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Mere Angne Mein 16th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sharmili getting angry that they are getting Preeti married here. She tells them how they cheated her and got Vyom married to Nimmi, I don’t want Nimmi, get her married to someone else. Sarla says Sharmili is right, Preeti married Vyom, how can she marry Nandu now. She asks Raghav and everyone what happened to them, she will not listen to them, she will take Preeti. Kaushalya says Preeti got married. Sarla says Preeti is married to Vyom. Nandu says you can’t take my wife. Sarla slaps him and scolds him angrily. Shanti tells Sarla that Nimmi is Sinha family bahu. Sarla says this can’t happen, what will happen now, they have sent Nimmi back. Sharmili goes.

Raghav says Nimmi’s marriage is done with Vyom. Sarla asks who made Nimmi sit in Preeti’s place. Shanti says what happened to my grand children, Shanti Sadan is ruined in one moment. Preeti and everyone cry. Pari asks Vyom to see what happened, when he went to marry Preeti. He asks her to get lost. She says I m very happy today. He says I swear, if I know you are behind all this, I will kill you. She argues with him.

Sarla says you all know we lost our name in Pari’s sasural. She says Sharmili will always take revenge for Pari. Shanti asks Sarla not to say a word, nothing will happen to Pari. Sarla says how, Sharmili threatened Pari, I will die. Raghav gets unwell. Shanti blames Riya and asks them to see what Riya did. Raghav faints and holds chest. Everyone get shocked seeing him, and rush to him. Shanti asks Shivam to call doctor.

Riya stops Anupam from calling them, its my mistake, their pain is much more than me. He says you are taking their side, I will file police complaint, they made this a joke, I have to talk to them. She says I will call Shivam from my phone. She calls Shivam. Anupam says when they get police beating, they will get sense, he won’t receive call. She says don’t do anything, they are angry, once their anger cools down, they will send Shivam. He hugs her and they cry.

Doctor checks Raghav and says its just stress, he will be fine. Raghav asks the daughters to be away, as they did not know about his respect before, its better to be childless than having such daughters. Kaushalya calls Riya and scolds her. She says Raghav and his daughters’ relations broke, you will never be happy, you ruined our house, and curses her. She says you will not have any relation with us and Shivam. Shanti says you should have done this before.

Shanti asks Sarla to come with her, they will leave Nimmi home, Riya has gone and now rule is in my hand. Sarla agrees and says I m with you. Shanti says we will drop Nimmi to Sinha house. Nimmi says no Dadi. Shanti drags her. Nimmi says I don’t want to go, Preeti was stubborn to do this, you ruined my life. She says they will not accept me, and no one wants to keep me here, I got alone. She hugs Kaushalya and cries. Shanti asks Kaushalya to send Nimmi now. Shivam says enough Nimmi, you go from here, its because of you both, why did you not share anything with me. Nimmi says please forgive me Papa, don’t send me. Raghav asks her to go. Nimmi cries and says they hate me, don’t take me there Dadi. Shanti says everything will be fine, come with me, they will accept you. Shanti drags Nimmi and takes her. Kaushalya cries and says I will never forgive Riya.

Anupam gives food to Riya. Riya says I don’t want. He asks her not to cry, have food. She says I really don’t want to. He says I m also getting angry, whose call came some time before. She thinks Anupam will feel bad if I tell about Kaushalya’s call. She says it was Bunty’s call. He says strange, Shivam did not call, you call him, I will talk. She calls Shivam. He is with Raghav and goes out to answer. He asks whats your problem, everyone is worried in my house because of you, Nimmi is not accepted by Sinha family, Papa got unwell, mummy is crying, Dadi went to request Sinhas, what do you want. She cries and says I can’t hear you, fine call me later. She ends call and tells Anupam that there is network problem, Shivam said he will call in some time. Anupam understands her sorrow and goes. She cries.

Sharmili asks Nimmi why did she come back. Shanti says I got her here, forget everything, accept Nimmi. Sujeev says never, Nimmi will never stay here.

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