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Mere Angne Mein 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Riya telling Chanda and Shanti that she kept a shirt for Shivam. Shivam comes wearing the shirt Riya kept. Riya smiles. Kaushalya compliments his shirt. She says this time I will fulfill all my dreams in your marriage. He gets shocked. Shanti thinks Kaushalya won’t change. He asks what are you saying. Shanti covers up the matter. Riya gets a call and tells Shanti that she has to go office. Shanti asks her to go, but not with Shivam. She asks Shivam not to take Riya and have breakfast now. Riya says I m going by rickshaw and leaves. Shanti thinks I won’t let Riya leave with Shivam. Kaushalya gives breakfast to Shivam. He is in hurry and takes a roti roll to leave soon. Shanti thinks to stop Shivam doing something and starts her drama. Riya leaves in the rickshaw.

Nandu packs his bag. Preeti asks are you going somewhere. He says we both are going to our house, till evening, I will get office quarter allotment house, I will come in evening to take you. She says I have to stay in that small house like Sarla. Kaushalya asks Shanti to stay fine, you have to see Shivam’s marriage. He asks what marriage, I won’t marry any girl. Kaushalya says see this girl Chanda, she is good. Shanti thinks to act to faint, else Kaushalya will say anything. Kaushalya asks why did you send card. Shivam says we had a talk about this before. Shanti says I m dying, and sends Shivam. She scolds Kaushalya for telling about marriage.

Nirmala massages Ashok’s head. Sarla sees them and imagines their romance. Ashok thinks its Sarla and says your hands have magic. Sarla says you could not identify my hands. He gets shocked seeing Sarla and asks Nirmala what is this misbehavior, just Sarla has right on me. Rani tries to tell Ashok about Sarla’s plan. Sarla stops her. Sarla says I need to say something imp. Ashok asks Nirmala to leave from this house till evening and find another house. He goes. Nirmala gets worried. Sarla smiles, and then acts infront of Nirmala.

Riya does the formalities at office and meets Bunty. She tells Bunty that Shivam tried to talk to me, then I showed him ego. Bunty asks why. Riya says you told me to avoid him. Bunty asks when did I say, that was your idea. Riya thinks to gift him a watch.

Nimmi asks Pari to try the special things she made. She says oh, your mouth is shut and you can’t eat anything, I m very sad for you, you have to hold your ears and apologize to me. Riya buys a watch and hopes Shivam likes it and their good time starts. Sarla is tensed. Nirmala apologizes and says why did you promise me when you did not had belief on your husband. Sarla says you can’t break my dreams, give me one day time. Nirmala says I have to leave now, fine just one day.

Doctor checks Shanti. Preeti jokes on Shanti. Kaushalya scolds her. Doctor tells Shanti that her BP got low and gives prescription. He asks Shanti to stay happy. Shivam asks Chanda not to worry about all this. Chanda says Shanti wants you to get married, I said yes for marriage. He gets shocked. Riya comes home and sees them. Shivam says this marriage can’t happen. Shanti asks why, Riya gave you divorce, you should marry, see Chanda is beautiful and nice, she is working for you. She starts drama to convince her. She stops Kaushalya from saying anything. Preeti sends Chanda to get water. She taunts Riya for ruining her life and Lord is settling its score, you blackmailed me and that radio incident happened. Riya asks are you mad. Preeti says Mohit and my relation came on road because of you. Chanda looks on. Riya says I tried to not show you truth, you ruined your life, you did not had courage to accept your love, you ran away from your marriage mandap, you won’t do anything doing this, you will get away from family and husband. Preeti says leave about me, look at yourself, I can see you are jealous, I wish you never get Shivam back. Riya cries. Chanda smiles seeing them arguing. Chanda goes to Riya and pretends good. Riya scolds her angrily and asks her not to do this drama. She asks Chanda to just leave. She cries holding the watch.

Riya tells Shanti that she has captured Shivam’s seven births, he can’t be anyone else. Kaushalya promises that she will get Shivam married now.

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