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Mere Angne Mein 16th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode begins with Preeti asking Kaushalya to satisfy Raghav. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks here to make tomato chutney. Kaushalya claims she acquired flour on her saree, she will go and alter. Shanti suggests I’m able to’t see any flour fallen with your saree. Kaushalya suggests I’ll see Shivam. Shanti asks what, is he crying in his area. Kaushalya says good, I will not likely go. Shanti suggests you go, you might be his mum, I also truly feel lousy when my son receives unfortunate, I’ll check with my son, you don’t care about Raghav. Sarla laughs and says she feels Shivam received any significant health issues. Kaushalya asks why is she declaring so. Sarla suggests I m saying about like.

She claims Raghav scolds Shivam each day, what new transpired, its just acting, Shivam is not really like Amit, He’s chaotic Operating constantly, not everyone seems to be lucky. Kaushalya goes. Prabha attempts seeing in Sarla’s house. Rani comes to Prabha and smiles. Prabha receives terrified and asks whats this joke. Rani asks what transpired, You furthermore may scared me. Rani usually takes the plates. Prabha argues and asks her to help you her sisters, that’s why she aided her in marrying Amit. Rani says I love my sisters, They can be like me, I can help them. Rani leaves. Prabha suggests Rani does magic on them.

Rani will not remedy Shivam’s connect with. He gets offended and switches off the telephone. Kaushalya will come and asks him to acquire food items. He refuses. She asks what occurred. He tells about Riya. Riya cries. Bunty and Sahil come to her and question what transpired. Riya says I despise Shivam. Anupam and Bua inquire what did they combat in 2 times. Bua states probably Shanti produced Shivam towards Riya. Riya claims no, its Shivam’s blunder, I married a Erroneous person. Anupam states its just 2 days, You must shell out life with him. She refuses.

Kaushalya pacifies Shivam. He states what shall I do, Riya has to be aware of, and overall family members really should fully grasp, I am aware not one person is Erroneous, then that’s Improper, what am I indicating. She says I m also imagining the exact same. He cries. Suman asks Riya whats the issue. Riya suggests she identified as Shivam to learn about spouse and children, he scolded me that he can’t speak with me infront of Anyone, I will not head over to him now.

Suman says its huge spouse and children and its tough to talk infront of these. Kaushalya asks Shivam what happened. Shivam says I used to be offended and received Riya’s contact, I scolded her. Kaushalya laughs. He asks why are you presently laughing. She clarifies him that lifestyle goes on and this small issues are part of existence, you and Riya can’t Reside devoid of each other. She asks him to encourage Riya by appreciate. Bua scolds Suman and argues together with her. Suman claims I m just pacifying Riya, you are merely immediately after me normally. Riya asks them to stop. Anupam asks why are they battling. Sahil states he will book their tickets. Suman suggests she will not go away Sahil and goes to defeat him.

Suman and Bua argue. Riya says just quit it now. Suman claims she knows why is Riya getting offended, you speak with Shivam. Bua asks does this go well with you to say this. Riya says I comprehended Shivam was ideal, I’ll visit inlaws, you all don’t worry. Shivam hugs Kaushalya and suggests you always say suitable. He suggests when Raghav took Dadi’s side, I felt he is Completely wrong, when he questioned me about picking between you and Riya, I comprehended, I guarantee you Riya and I will not likely make any challenge, I will harmony amongst you and Riya. Kaushalya Fortunately cries and asks him to come back to acquire food items. He wipes her tears.

Ran desires to get a thing from Sarla’s area and asks the keymaker can he make the keys. Prabha asks what keys are she building, and asks her to mention. Rani asks her never to interfere. Rani asks Prabha to go and asks keymaker to come back. Prabha suggests she will just stand below and see. Riya waters the plants and remembers Shivam’s terms. Bua will come and calls her. Riya turns and also the water from pipe falls on Bua. Suman laughs. Bua places water on Suman and laughs.

Bunty and Sahil inquire Shivam to examine Shivam’s message. Shivam apologizes to Riya. Riya smiles. Sarla cries and tells Shanti that Kaushalya has gone to meet Raghav, she made excuses to go upstairs, I m tensed. Shanti asks Sarla to come, they’re going to go to Raghav’s room and see what Kaushalya is indicating. Sarla and Shanti go there. Nimmi claims we will even go. Preeti claims no, Shanti and Sarla will insult us once more. Nimmi says We’ll Imagine a thing.

Pari performs in parlor and receives Vyom’s phone. She tells a faux story about her family members troubles and talks to Vyom as though she’s getting to medical professional. She spoils the Woman’s eyebrow plus the Girl screams. Bua and Suman argue and everybody chuckle. Bua asks Riya to perform as she claims Sure, and now follow Suman’s suggestions. Kaushalya concerns the room and attempts convincing Raghav. Shanti and Sarla arrive at see. Raghav asks Kaushalya to make the home natural environment superior, as Riya has occur and can find out this. Raghav asks did she consume the juice and got her brain awesome by now.

Rani asks keymaker to generate keys with the lock on Sarla’s space. Kaushalya apologizes to Raghav. He asks will she usually apologize, allow me to perform. Kaushalya cries. Raghav states learn to deal with issues. Kaushalya asks what did I do. He states you are able to’t handle my mum and sister, how will you regulate bahu and son in rules, you already know I don’t bear if any individual sees my mum. Shanti will get proud and exhibits off Sarla.

Raghav states don’t test me, I love you numerous Kaushalya. Shanti and Sarla get offended and take a look at Raghav. Raghav says but I love my mum as well. Shanti receives relieved. Kaushalya asks Raghav to scold her. Raghav asks why did she acquire cash from Renu, I m hurt by this, I fell in my eyes, you could have taken dollars from Amma. Kaushalya suggests you may have usually taken care. Raghav states Amma has big coronary heart, she gave five lakhs to Anupam in 2 mins, you really feel she would’ve kept your 20000rs.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to be aware of, He’s experience ashamed, what is going to her household Assume now, which i can’t manage you. Kaushalya states Pradeep gave cash with really like, I couldn’t refuse, I’ve forgot to provide money to Shanti, Pradeep earns nicely and gave revenue by love, he didn’t do Mistaken, don’t you give money to Sarla. Raghav, Shanti and Sarla get shocked. Raghav asks will you rely whom I give revenue. Kaushalya says don’t consider reverse this means, you are aware of I have labored challenging for this home. Raghav suggests what did I just take Improper now, you should have refused for cash.

He claims he has discounts, if he dies, then also… Kaushalya stops him stating so and cries. Raghav goes. Sarla asks Shanti to find out, Kaushalya is carrying out magic on Raghav, he was acquiring in her really like, and enacts to indicate. The keymaker says he could make key and convey it tomorrow. Rani thinks she can’t get jewelry nowadays and asks the man to simply call her type downstairs. She claims I can’t be guard now, Sarla is possessing exciting, I m her bahu, I will not be here.

Rani phone calls Riya and talks to her. Rani asks Riya to come for procuring. Sahil says he will give her enterprise. Bunty says I’ll go. Riya claims don’t struggle and sends Sahil. She reminds Bunty Place of work do the job. Bunty suggests I will drop you. Nimmi tells Preeti that they may also go upstairs.

Raghav asks Kaushalya to stop justifying now. Nimi and Preeti appear and find out Shanti and Sarla endeavoring to listen to Raghav and Kaushalya. Shanti says we have been finding you and phone calls Kaushalya. She asks her to present some food stuff, you reported you went to connect with Shivam. Kaushalya says yes, I was finding him. Shanti says I came to connect with Raghav, forget anything. She claims she will give 20000rs to Renu and asks him to return. Shanti tells Raghav that Nimmi and Preeti obtained undesirable behavior to hear other’s talk. Raghav looks at them. The women get tensed.

Nimmi asks Kaushalya to drop by Pradeep’s household. Shanti tells Nimmi that dwelling will grow to be tranquil following Nimmi’s relationship. Nimmi states I do know well, whose leaving could make property tranquil. Shanti fumes.

Written Update By Sahir


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