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Mere Angne Mein 15th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with people gossiping about Preeti. They say that Preeti would have run away with Mohit, who will marry her now. Shivam makes the ladies leave. Preeti cries. Sarla throws junk on the floor, and says I will do anything, do your work Rani. Rani sweeps the floor and argues with Sarla. Sarla dreams of her Sarla Sadan. Sarla goes out on shopping and buys some things for Sharmili. She does not see Nimmi sitting there. She rings bell and meets Sharmili.

She asks Sharmili how is she feeling by getting two good bahus. Sharmili scolds her and says I will beat you. Sarla asks why are you joking. Sujeev says you made us fool. Sarla looks on.

Sujeev says I will not leave anyone and goes. Sarla asks whats happening, why is Sujeev saying this, we did marriage well, as you said, why are you saying this, you promised you will give me plot. Pari hears this and says plot? She asks Sarla to control.

Sharmili asks are you not ashamed to cheat us. Sarla asks what cheat. Sharmili says your Amma, Raghav, and Kaushalya cheated us. Sarla thinks did they know about Mohit and asks about Preeti to talk to her. Sharmili says I will call Preeti if she is here, you made Nimmi sit in mandap instead Preeti…. Sarla says this can’t happen, I can’t believe this. Sharmili asks her not to act, you know whose marriage happened, you have done a lot, now I will do what I have to do, I have kicked out Nimmi, if you don’t go, I will kick out Pari too. Sarla says its my insult too, and leaves angrily. Pari gets glad. Sharmili scolds her angrily and goes.

Nandu comes home and gets shocked seeing the state. Everyone is sad and crying for Preeti. Kaushalya curses Preeti and scolds her. She asks who will marry Preeti now and cries. Nandu looks on and says I will marry Preeti ji. They all get shocked. Sarla is leaving angrily from Sinha house. Nimmi sees her. She says what can I do if my fate has this marriage, now I got married to Vyom, I will not go anywhere else. She goes back to Sinha house. She rings the bell. Pari and Sharmili gets angry seeing her. Sharmili calls Nimmi very shameless, and says I will not let you enter this house. Nimmi says this is my house, I can’t go from here. Sharmili says you are cheater, we don’t have place for you, I will drop you to your house. Nimmi begs to her and says no, I m married in this house, I won’t go. Sharmili throws Nimmi’s bag and drags her out.

Shanti asks Nandu will you marry Preeti. Nandu says yes. Shanti asks Raghav to call Pandit, they will keep Preeti’s marriage. Raghav worries for Nimmi. Shanty says we will see about Nimmi later after Preeti’s marriage. Shivam says how can we make Preeti marry Nandu. Shanti says do we have any other suitable groom for her, we have to solve this problem which is created by Riya. She scolds Shivam.

Riya walks on the road and recalls Anupam’s words. She recalls Shivam. She takes rickshaw and goes home. Shanti makes Nandu sit in the mandap. Pandit asks whose marriage is it. Shanti says my grand daughter. She makes Preeti sit in mandap. She says we did not get time to invite Nandu’s parents. Kaushalya does rituals with Nandu sooner. Preeti cries. Shanti asks Preeti to go and change clothes fast. Pandit starts chanting mantras and does tilak to Nandu.

Riya comes to her home and rings the bell. Anupam gets glad seeing her and hugs her. He says you surprised me, what happened, your house had marriage, is everything over, did you come along, did Shivam not come. Riya cries and says they have made me leave the house. She hugs him and says they kicked me out of their house. He gets shocked.

Preeti and Nandu take the wedding rounds. Everyone is unhappy and look on. Nandu fills sindoor in her maang. Sarla comes home and gets shocked seeing this. Nandu makes Preeti wear mangalsutra. Sarla asks whats happening…. Is this any drama, how did second groom come now, I m shocked, this is Nandu, will you tie Preeti to his neck, Preeti come with me. She asks them to think about Nimmi. Shanti asks them to finish this marriage soon. She says Nandu will stay here till they get new house for him, and asks Raghav to get new house arranged for Nandu and Preeti. Sharmili gets Nimmi there, and throws the bag. They all look on shocked.

Shanti blames Shivam for all this. Raghav gets heart attack and they all get shocked.

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