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Mere Angne Mein 16th October 2015 Written Update

Mata ji asking Mama and Vyom to take away Pari. Vyom takes Pari away. Lallan and Bansi take Sarla away. Shanti talks at home and makes the ladies fill forms. Rani talks to Nimmi and asks what is she thinking, Sarla has gone and Shanti is in her worry. Shanti tells the neighbors that they have to in peace and when Sarla comes back, Shanti will herself inform them that Sarla has returned safe. She asks all of them to leave. She thinks why did Prabha and Bindu not go. She asks Kailash does he not have any work today. She sends them away.

Shant sees Bindu hiding behind the curtain and puts water on her. She asks what is Bindu doing here and asks her to just leave. Pari cries and tells Vyom that he does not love her now. She holds his feet. Mama looks on and thinks she is a big drama queen. Vyom says fine, I have forgiven you, you leave now. She smiles and thinks she will trap Sujeev and make Vyom fall in her feet.

Bansi and Lallan take Sarla and think what to do as Shanti is not replying about ransom money. They see police checkpoint and act like Sarla is dead. They say Ram naam satya hai and take her to skip checking by police. Ashok cries and Raghav consoles him. Shivam says we will find her, don’t worry. Raghav asks Ashok to come home with them. Ashok refuses and says I want to go my home. Raghav says fine, we will inform you if we know anything. He leaves with Shivam.

Shanti prays for Sarla and thinks she has started worrying now, as its getting late, Raghav and Shivam come home. Shivam says police just got her phone, they will find her soon. Raghav cries and says I love Sarla a lot, I will find her. Shanti consoles him, Nimmi says Pari is not at home since morning. Shanti defends Pari and says she has gone on work even when her mum is missing, learn from her. Raghav asks Kaushalya to explain Nimmi where to talk and where not. Kaushalya goes.

Vyom greets good morning to his mummy. She asks where was he. He says Pari is big drama queen, she was crying and I settled the matter. I have to take her test and then I will know if she can become the bride. She says I had seen many dreams to get Sujeev’s bride, the pandit is showing Pari’s pic and anyone else can accept it, do something soon, time is passing. He asks not to worry.

Shanti talks to Sarla’s pic and says I will give salary to you only, I got all the forms filled, you have lost the bet Sarla. Kaushalya cries seeing Shanti talking to the pic. Nimmi gets puzzled and asks what happened. Kaushalya says she is talking to herself, she has gone mad by Sarla’s shock. Nimmi says don’t take tension, she is fine. Riya tells Shanti that she won’t go office. Shanti asks her to go office, she has got forms filled too. Riya says Shivam has gone out with Raghav to find Sarla. Shanti says I will sleep for a while. She faints and everyone hold her.

Rani says Amit did not come till now. Amit comes home and Rani hugs him. She says I was so worried about you and Sarla. Amit asks why is she questioning him. He asks her to go to Prabha’s house. He sees Ashok sleeping and says he has not worry for Sarla. He throws the glass in anger. Rani says dad just came, he was finding Sarla. Amit asks really, fine, I worry for mum more.

The doctor checks Shanti and says she has got much weak. Raghav says she did not eat since Sarla went missing. The doctor says I understand, but she has to take food. Shanti says she won’t eat till Sarla comes. Raghav says you won’t be able to get fine then, eat food. Kaushalya talks to Sarla’s pic and tells Shanti that Sarla is asking you to have food. Shanti says I m not a small kid to get convinced by this acting. The doctor says BP is going down. Shanti takes the medicines. Raghav says I will go police station and come. Shanti says I want my Sarla back. Raghav says I have to arrange money, even when we don’t know to give ransom or not. The pandit calls Shanti and says he is coming, groom’s family is coming along to see Preeti. Shanti says I forgot, fine you come. She asks Preeti to not go office and get ready well as groom’s family is coming to see her. Nimmi smiles and takes Preeti.

Shivam talks to his boss and asks for leave. His boss says fine, but collect your and Riya’s termination letter. He asks them to submit forms else they will lose the salary. Shivam says no, we will come. His boss says fine, better.

Nimmi pacifies Preeti. Preeti cries and says she does not wish to marry. Nimmi says don’t take tension, I m here. Preeti says my life will be ruined. Nimmi says it won’t get ruin, tell me what will you wear. Preeti says don’t trouble me, I m saying my problem and you are selecting dress. Nimmi says trust me, nothing will happen. Preeti hugs her.

Shanti calls Pari. Pari thinks Sarla has come back. Shanti asks Pari to return, Sarla did not occur, but groom’s family is coming, make Pari glimpse gorgeous. Pari states I can’t come. Shanti claims I’ll give income to the make-up and asks her to come back. Pari says fine, I will occur. Preeti phone calls her manager and tells the issue in your own home. She asks for depart and says money us Protected with me, I m sorry, I couldn’t deposit on time. He states its fine.

Pari comes to do Preeti’s make-up. She receives Vyom’s phone and claims I’ll come to satisfy you. Kaushalya thinks what to cook and do arrangements. She phone calls Renu and tells her about Sarla’s kidnapping. Riya tells Shivam that they’re going to do the operate. The manager asks them to submit the kinds. He warns them to collect termination letter should they are unsuccessful to complete the work. He asks what occurred to them, they performed properly ahead of marriage and now her effectiveness fell being with Shivam. She claims absolutely nothing like that, I promise I will get all types filled till tomorrow. Shivam says we will depart. Riya suggests don’t take A great deal rigidity, Dadi might help us even these days. He states I don’t trust Dadi.

She says Dadi served us. He asks what will you are doing if she isn’t going to assist. He thinks if Riya sees Shanti’s genuine face, her doubt will get cleared.

The dude relates to see Preeti and likes Pari. Shanti gets shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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