn’t do something. Riya says it was my 1st speedy. Suman and Bua occur there and glance on. Riya cries and tells Bua that Sahil has ruined her rapidly, what is going to she inform to Shivam and Shanti now.

Bua pacifies Riya and scolds Sahil. Suman defends Sahil. Sahil accepts his blunder and apologizes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to inform Riya, as Shivam is leaving now. Riya cries in her home. Anupam and Bua pacify Riya. Sahil suggests I didn’t know regarding your rapid, I m sorry. Kaushalya calls Riya and says she is sending Shivam to contact her home, and tells about Nirjala quickly she has to keep today with the Hartalika quick tomorrow. Riya is going to convey to Kaushalya that her speedy broke and would not say. Riya ends the call. Bua and Anupam ask Riya not to worry and just take her to temple.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to contact Shivam and deliver him to get Riya speedy. Ashok tells Amit that he can’t enable him. Amit fumes and throws the plates. Sarla asks did they begin in morning. Ashok says I m your father. Amit claims I’ll split this household. Ashok reminds its govt household. Sarla requires the food plate from Ashok. Ashok suggests you will regret in the future Sarla. Pari taunts Rani eveb when Rani is cooking given that morning.

Ashok supports Rani and asks Pari to get in limits. Amit supports Pari and calls Rani his maid. Ashok asks Rani to own food items. Rani claims she has saved Nirjala rapid for Amit. Amit leaves. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she is wondering to have Chandrahaar designed for Sarla. Kaushalya suggests which makes it in Diwali is auspicious. Shanti thinks to show Kaushalya a unforgettable lesson. The jeweler relates to Shanti Sadan. Shanti phone calls Raghav and asks the place is he. He suggests he is reaching their lane and may co me in two-3mins. The jeweler reveals some patterns. Shanti sees Raghav coming house and asks Kaushalya for making tea. Kaushalya symptoms Shanti to request is she truly asking for tea. Shanti asks will she not make tea. She asks her to go and make tea.

She claims she can make Chandrahaar now alone. Kaushalya suggests now itself, not ready till Diwali. Shanti begins acting and says great, I could make Chandrahaar on Diwali, I thought to provide get now. Kaushalya claims Sarla will be pleased to reward on Diwali. Raghav comes and appears on. Raghav tells Shanti for getting Chandrahaar created and not get any person’s impression. Shanti provokes Raghav. He claims his decision is last, if anyone comes in between his relation with Shanti and Sarla, he will likely not bear it. Kaushalya hears this and cries.

Shivam states he will almost certainly get Riya. Shanti asks Kaushalya to provide sugar and curd. Shivam refuses to obtain curd and leaves. Shanti asks Kaushalya to think and speak, as Raghav misunderstood her. Kaushalya claims yes, teach me to speak correctly, I don’t really know what to convey and when. Shanti smiles and thinks its Kaushalya’s punishment for generating Raghav towards her. Pari talks to Vyom and lies to him that she has stored Nirjala quickly for him, and also to be husband really should reward her. He says He’ll reward her his love. She thinks he has improved and eats snacks, and lies she is getting weak remaining hungry and fasting. She suggests she would like a 2 rs thread alternatively his reward. He says great, meet me close to your house. She states she has low Power and may are available some time. Rani hears this and thinks.

Kaushalya cries and states she will’t discuss with Raghav for his extended daily life. She calls Preeti and thinks to ship Preeti to tell Raghav. Preeti cries looking at Kaushalya crying. Kaushalya asks Preeti to request Raghav about her saree for Teej, she will’t talk and find out Raghav, pandit ji has mentioned stars are certainly not likely great, so I need to be absent, you explain this to Raghav, as misunderstandings are starting, I m carrying out for his extended daily life.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to have on any saree from Riya’s cupboard. Kaushalya claims how can I acquire Riya’s saree. Shanti sends her and thinks now Riya’s saree will become a massive challenge.

Written Update By Sahir


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