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Mere Angne Mein 21st August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shivam consoling Nimmi. Shanti asks pandit to do puja and gets the papers. Nimmi asks Shivam not to get beaten up by Shanti, it won’t look good infront of Riya. She asks him to keep smiling and not get angry. He asks do I get angry. She jokes on him and he runs after her. Shanti stops Shivam and asks him to sign on govt job form. She sends pandit. Shivam refuses to sign on form and asks what if I get less salary.

Shanti says it will secure future, even Raghav does govt job. Shivam signs on form. Shanti tells Kaushalya about the hidden savings. She says I have done my arrangements. She calls a man. The man gets some vegs and Shanti tells everyone that she will sell vegs at home, earn a 1000rs every day and manage her expenses. She says I m not blind and shows them bank deposit slip, Shivam is saving money on Nimmi’s name.

Kaushalya says I told Shivam not to do this. Shanti says I will earn money, you all run home. She asks Riya will you run home. Kaushalya says no, I told Shivam to give money. She asks Shanti not to sell vegs. Shanti says vegs came today, I will sell. Kaushalya says no, if you don’t agree, I will die. Shanti says fine, I won’t sell vegs. She asks the man to take everything back.

Nandu hugs the shirt Preeti gifted him. She comes and he hides the shirt. He holds her hand and she scolds him asking him to clean the room. She goes. He keeps shirt in the trunk and gets relieved.

Amit teases a girl and whistles. His friends too tease the girl. Rani looks on and gets angry. Amit’s friends say even Rani is beautiful. They ask the girls do they want help. Amit goes to the girls, and does not know one of them is Rani. Police constable comes there. Amit gets shocked seeing Rani. Rani says they were teasing me. Amit asks why did you come here, do you like all this, just tell them I m your husband. Rani scolds him. Rani says Amit is my husband and saves him. constable scolds Amit and his friends, and goes. Rani tells Amit that this was necessary to do, you would know what happened if house hen hits on hand. She scolds him and goes.

Shanti says I m seeing you are working unwillingly. Kaushalya says yes, since he left job, I lost interest. Shanti asks her to pray for Raghav’s job. Kaushalya prays. She asks about inviting pandits. Shanti says we will just call one pandit. A man comes and greets Shanti. He asks how many blankets she wants this time. Shanti says no, I don’t want, last time’s blankets are still good. The man says I came so far to sell you blankets. The lady says Raghav’s job is gone, but you may have many savings. Shanti gets angry and asks the man to leave. The man argues with Shanti. Shanti scolds him and he leaves.

Riya and Nimmi come home. Shanti gives locks to Riya and asks them to lock all cupboards. Kaushalya smiles and says its good teaching. Shanti asks for old sarees, we will make new sheets by it, use less dry fruits in laddoo, our family is facing many problems.

Rajendra tells Bansi that I feel Sarla is madam x’s name, Ashok is Sarla’s husband. Bansi says if she knows you are doing her divorce then…. Sarla comes there and sees them. She talks to them and shows Nirmala’s pic. They get shocked.

Riya asks Shivam not to touch her purse. He asks don’t you have trust in our relation. She feels sorry to hide a big thing, but will tell him all truth soon.

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