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Mere Angne Mein 16th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kaushalya and Shivam talking to Riya. Riya hears them and goes to Shanti, praising her a lot. She says Shanti asked me for help. Shanti thinks what is Riya’s drama now. Riya asks Shanti to tell them, as she can’t keep the secret now, her stomach is hurting. Chanda comes there. Riya says I can’t stop now, I will tell truth, when Kaushalya left home, Shanti was staying upset, she asked me to get you back here by any way, I did not understand what to do, Shanti asked me to write on the card that Shivam is ready for marriage, then Kaushalya will come back, so I did this, I made the card and got Shivam and Chanda’s wedding card, I have sent that card to Kaushalya.

Kaushalya says I thought Shivam agreed to marry Chanda, I m a fool. Shivam says Riya jokes well. Riya says what would I do, I could not see Shanti upset, Kaushalya was not coming home. Shanti says leave it, its no use to talk now. Shivam asks Riya to stay away from his sight, he will send her first invitation card when he decides to marry.

Pari is unable to talk. Nimmi asks her to apologize. Pari bends and Nimmi stops her, saying I m not like you, sit here, I will come. She gets some oil and applies to Pari’s lips. Pari gets relieved as her lips get free. She scolds Nimmi and raises hand on her. Nimmi says I helped you, you are not thankful and raising hand. Pari says I will tell everyone what you did with me. Nimmi says you tell them, remember I have the proof against you. Pari goes.

Nandu is at office and waits for a house to get allotted to him. The other staff gets the houses. Nandu gets sad and worried too. Kaushalya asks Riya what did I do, why are you creating hurdle between me and Shivam. Riya says you feel it was easy for me to write Chanda’s name on that card, I did this to get you back here, why are you angry, Chanda agreed now, you talk to Shivam, I don’t think he will agree, Shivam did not change his answer. Shanti pulls Riya’s cheeks and says don’t get happy, I m happy. Riya says don’t dream with open eyes, I have captured his kundli for seven births, now he can’t become anyone’s else. Shanti asks are you threatening me. Riya says no, I m just saying. Kaushalya says you have challenged Shanti, I will challenge you, now I will get Chanda and Shivam married, I will see how long you capture my son’s kundli now, Chanda come with me.

Sharmili gets the jewelry checked the jeweler. The man says its all fake. She says we will just keep a last jagran now and end all this, whats the use of fake jewelry. She asks the man to get atleast some price of it. She goes. Mama keeps the jewelry and says sorry I have to keep some jewelry for my expenses too.

Shanti asks Kaushalya why is she hurrying and asks her to clean the house. She sends Chanda to go alone and talk to Shivam. She puts water on Riya’s clothes. Riya gets shocked. Shanti says sorry, the clothes got drenched. She stares at Riya and smiles. Nandu cries and says I did not get the house, I told my wife that I will get house today, what will I tell her, my respect will be ruined. The man asks him to get house on rent. Nandu says I need money to take house on rent. The man asks him to change his name and take the house.

Sarla tells Nirmala that she went to pandit ji to get her marriage mahurat. Nirmala hugs her happily. Sarla says don’t get glad, there is problem, if you marry Ashok, he will also die, you have to wait for a month, then time will change and then we will keep your marriage.

Chanda apologizes to Shivam. He clears to her that he always loved Riya, even after their fights, no one can take her place. Chanda says things changed after Riya did that in temple, people think I m your wife, they taunt me, think about me, I got something for you, people joined your name with me. She gifts his name and heart stitched on the kerchief and tries to convince him. Riya tells Shanti that there is much dirt in the house, I will help you. She pits water on the floor and sweeps, saying I will clean all the junk.

She cleans the junk and calls someone to come fast, there is some imp work. Kaushalya says whom is she calling, I think she called police. Shanti says don’t scare me. She asks Riya not to do anything. Riya goes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get knife. Kaushalya says I won’t die. Shanti says I won’t die, you will die, I have cut my wrist once, you cut your neck now. Chanda sits down and cries. Shivam says look Chanda, I told you I just love Riya. Chanda says I don’t want your love, I love you and I can live my life, I m ready to marry you without getting your love, I can stay happily. She wipes her fake tears and smiles.

Shanti says Shivam said he won’t marry. Riya says I will prove Shivam loves me, and smiles.

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