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Mere Angne Mein 18 October 2015 Written Update

Shanti asking Nimmi whose pic she has sent. Nimmi says she has sent Pari’s pic. Shanti beats her. Nimmi argues for Preeti and defends her sister. She asks Shanti to get Pari married if she finds the proposal good, as guy has liked Pari. Kaushalya beats Nimmi and asks her to stop it. Nimmi says beat me, but answer me Dadi, if you feel guy is good, whats the problem. Shanti says I can’t let Pari marry that guy, the guy is not suitable Pari, Pari is educated, she has good job, she can get any good guy, everyone knows Preeti’s education, job and stammering, Preeti can’t get better guy.

Nimmi asks Shanti why does she do biasing, I will also do this. Kaushalya scolds Nimmi. Riya says Nimmi said it unknowingly. Shanti asks Riya not to support Nimmi. She scolds Nimmi and says you just know to argue, I will throw you out of home, when Raghav comes, tell him the reason. She says the guy’s family has scolded me a lot, all because of him. Nimmi asks Riya to keep quiet as she has done all this. Shanti throws Nimmi out and asks Kaushalya to see how she has spoiled Nimmi.

Kaushalya says I agree, but don’t throw her out. Preeti says its not Nimmi’s mistake. Dadi did not do right. Pari cries and says its my mistake, what did I do, why did she my pic to such guy, Nani is doing same what she did with Amit, Sarla is missing, so this is happening with me. Shanti says I will not get such guy for you, Nimmi did all this. She says she was doing this for Preeti’s good. She bends to apologize to Kaushalya and does drama.

Shanti says everyone says I just think of Sarla’s daughters, so I thought to get Raghav’s daughters married first. Kaushalya says you did not do wrong. Shanti says I lost my respect my the insult. Ashok says I don’t wish to talk to Amit. He asks Amit why did he not feel anything when his dad was getting beaten up. He says Shivam is busy since morning to save Sarla. Amit says don’t compare me with Shivam. Ashok scolds Amit and says you are totally useless, I pity on Sarla who has high hopes from you and trusts you so much.

Bansi and Lallan hide Sarla in a big bag and take her. Nimmi is outside the house and says Riya did not do any work well. The neighbor boy asks Nimmi did Dadi kick her out again. Nimmi says yes. He jokes on her house and taunts on Sarla. Nimmi pulls his ears and makes him do situps.

Shanti defends her decision and asks what did I do, I love Nimmi a lot. She asks Riya to say is this good that guy’s family has insulted her, changing pic is a good thing? She says I found nice guy for Preeti, don’t know what guys they want, they can find someone like Riya found. She asks Preeti did she do wrong with her. Preeti says no. Shanti says she is so simple, but forgive me if I did anything wrong. She starts acting to fool everyone. Pari gets Vyom’s call. She tells Shanti that she is sad, she wants to go temple and apologize from Nimmi’s side. Shanti asks them to see Pari, Raghav should come and see.

Bansi and Lallan are on the way and get stunned seeing Raghav and Shivam. They leave. Raghav says we have seen everywhere, and could not found Sarla, just one place is left, hospital. Shivam asks what are you saying. Raghav says we have to check hospital, but I m not that strong. Raghav asks Shivam to check all hospitals. Shivam asks him to take bike. Raghav says you take bike, I will go home, Shanti is calling a lot, I will handle her. Shivam leaves on the bike.

Rani talks to Prabha and goes to get ready as Amit would be coming. Amit comes home and Rani asks him to talk. He shouts and goes to his room. Shanti and Pari taunt Nimmi. Pari leaves. Shanti scolds Nimmi and says I have come to apologize to you. She sits in Nimmi’s feet. Kaushalya worries. The neighbors look on. Rani goes to Amit and gives him food. Amit asks him to stay away from him.

Mama divides the chadava and shows Vyom’s mum. She scolds him and argues. The munshi calls him and says Sujeev’s property will go away to charity if he does not get married. She says I m not getting any nice girl. He asks her to hurry up, else she will lose everything. Mata ji says once Sujeev married Pari, she will see that munshi.

The lady in the room knocks door. Mata ji worries seeing Sujeev coming and asks Mama to do anything. Mama stops Sujeev. Pari meets Vyom. He tells her that they will marry in temple, as he does not wish to get anything luxurious. She imagines their poor future. She refuses and says this can’t happen, we will marry by family’s consent. Shanti does drama and apologizes to Nimmi. Nimmi says its Riya’s mistake. Shanti says Riya has said truth, its my mistake, I will not ogo till Raghav comes. Raghav comes in rickshaw. Shanti sees him coming and holds Nimmi’s leg. Nimmi says Dadi leave me. Raghav asks Shanti whats happening, come inside and talk.

Shanti says I won’t come, you take Nimmi. Raghav asks neighbors to manage their own business and leave. He takes Shanti inside. Riya worries and calls Shivam. Riya cries and asks him to come home fast. He says don’t worry, I m coming soon. Riya serves food to Amit and shuts the door. She says she has made mannat for Sarla as she is Sarla’s only bahu. He asks really? She says yes. He asks her does she have money. She says yes. He says we will go and pray for Sarla. She smiles seeing him. She says she can’t believe this. He asks her to believe it, as she good work to keep mannat.

Shanti asks Riya to state every thing to Raghav. Riya claims dude’s loved ones has come to see Preeti nowadays. He says Sarla is lacking, who identified as them, There’s rigidity at your home. Shanti says I instructed them ahead of, I forgot to halt them. Riya suggests they appreciated Pari as her pic was absent to them. He asks how did this materialize. Shanti suggests it was done, explain to him Riya. Riya suggests Nimmi has despatched Pari’s pic by slip-up. Riya says person’s household has insulted Dadi. Shanti states Raghav, they advised a lot of terrible to me, Riya created them get out. I m not damage by humiliation, Nimmi stated I m biased and partial, she humiliated me, I is not going to locate proposal for anyone, free me from this duty, obtain person on their own, I have invested a tough everyday living, I have lifted Raghav and Sarla on your own, I’ll consider h2o in hand and sacrifice all relations.

Kaushalya stops her. Raghav says I will do Tyaag of all relations. Shanti stops him and says Sarla will not be here, my head is just not Doing work, see my point out. He makes her sit. He scolds Every person that Shanti is their Dadi and he or she has taken all selections for him, she didn’t just take any Improper decision, Nimmi and Preeti’s marriage will materialize by Shanti’s alternative, that’s it.

Raghav receives to understand about a huge bag located and group collected there. The law enforcement claims its not bomb, but a Woman. Raghav will come there and receives shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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