Mere Angne Mein 17th July 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein serial

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Mere Angne Mein 17th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nandu getting relieved that he got saved and applies kajal to make his moustache. Kaushalya asks Riya to talk to Preeti, and ask her to behave well with Nimmi. Riya asks her not to worry. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to fill wheat flour in the box and she has to go and attend some neighbors’ function. She says its good to have baby on time, 11 months is much time to have a baby, and looks at Preeti.

Amit makes Ashok sit in the mandap. Bansi and Rajendra chant mantras and do the rituals. Sarla is upset and asks Rani to get water. Rani gives her water. Sarla is in tension. Pari asks Rani to click her pic. Rani clicks pics. Amit asks Sarla what is the problem, why is she worried. Sarla says nothing. Ashok is not in senses, and Amit and Nirmala hold him. Rani clicks their pics. Prabha calls Rani to talk. Sarla asks Amit to cover up, Prabha should not see Ashok.

The men from municipal office come to Shanti Sadan. She tells them that there is no work to clean drainage. The man says strange, Shanti called us and asked us to come asap, whats your name, if Shanti calls us, we have to tell her whom we spoke. Preeti tells her name Nimmi, and smiles. The men leave.

Pari argues with Prabha and asks her not to disturb her. She shuts the door. Ashok asks whats Sarla doing. Amit makes Ashok take wedding rounds with Nirmala. Sarla says I won’t let this marriage happen, I will stop it. Amit asks her not to say this and throw flowers on them. Nirmala hurries and takes the wedding rounds.

Riya goes to help Preeti and says I was thinking we should go on shopping. Preeti asks does she have pity on her. She says I m not interested. Riya says your bitterness will come out. Preeti argues. Riya asks her why can’t she get normal like before. Preeti says you all also changed, don’t trouble me and just leave.

Ashok fills Nirmala’s maang. Sarla cries. Nirmala holds Ashok’s hand as he is not in total senses. Bansi says marriage is completed. Sarla sees Shanti coming her home and gets shocked. She tells everyone that Shanti came and they all clean the marriage mandap, and hide Ashok, Nirmala and pandits in some room.

Nimmi does the work and sees Preeti applying nail polish. She asks Preeti to help her if she is free. She says you think you will lie to Dadi and make me leave home, you will have problem doing this. Preeti asks her to fill flour silently, and taunts her. She sits on Shanti’s swing. Nimmi says you are not Preeti, she did not have courage to touch this swing, you are sitting on it. Preeti says yes. Riya comes there and gets shocked seeing Preeti’s behavior. Riya helps Nimmi. She asks Nimmi to tell her, she will help in her work. She says I have to go to market, shall I get something for you. Nimmi says no. Riya asks Preeti. Preeti says I will tell that clerk Nandu to get if I need. Riya thinks just Nandu can make Preeti fine and asks Preeti to kill her.

Preeti says I will not get scared of you, all of them wanted to kick you out, they can’t be yours. Kaushalya comes and asks Preeti did she go mad. Preeti says yes, I got mad staying with mad people. Kaushalya asks don’t you respect us. Preeti says Kaushalya goes to bhajan mandli and talks bad about Shanti, Riya too does the same while talking to her friend, what should I respect. Riya asks her to respect family.

Shanti asks Sarla about the smoke. Rani says marriage havan. Shanti asks what. Sarla makes excuses and asks Shanti so sit. Shanti says I was missing Pari, so I came. Pari comes there and hugs Shanti. Shanti signs Rani to hide everything. Amit hides the items and touches Shanti’s feet. Shanti asks Rani to get milk for her. Amit says I m glad seeing you. Shanti sees the things needed for marriage and asks did anyone get married? They all get tensed.

Shanti says I know someone got married, tell me, I m sure of it, where is Ashok….Sarla gets shocked.

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