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Mere Angne Mein 1st December 2015 Written Update

Riya talking to Anupam. She asks him to arrange some place for Raghav’s friend’s son. Anupam says I m visiting your Dadi, I will try. Riya says fine and ends call. Kaushalya asks Riya why is she doing this, they will manage, elders are there. Riya says I thought to talk for Nimmi and Preeti’s sake. Kaushalya asks whats the link here. Riya says I mean nothing wrong should happen. Kaushalya says I trust my values. Riya says you are mistaken. Kaushalya says I m most worried for my daughters. Shanti says Riya is saying for house’ good. Kaushalya says house ran before Riya came here, everyone is making it an issue, Riya don’t doubt on my daughters, they are my pride. Shivam comes and looks on.

Preeti goes to meet Mohit in café. She says her brothers are in Moghalsarai and that’s why she has come hiding. He gives her rose. She says we have to meet like this till our elders talk. He says it can’t happen, as its difficult, I want to clear few things to you. Preeti asks will he not marry her. He says I will marry you, but no baraat, when I became RJ, my parents were unhappy, they are orthodox, don’t take tension.

He flirts with her. He gets a call and says this is not fair. He gets sad. She asks what happened. He asks do you have poison, my building is getting demolished and I have time till tonight to vacate the place. Sharmili and Vyom worry as Pari took Sujeev with him. Vyom calls Pari and she disconnects the call. She holds Sujeev’s hand and takes his phone. They are on the way in auto. She talks to him and tells about her house. Sharmili worries as Pari and Sujeev are not reachable. She says I know Pari will take Sujeev’s property. Vyom says no, I know her well, she won’t do this. Sharmili says I know her better than you. They all rush to find Pari and Sujeev, from Sarla and Shanti’s house. Vyom tells the address. Mama says I know her mum’s house, come I will take you.

Sarla gets surprised seeing Pari and Sujeev. Pari hugs her and says I missed you. Sarla welcomes them. Sujeev looks around. Sarla thinks Sujeev is her support now and smiles. She hugs Pari and acts to cry. Prabha comes in her balcony and sees Sarla and Pari. Sujeev says we will leave. Sarla stops him and says she she did not welcome him before and apologizes.

Shivam asks Riya what happened to her. She says Kaushalya scolded me, I just told dad to arrange place for that guy. He says mum can also have point of view. She says but mummy should also understand our point of view. He asks her not to get in these matters. She says why not, its my house and family. He says let Raghav come, then we will talk to him, we have many things to do. He hugs her. She says leave me and is upset. He says I m your husband and hugging you. Music plays…………..

Shanti says she will kick out Riya in one month. Kaushalya comes to her and Shanti makes her against Riya. Kaushalya blindly obeys Shanti. Shanti says she is so dumb and smiles. Sarla asks Pari why did she made her leave that night. Pari says so sorry and asks what happened in Shanti Sadan. Sarla tells what all happened. Sujeev says I did not know Pari stayed in such a small house. Sarla acts and says she is very poor, but she have good values to Pari. Sujeev says I m like Sarla’s son, let her say. He removes his gold chain and gives Sarla. Sarla gets glad and praises him. Pari says we will return this, no need. Sarla says no, I will keep this. They both argue and their bangles sound anger Sujeev. Pari gets worried seeing his angry expression.

Shanti acts and lies on the bed, saying she is unwell. Kaushalya worries for her and asks her to meet Sarla once, then her health will get fine. Shanti asks her to take care of Shanti Sadan, how to run home. Riya comes there. Shanti thinks she will ignite fire between Kaushalya and Riya. She says no need to call doctor, I want some peace. Riya asks Shanti will she eat anything or come out with her, her mood will change. Kaushalya takes Riya with her. Shanti smiles and looks at the calendar.

Pari thinks Sujeev can get mad, Sarla should not know this. Sujeev calms down. Amit comes there. Sarla asks Amit to meet Sujeev. She says get some sweets. Amit refuses and asks what shall we do. Sarla shows the gold chain and says Sujeev gifted this gold chain. He has come for first time. Kasuhalya asks Riya to manage her work and not tell anything to Shanti. Riya gets sad. Sonal hugs Pari and greets Sujeev. He sees the pins fallen on the ground. Pari asks Sonal to pick the pins. Sujeev says its 25 pins, be careful. Sonal asks how do you know its 25. Sarla says Sujeev is smart. Amit takes Sujeev with him.

Rani follows Ashok. He turns and she hides. Ashok meets a woman and gives her tiffin. The lady smiles and asks him to see the accounts. Rani says she looks beautiful. Ashok hides his face. Rani says when Sarla knows Ashok has another woman in his life, she will be shocked. Kaushalya goes to buy tomatoes. She takes Shanti’s permission and buys tomatoes at low rates.

Neighbor women check with Kaushalya. Kaushalya talks about Riya, and suggests she’ll visit them quickly. Sharmili, Vyom and Mama are on how. Vyom calls Pari and claims her selection just isn’t reachable.

Rani goes to stall to have meal. She sees Ashok and asks him. he receives shocked. Ashok asks Rani why did she appear below. He asks why she came below. She asks why did he not inform everyone. He claims no person will aid me. She claims I would have supported you. He claims he can’t make his household Laxmi to operate and asks her to go home. Rani says that Girl will even be anyone’s Laxmi. He suggests she is helpless, I know her because decades, she is an efficient Woman. Rani asks him to help keep stall in their locality. He claims yes, but Sarla’s nose would have Lower. Rani suggests I really need to do some thing. She asks who is always that Woman. He suggests her title is Nirmala, let me stall be right here, I can get paid peacefully here, when I gain very well, I’ll tell Everybody. Rani nods and suggests I will discover about this Girl.

Amit talks to Sujeev. Sujeev receives the playing cards and asks would you Engage in. Amit suggests Sarla taught me in childhood. Sujeev asks would you Perform cards, its gambling. He asks him to select his cards. He guesses it correct. Amit asks how Were you aware. Sujeev claims I like cards and know where by These are. Amit asks all fifty two playing cards? You try to remember so effectively, good, I’ll combine them and say now. Amit mixes the playing cards and asks Sujeev. Sujeev suggests all proper yet again with no seeing. Amit asks how is he guessing cards devoid of observing, he is great and useful for me.

Pari and Sujeev are leaving from Sarla’s home. Sharmili, Vyom and Mama come there. Pari gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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