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Mere Angne Mein 1st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya giving Prasad to Chanda. She takes off bad sight from Chanda and compliments her. Shanti comes and asks Riya to be away from Chanda. Riya takes her light. Shanti does drama and gets knife to cut her wrist. Shanti cuts little on her wrist. Mama asks Vyom to come for party in evening. Vyom happily agrees. Mama tells Sharmili that his idea is working. Sharmili says its long way to go, fulfill your promise first. She promises that she will get him married grand way, if he does her work.

Riya shouts Dadi ji and calls Preeti. Shanti gets little bleeding and acts. Riya ties a cloth to her wrist. Rani comes home and Sarla asks about 5000rs. Rani says I did not take any money. Sarla checks the purse. The powder packet falls down. Rani holds Sarla’s feet and takes that power packet. She says I did not take any money. Sarla says leave me, go and make tea. Rani goes.

Doctor does the aid to Shanti. He asks them to get water. He tells Shanti its good her nerve did not get cut. She asks him to talk slowly. He asks her not to do this again. He leaves. Preeti asks Shanti how are you. Shanti says doctor said he saved me this time, else I would have died. Preeri angrily looks at Riya.

Nirmala comes home and gives 5 lakhs to Sarla. Sarla gets shocked seeing 5 lakhs. Nirmala asks Sarla to keep the money and hide from Rani. Nirmala sits massaging Sarla’s feet. Rani says you are serving Sarla. Sarla imagined being treated as a queen. Nirmala asks Rani to get nail polish, I will apply it to Sarla’s feet, when Ashok sees her, he will say some dohas. Sarla gets shy. Rani says I have seen Sarla shy for the first time, Sarla always become Chandi. Sarla scolds her and gets angry. She sends Rani to cook food.

Chanda tells Riya that she is scared of Shanti, so I stay away from you, I understood you are not that bad, I can keep friendship with you by hiding. Riya sees Shanti coming and hides Chanda. Shanti asks Riya not to do anything now, else I will give up my life, then you answer my family. She goes.

Shanti calls Kaushalya and asks did you call Sarla. Kaushalya says yes, she will be coming. Shanti asks her to talk to Shivam about marrying Chanda. Kaushalya says I don’t think he will agree. Shanti says you have to convince him. Kaushalya says Raghav is not here. Shanti says I will talk to Raghav. Sarla comes and asks Shanti what did she do to her hand. Shanti says leave it, you manage if Kaushalya can’t convince Shivam. Sarla says Shivam will agree, think how will you convince Chanda. Shanti asks her to think. Sarla gets thinking and says I will go home and think. Kaushalya says stay here, I will clean my room, you can rest there.

Mama brings Nimmi to the hotel room. Nimmi says this place looks strange. Mama says its good place, once I get your Mami, we will leave. She says I will leave if you don’t come back early. He says no, I will just come. Riya tells Chanda that they will meet when Dadi is around. She asks Chanda to promise that she will never break friendship. Chanda says you saved my life, I promise, but I m scared of Dadi. Riya says believe me, I will not let Shanti know about our friendship. Chanda says I did not come to snatch your husband, I m helpless, I just wanted a roof, I don’t know how to return favors. Riya says Lord will show way. Shanti calls out Chanda. Riya asks Chanda to hide.

Mama gets Vyom. Vyom asks where did you get me, you said about party. Mama says we will meet your Mami first. Vyom says this hotel is cheap, raid can happen anytime. Mama says its good hotel, come, I will make you meet Mami. Vyom gets shocked seeing Nimmi. He asks Mama is this Mami. Waiter tells Mama that police ame. Vyom says its police raid, run fast. They all run away. Nimmi asks what is this place, I will tell truth to Sharmili. Mama says I can’t see happiness of marriage in my life and cries.

Shanti looks for Chanda. Chanda tells Riya that Shanti can kick me out of this house, I m scared. Riya says wait, I will do something. Shanti calls out Chanda asking her to meet Sarla. Sarla says I come here daily, I will meet Chanda later, and leaves being worried for 5 lakhs cash kept at her home. Shanti looks for Chanda. She asks Riya where did you make Chanda go. Riya says she will be here and there.

Shanti says I don’t trust you, why did you lock the door, I will check. She looks for Chanda. Riya and Chanda get tensed. Shanti’s phone falls and Riya picks it, asking her not to bend, else she may go to hospital again. Shanti scolds Riya. Riya makes Chanda leave from the window. Shanti sees Chanda coming from outside. She asks where did you go, I was finding you. Riya acts and says its good you came, else everyone would have blamed me for kidnapping you. Riya gets relieved.

Shanti tells Riya that Kaushalya is going to talk to Shivam about his marriage with Chanda.

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