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Mere Angne Mein 20th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shanti to sit on the swing and insisting a lot. Sarla comes there and talks to them. Kaushalya sends Shanti to change clothes. Riya calls Amit and says boss said agency had loss. He talks badly. She scolds him and he ends call. She says its useless to expect anything from him, I have to pay for the loss by reaching sales targets. Kaushalya asks Shanti why did she not get ready. Shanti says I don’t know what to do. Kaushalya says when you sit on the swing, my Lord will return to me, forgive us please, change clothes and come. She cries. Everyone look on.

Riya thanks the office colleagues for help and sends them. She manages things alone. Nimmi calls Riya and blames her for her life. She says if you stopped Preeti that day, this would have not happened. Riya says you know I stopped her, she did not stop. Nimmi says don’t show sympathy, if you came on time that day, this would have not happened, its because of you. She ends call. The man asks Shivam to help Riya. Shivam says I have to meet a client.

Shanti comes out of her room wearing colorful saree. Everyone get glad seeing her. Kaushalya rings bell and does her aarti tilak. Shanti says I will cry now if you all do this. Sarla says you look great. Kaushalya makes her wear garlands and says I have kept the keys for you. Shanti gets glad getting the keys back and sits on her swing. Preeti plays the shank. Shanti asks them to get her items. Kaushalya gives her belongings and keeps betel box on the swing. Shanti eats betel and smiles. Sarla gets glad and says now everything is at its place.

Sarla says its summer, get pickles made, I can’t have food without pickles. Shanti says I m back in game now. She asks Kaushalya to get new accounts book. Kaushalya smiles happily and goes to get the accounts book. Sarla says I m very happy seeing you in swing Amma, we will go to temple and thank Lord, I think my Sarla Sadan will be made. Shanti asks what. Sarla says I mean its peaceful without Nimmi. Shanti says even I miss her, I made mannat that I will go temple when both daughters get married, now they got married, I will pray that they stay happy, we will go.

Shivam stops on the way and sees Riya at the products stall, selling the products. Riya goes to him and asks him not to worry, its because of her and I will manage. He says I can’t go leaving you here to work alone. She asks are you feeling bad. He says yes, I love you, you could not adjust according to me. She says I tried, I never feel I did wrong. He says this is your biggest mistake, you feel you did right, I can’t live without you. Shivam realizes it’s a beggar, and sees Riya at the stall. He gives him money.

A lady steals a product. Shivam sees this and asks the lady to take soap too, but its for 100rs. The lady pays money. Riya smiles seeing Shivam. Shanti and Sarla are on the road walking and talking about Riya. Shanti says I have made Riya leave. Srla says yes, you have played well, she lost. Shanti says yes, I won, you believe I m the best now. Sarla says yes and smiles. Shivam helps Riya at the stall. Sarla says Shivam can get Riya back. Shanti says we have to do something so that Riya does not come back, come. Riya gets dizzy and faints. Shivam holds her. He asks the man to get water. He puts water on Riya and wakes her. Sarla and Shanti come that way and see them. Sarla says now Sarla Sadan can’t be made. Shanti asks what. Sarla shows Shivam and Riya. Shanti gets shocked seeing them together.

Anupam tells Shanti that he will not leave her. Shanti says Riya can’t come in my house till both girls’ lives change for the good.

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