Mere Angne Mein 19th July 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein serial

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Mere Angne Mein 19th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Preeti covering her face. Shanti asks her to clean the water as she has sent the men back. Preeti gets shocked. Nandu is at garage and his boss calls him. Nandu says he can’t come to office and makes excuse. His boss asks him to come office regularly. Nandu gets worried seeing Shivam and Riya coming to garage and hides face. Shivam asks him to repair his bike. Nandu does not show his face and makes some other mechanic check his bike. The boy tells Shivam that Nandu is nervous as his GF is coming to meet him here. Shivam pays charges and goes. Nandu gets relieved.

Sarla and Amit are happy that Shanti did not know anything. Prrabha asks them whats happening, and whats this smell of havan kund. They make excuse to her. Nirmala wants all ritual to be done well. Nirmala and Ashok’s grah pravesh happens. Nirmala gives money to Pari and enters the house. She goes to room with Ashok, and Sarla worries.

Nandu tries to call Preeti. Shanti asks Preeti whats all this. Preeti says I won’t do this small work. Shivam and Riya come home. Shanti says you did small work, now you will bear punishment, you tried to trap Nimmi and sent those men, you have to clean this dirty water now, I m counting now, you are a fool to do this. She asks Kaushalya to be quiet. Shivam says I will do. Shanti says Preeti did this and she will be punished, will you go or shall I punish you too. Shivam scolds Preeti for trapping Nimmi. Nimmi cries.

Nimmi offers help to Preeti and asks Shanti how will Preeti do this. Shanti says I will slap you, Preeti was framing you and you want to help Preeti, go inside. She tells Kaushalya that Nimmi wanted to help Preeti and Riya did not offer any help. She asks Riya to help Preeti. Riya helps Preeti. Preeti tells Riya that they made her marry to clerk and want her to do this cheap work. Riya asks her to do the work as she did mistake. Preeti asks her to go. Riya says I wish to go, who would like to put hand in dirtiness, I m helping as Dadi told me, why should we bear your mistake’s punishment. Preeti cries. Kaushalya asks Preeti to clean it well, else she will all Shanti.

Preeti argues with Riya. Riya asks her just to do the work. Nimmi asks why is Preeti doing like this. Shivam says I just want to slap her. Nimmi wishes Preeti becomes like before. The lady taunts Preeti for working as her husband’s post and Shanti gives her right work as per her status. Riya scolds the lady. Nandu comes home and lady tells him that his wife was doing duty in his place. Preeti cries and leaves. Nandu asks Riya to go, I will do this work. Riya goes. Nandu cleans the drainage.

Nirmala goes to wake up Ashok. Sarla looks on and enters the room. She asks Nirmala to get up and go, I have to rest. Nirmala says its my marriage, and you are asking me to leave from room. Sarla says yes, but I m tired and want to sleep on my bed. Nirmala reminds the papers that she has right here and she will sleep on this bed. Sarla says it was not written that I won’t sleep here. Nirmala says I know its not easy to get second woman in husband’s wife, fine you sleep here, I will go. She thinks to make Sarla leave or take Ashok with her. She leaves. Sarla rests on the bed.

Preeti cries and smells her hand. She cleans her hands. Nandu comes there and sees her crying. He asks her why is she crying, don’t worry. She says I don’t need to go anywhere, you are a clerk and I had to do this work, I will not forgive them. Riya applies perfume on her hands. Shivam asks why did you clean drainage. She says Shanti told me, how could I refuse. He asks her to stop it, I m getting headache by your perfume. She says Preeti used to do job before, now she is sitting idle at home and getting negative things in mind, I want to send Preeti and Nimmi for job, so that they get independent. He says I m alive and can manage their responsibilities. She says I did not mean to say that, but….. He leaves.

Nimmi cries and talks to Shanti. Nandu comes there. Shanti says now he will start. Nandu apologizes for talking infront of her, and says but you should have not asked Preeti to clean the drainage. They get shocked.

Shanti asks Nandu to control his wife or take her from here, I don’t want all this trouble, get out.

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