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Mere Angne Mein 21st February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sharmili convincing Sujeev. She cries and says I beg you not to break this relation, I got this proposal to them, you don’t understand. He consoles her. She asks him to let this relation happen, she wants this, but if he does not want this, she will leave home, then he can manage his house. He wipes her tears and says don’t worry, this relation will happen, nothing is more important to me than your and Vyom’s happiness. They come inside the house. Sharmili asks Kaushalya to start the engagement ritual. They all smile.

Nandu gets shocked. Sharmili says Sujeev is fine, its all solved now. Nandu asks Lord why is he joking, the engagement is happening now. Pari cries as Sharmili insults her. She tells Sarla that Sharmili and Shanti are same, she is giving me cheap saree and got costly saree for Preeti. Sarla says I did not think of this, did I put you in problem. Pari says you acted oversmart, Preeti will become Sharmili’s fav. Sarla says I will take that price from Shanti Sadan, if you don’t get anything good there. Pari says now Shanti has nothing in her hands. Sharmili calls Pari. Sarla consoles Pari and says I will get everything you want by taking it from Preeti. Pari says I want that saree. Sarla says fine, don’t cry.

Preeti cries seeing Mohit’s call. Kaushalya comes to Preeti. Preeti says I don’t want to do this engagement. Sarla looks on. Preeti says I have always hurt everyone. Kaushalya asks Sarla to explain Preeti. Sarla asks Preeti to get married, its good family and guy is also nice, everything will be fine. Sarla says the makeup spoiled by tears, whats the use of makeup then, cover your face with ghunghat now. They get Preeti down. Sharmili asks why such long ghunghat. Sarla says she is shy just like your name, I covered her face as everyone is seeing her, I will remove her ghunghat if you say. Sharmili says its fine, I wish Pari was also shy type like Preeti. She says we shall start the rituals now. Nandu thinks what to do, how to see Preeti getting engaged to anyone else. Shanti sees the heavy ring and asks who gets such antique and heavy rings. Sharmili says we got it for Preeti. Shanti signs Raghav and Kaushalya to see heavy ring Sharmili got.

Vyom makes Preeti wear the ring. Preeti recalls Mohit and his love. Haan hasi bangaye ………….plays……… Everyone clap for Preeti and Vyom. Nandu wishes that Lord does something. Preeti makes Vyom wear the ring. Sharmili sees it and says its very loose ring, how can engagement happen like this, this is abshagun, sorry, what is this Kaushalya, you should have asked ring size. Riya says I asked for the ring size and got the ring. Sharmili asks Riya whom did she ask. Riya says I asked Pari. Pari says Riya did not ask me. Riya says I have asked you, you said you confirmed with Vyom, if you don’t remember, my call details have your number.

Pari says yes, I remember, you called me, I was busy. Shanti says Pari would have forgot as she manages work alone there, Riya would have asked well. Pari says I told 16, not 18. Riya says I remember, you told 18. Pari says its not my mistake, and cries. She leaves. Raghav says first Nimmi and then this ring. Riya says I did not do anything, Pari told me 18 number. Raghav says leave it. Shanti says Riya did the loss, its abshagun, I will manage, I want 5mins, pandit wait. Raghav sends Shanti. Shivam tells Riya that we will talk later.

Sarla asks Pari why did she not say right size. Pari says its happening what we wanted. Shanti goes and hugs Pari, saying Riya is getting insulted. Kaushalya comes. Sarla sees her and starts crying. They all telk Kaushalya about Riya. Kaushalya says I don’t know how did Riya did such big mistake, Riya is smart girl, she can’t do this. Shanti shows a new ring to Kaushalya. She says I got this for the guy who came to see Preeti and liked Riya. Pandit says mahurat is passing by. Rani worries and asks Sharmili what will she have. She goes to make some snacks. Raghav asks them to sit. Riya goes to Shanti and says I m saying right. Kaushalya scolds her for doing mistakes always. Riya says I came to say sorry. Pari cries. Riya asks Sarla to believe her, maybe Pari told wrong size being busy in work. Kaushalya asks Riya not to drag this matter, Shanti gave this ring and saved us now. Shanti says its Preeti’s marriage, I prepared everything. Kaushalya touches her feet. Shanti thinks I will make Riya’s boat sink. Rani worries about Amit, and calls him.

She asks Amit to come in Preeti’s engagement, will you not come. Amit ends call. Sharmili asks Raghav are women making the ring themselves, its very late. Pandit says I told you everything should be on mahurat, else their married life will have problems. Sharmili says if you all can’t manage a small engagement function, how will you manage the big ceremony of marriage. Raghav says it will be fine. Shanti says ring changed, we got the right ring. Shanti asks Pari to give ring to Vyom. Pari asks Nimmi to give it. Sharmili asks Pari what is she doing, its by ritual that Pari can give it to Vyom. Pari sees Vyom, and gets sad. She gives the ring to Preeti and goes. Shanti tells Pari to get happy, she will get anything for her. She takes Pari with her. Preeti makes Vyom wear the right ring. Everyone clap. Sarla thinks Preeti is her new ATM now and is very happy. Nandu looks on and says I served them a lot, I loved Preeti. He cries and talks to Lord.

He looks for the letter and worries. Sharmili asks for some paper. Riya gets that letter and reads the love letter for Preeti. She gets shocked. Sharmili asks what happened, I want a blank paper. Shivam goes to Riya and ask what happened, give the paper. He reads the love letter for Preeti. Nandu looks on shocked. Shivam and Riya see each other. Nandu thinks its good I did not write my name, else Shivam would have beaten me, its good blame came on Mohit. Riya says its medical bill, I will give you blank paper. Shivam worries. Riya gives the blank paper. Kaushalya asks Shivam why is he so angry, whats there in paper. He asks her to go and help Papa.

Sharmili asks Pari to write Vyom Sang Preeti on this blank paper. Sharmili thinks Pari is not able to bear her bad days. She says I don’t think Pari can write, and asks Nimmi to write. Nimmi writes it. pandit asks Preeti to keep her hand in Vyom’s hand. Nimmi keeps the paper in their hands. Pandit tells the rituals and asks them to shower flowers on Preeti and Vyom. Preeti recalls Mohit. Everyone clap. Mohit runs getting free from Bansi.

Shivam gets angry and says I will not leave Mohit. Riya stops him. Ashok comes with the snacks. He says I came late, but Vyom looks very handsome. He blesses Preeti and Vyom. Pandit tells the dates for marriage. Raghav wants a far date and Shanti takes him aside. Sharmili says we don’t have any problem to wait, we can get baraat anytime you say. Shanti asks her to get baraat in one week. She tells Raghav that people will try to break this relation, we should do this marriage soon, Mohit is also after Preeti. Kaushalya says Amma ji is right. Raghav says fine, tell them. He says we will do marriage after 8 days, we don’t have any problem. Riya says how will we manage arrangements so soon, we have to book function hall. Shanti says then bring baraat to our house. Sharmili says fine, we wanted to do marriage grand, we are not asking for dowry, I want marriage to happen by all rituals, I want all the functions mehendi, sangeet, haldi, you know Pari has married without family. Raghav says don’t worry, we will do all functions.

Raghav sends Riya to bring some thing. Riya helps a woman on the way. Bansi steals her purse and runs away. Riya gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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