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Mere Angne Mein 20 October 2015 Written Update

Shanti scolding Kailash and Prabha. Shanti reminds how Kailash has beaten up Prabha on road once. Prabha asks Shanti not to get angry. Bindu and Sarla get into an argument. Shanti scolds Bindu. Pari comes and is glad seeing Sarla. She hugs Sarla. Shanti takes them come. Ashok is glad that Sarla has come. He asks Sonal did she inform Amit, Rani and Pari. Sarla comes home and argues with Ashok. Ashok says he was worried for her.

Vyom, Mata ji and Mama get the cash and are busy. Sujeev sees the shadow and tells them he will catch the shadow. They try to stop him. The lady goes inside the room. Sujeev says the shadow has gone inside. Mata ji asks Mama to take care of the room, it should never be open. Mama says he can’t be always stuck to room. She asks Mama to stop Sujeev. Mama lifts a vase and shows a shadow to Sujeev to divert him.

Sujeev says yes Mama, it’s the same shadow and goes to the opposite side. Kaushalya comes to room and sees Raghav tensed. She talks to him. He stays worried by the ongoing happenings at home and goes to sleep being annoyed with her about Nimmi. He says he does not have to say anything, he does not know what happened to their children, Shanti and Sarla got insulted today, even Pari too, it means its family’s insult. He says maybe my upbringing got less. She says why are you saying this, I m with you, I will explain kids. He asks her not to manage things a lot.

Riya tells Shivam that she could not avoided this, she did a mistake, Kaushalya and Raghav got in tension. She asks him to talk to her, she has apologized to Kaushalya, and Nimmi. Nimmi did not give any response. He says if Bua was not found, then Nimmi would have not been spared today. Riya says Nimmi did wrong, Dadi got insulted. He says I told you Nimmi is young, she was getting kicked out today. He gets angry and argues with her.

Riya cries and comes out. Shanti says you might be thinking where you are caught between us. Riya says nothing like that. Shanti praises herself and Riya too. Riya says she will become like Shanti and manage home. Shanti looks at her. She asks did Shivam say anything. Riya says no. Shanti asks about forms. Riya says she will get 35000rs if she gets forms filled. Shanti asks 35000rs each for you and Shivam. Riya nods. She says salary is not imp, I want family to be happy. Nimmi and Preeti look on. Nimmi says Riya will take Shivam on her side too and gets shocked seeing Shivam hearing her.

Shivam asks them to trust him, and says Nimmi has grown up and turned very smart. Nimmi says Riya does something that hurts them a lot, Shanti is with her. He says I know Riya, she is good at heart, she will know Dadi’s truth on her own one day, you both support me, we siblings have love and trust, remember this. Shanti sends Riya to sleep. She calls Nimmi and Preeti, and asks them to get Shivam and Riya’s forms filled. Nimmi says she will get forms filled right now. Shanti sends them to neighbors. She is glad that 70000rs would be coming.

Bansi and Lallan drink and have a talk. Bansi says Shanti did not pay a rupee for Sarla. Sarla comes there to beat them. Bansi and Lallan get shocked. She scolds them for kidnapping her. They apologize to Sarla. She beats them and takes money from them. She takes onions as its costly these days and threatens them. She says she will tell police, she will get 50000rs from them now and goes.

Shanti see people not filling forms and asks them to fill it. Shivam and Riya sleep. She looks at him and gets closer. He turns to the other side. She kisses him and goes to sleep. He opens eyes and smiles. He turns to her and hugs her. She moves him away and gets up. Its morning, Kaushalya asks Shanti what to make today. Shanti says make anything, tomorrow is imp day as salaries will come. Sarla calls Shanti and talks to her. Shanti asks her to come tomorrow on time. Sarla laughs and says she will come.

Shanti calls jeweler and asks when will she make the necklace. He suggests his mum has died, his store is shut and he could make necklace later. She scolds him and he finishes connect with currently being offended. Sonal asks Pari for any sunscreen lotion and checks her purse. Pari scolds her for touching her purse devoid of inquiring. The purse falls down. Sonal sees The cash with the crimson ink marks on it. She asks with regard to the money. Pari scolds her. Sonal claims she will convey to mum. Pari states its parlor’s revenue, don’t give rigidity to mum and sends her.

Pari keeps the money back in purse. Nimmi attempts to cheer up Preeti. Preeti suggests she needs to talk to Rohit and radio just isn’t environment. Nimmi tries environment it. Kaushalya phone calls Nimmi. Preeti phone calls RJ Rohit and cries. Preeti tells about an previous impolite Dadi who would like to get her granddaughter married to some man versus her want. Shanti hears this on radio and thinks who can this be, Preeti…. If I capture her, I can make her cease conversing endlessly. Nimmi receives tensed. Shanti goes upstairs. Nimmi messages Preeti. Preeti carries on conversing on cellphone and Shanti walks to her area.

Shanti anxieties as Shivam would not acquire phone. Shivam and Riya come home. Shanti asks did their work get finished?

Written Update By Sahir


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