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Mere Angne Mein 18th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Preeti blaming Riya and scolding her. Raghav and Shivam come home and look on. Shivam asks Preeti why is she blaming Riya. Preeti calls him Joru ka ghulam, and says you don’t have any other relation left with you now. Kaushalya asks Shivam about Shanti. Raghav says police got her on Banaras streets. Sarla thinks Amma went to find about Chanda, how did she go Banaras. He asks him to ask police if she is really Amma. Raghav says yes, they will confirm, first tell me what happened and why did anyone not tell me. Chanda gives him water. He asks who are you.

Sarla says she is my inlaws’ relative’s daughter, she is orphan so I got her here, I can send her away, but once Amma comes, she can decide. She sends Chanda to kitchen. Police comes there. The inspector says we got Shanti, but she looks in shock. Raghav asks what shock, where is she. Inspector says lady constable is getting her. They see some other lady dressed as Shanti. The old lady hugs Raghav and cries saying he is my son, this is my house. Raghav says I don’t know her, she is not my Amma. The lady says he has beaten me and kicked me out of this house. Sarla says this is mad lady, she is not our Amma.

Amit comes home and asks for water. Rani asks him about Shanti. He says police said she was found in Banaras, its daily drama, don’t worry. He asks why is mummy’s room locked, open it. She says mummy won’t give keys to me, why do you want keys. He says I want 1000rs change. She says I have it, and goes to take it.

Sharmili and Vyom have a talk. Vyom sees the Baba there and asks Sharmili to see him. Sharmili says there is no one there, sit calm. Rani gives the change, and Amit takes it. He refuses to give her the note. Sarla argues with the lady and says I think police got this lady and have some profit. Inspector asks the lady to come with them. Sarla cries and makes Shanti’s pic sit on the swing. Raghav talks to inspector and asks him to inform him if he knows anything about Shanti.

Sarla asks Raghav not to defame Shanti’s name and not tell anyone about Shanti gone missing. He asks shall we wait, will Shanti come back on her own. Sharmili tells Mama that she is worried for Vyom, he is scared and has become a cat. Mama asks did Vyom also get like Sujeev. She scolds him. Mama says Vyom came to my room and slept there, we will call Sujeev’s doctor. She says that doctor is to cure mad people and worries.

Sarla cries and blames Riya for this. Raghav asks is this necessary to curse her always. Chanda asks Sarla not to take Riya’s name if Raghav does not like, Riya has gone outside. Sarla asks what, did she go there.

Riya meets Anupam and asks him not to get hyper. He asks did you think well. She says yes, I thought well, now I have to do this. Sarla tells someone has kidnapped Shanti. Kaushalya tells about Madam X, who kidnapped Shivam. Sarla gets worried and asks her not to involve madam X in this.

Mama says doctor will meet in evening. Sharmili says if Vyom knows we are showing him to Sujeev’s doctor, he will be ready to meet. He says then give me time to plan. She says we have no time, just hurry up.

Riya and Bunty paste Shanti’s posters. Riya says I want Shanti to come back, she maybe good or bad, but she is my Dadi Saas. She says my love triangle can’t go ahead, I got training from Dadi, I learnt to have backup plan ready, I think Shanti and Sarla are planning against me, I have a doubt on them.

Sarla talks to Shanti and turns. She gets shocked seeing Riya.

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