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Mere Angne Mein 1st May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Preeti seeing the painted wall and smiling. Nandu looks on. Preeti likes the asian paints. Nandu smiles. Shanti does not see Riya anywhere and tells Kaushalya that Riya left. Kaushalya says I don’t know who washed clothes and utensils. Shanti says maybe you or Preeti. Kaushalya says no, we did not. Shanti is glad that Riya left and dances opening windows and door. She sits on the swing and Riya comes home. Riya asks why are you seeing me like this, I will go to Shivam’s room and make place in your heart. Shanti gets shocked and says see she is trying to threaten me. Shivam hears the sound and comes out.

Riya says Shanti’s drama started again. Shanti sees Shivam and starts crying. Shivam scolds Riya. Riya cries and says Shanti is scolding me, I can’t stop loving my husband. Sarla asks Riya not to start drama in morning, give us some time to have tea. Shivam says let Riya be here, lets see till when she does drama. Riya asks Shanti how does she do all the drama daily. Veg vendor lady comes and Sarla tells about dramatic bahu. The lady says everyone has such dramatic bahus. Kaushalya buys vegs. She asks what do you do with bahu. The lady says I took my son to village and did his second marriage by finding a nice girl. Kaushalya asks what. Shanti and Riya look on.

The lady says second wife beats the first wife and I m sure first one will leave house soon. Shanti asks Sarla to call pandit and ask him to get girls’ pic, I will get a Gau bahu for Shivam, I will get my choice of girl. Riya asks her to first find the girl. Shanti argues and says your love relation will end soon. Riya says you have said something true, you believed that Shivam and my relation is of love. Sarla says we will find girl and get Shivam married in 10 days. Riya says by court order, you can’t get him married till six months. Shanti says we will see that. Sarla says I will go home and see my troubling dramatic bahu Rani. She leaves. Riya smiles and thinks Shanti wants to get Shivam married to someone.

Nirmala comes home and talks to Rani. She gives her jewelry to Rani. Rani asks her to keep jewelry with Sarla. Sarla comes home and gets shocked seeing Nirmala. Sarla and Rani start arguing. Nirmala thinks to get inside this house anyway. Rani calls Bunty and tells her that Shanti called pandit and asked for girl’s pics. Bunty asks how can she do this. Riya tells everything to her. Sarla thinks Rani can trouble me about jewelry. She tells Bindu that they will go to jeweler and divide jewelry into half. She leaves with Bindu. Rani asks Nirmala why did she give jewelry, after giving house papers, whats the matter. Ashok comes and asks whats the matter, you did not open stall till now. Nirmala says I was waiting to go with you. They leave. Rani looks on.

Sharmili talks to her friends and shows the sindoor her friend got, and asks Nimmi to fill sindoor in her maang for Vyom’s long life. Nimmi says its superstition. Sharmili asks her to be quiet and obey elders. Pari comes and reminds she is bahu too. Sharmili says yes, how can I forget. Pari asks for sindoor blessings. Sharmili asks her to take it from Nimmi. Pari takes it and says I will apply sindoor for my husband’s long life. Nimmi goes.

Shanti asks Riya to go to her dad’s house. Riya asks her why are you day dreaming, I wanted to have bath in morning, your family members are bathing since morning, make a bathroom for me. Shanti asks her to take money from her dad. Riya says yes, I will call dad and ask him to send money. Shanti asks her not to bore her, she can’t bath in upstairs. Riya says I will bath here downstairs. Shanti gets shocked and looks on. Kaushalya comes and gets shocked too. She asks Shanti to stop Riya, how can she bath in open. Shanti says I want to see how low can she fall. Kaushalya says I don’t think she is Riya, she can’t be so shameless. Shanti says she is very shameless. Riya waits for them to stop. Pandit comes there. Shanti asks him to show pics so that she can decide Shivam’s marriage. Riya looks on shocked.

Shanti says I will get such bahu who will dance on my fingers. Riya smiles.

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