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Mere Angne Mein 20th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Preeti crying and arguing with Nandu. He asks what do you want from me. She asks do you love me. He says yes. She asks him not to just say, leave from my life. He says I love you a lot. She says I hate you more than your love. Shivam asks Shanti to call pandit, I m ready to marry Chanda. Shanti says you decided right. Riya cries. Shanti starts drama and says I can’t bear Riya now. Shivam consoles her and says I m ready to marry Chanda, no need to say all this. Shanti says I m not sure, you will change. He swears on her. She asks him to swear on his mum.

Kaushalya makes Shivam swear on her. He sees Riya, and swears that he will marry Chanda. Riya holds his collar and says I will stop you from marrying Chanda, I won’t let you marry Chanda. He asks her to stop him and show. He swears that he will marry Chanda, and if Riya does anything, he will kill himself, its my promise that I will marry Chanda within a month, you know I don’t go against my promise. Riya says you did promises to me too, when you married me in mandap. He gets speechless and goes. Riya fumes and sees Shanti smiling.

Nimmi looks for the jewelry box and does not get it. She throws the cupboard and checks well. She gets worried and says I have kept the box here, where did it go. She goes to Sharmili. Sharmili asks where is the jewelry box, give me. Nimmi cries and says its not there. Sharmili asks again. Nimmi says I don’t know. Sharmili asks don’t you want to give it. Pari says Nimmi lost the jewelry. Vyom says I think Nimmi sold the jewelry. Nimmi says I kept the box in cupboard, now its not there. Pari asks her not to cry, go and find the box. Nimmi thinks did Pari steal the box, she has habit to steal things. Sharmili gives one hour time to Nimmi, and says if you don’t get the box, you and your parents will be arrested for theft blame. Nimmi says trust me. Vyom asks her to go and find the box.

Riya stares at Chanda and asks are you not ashamed to record this, you cheated me by making me your sister. Chanda says I did not cheat you, maybe Lord wanted your bad thinking to come infront of everyone, I came few days back and won everyone’s hearts, and you did not even enter their hearts, I did not know you are stone hearted, I took care of you going against everyone, but your thinking is so small, they all loved you, so you don’t know meaning of love, I know meaning of love and respect as I always longed for such love. Shanti and Kaushalya look on.

Riya says great, I thought you are simple, how could I be mad to believe you. You fell so low, you made me say all this intentionally. Riya tells Kaushalya that you will regret, Chanda won’t give you time to think. Shanti asks Riya to leave. Riya says I won’t leave till Shivam goes to marry. Shanti taunts Riya and blesses Chanda.

Pari makes Sujeev against Nimmi. Nimmi is finding the jewelry. Pari blames Nimmi and calls her thief. She says Nimmi has habit to steal since childhood. Nimmi gets angry. Sharmili says I will not leave even Pari if jewelry is not found. Shivam recalls Riya’s words and breaks everything in his room. He lies down angrily and holds his head. Sharmili calls police station and says my jewelry is stolen, I know where it is, go there and get jewelry from it. Nimmi stops Sharmili and says don’t do this, I will find jewelry. Sharmili says you have one hour, your time started. Pari worries and thinks to stop Nimmi from checking that drawer. Pari stops Sujeev and says Nimmi sold the jewelry, she is doing drama to find now, call police and give her to police. Sujeev says no, wait for one hour, mummy gave her time.

Nimmi heard all that and scolds Pari. Sujeev scolds Nimmi for insulting Pari. He asks her to find jewelry, else he will kick her out of the house. Pari thinks Nimmi won’t check jewelry in room, and takes the box. She thinks Sharmili will make Nimmi leave from home, and I got this jewelry too. Riya calls Bunty and cries. She says Shivam agreed for marriage. Bunty gets shocked and asks how did he agree. Riya says he did this in anger, he is never alone, how to talk to him. Bunty says I wish I could come there, but I came to take medicines for my dad. Riya says don’t take tension, I will manage here. She ends call and worries.

Pandit gives the mahurat after 5 days. Shanti dances. Riya thinks to fight for her love and respect till her last breath.

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