Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2016 Written Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shivam saying I will get some money to clear bills. Riya asks him to do arrangements of building wall. Shivam and Nandu leave. Riya asks Kaushalya to inform Shanti everything, if she knows about this problem by someone else, she will feel bad. Riya says I will do my company’s marketing and calls a lady Rashmi asking her to spread the news of her event company. Rashmi asks her not to worry, I will tell everyone. Shanti calls Raghav and asks him to get tickets. Raghav says ticket is available for tomorrow morning. Shanti says fine, book it. She wishes Shanti Sadan is fine and feels restless.

Nandu gets a man and asks him to see the broken wall. The man asks for much advance. Riya says I can give money later, repair first and take money afterwards. The man refuses. Riya asks him to leave. Riya asks Nimmi to get laptop, they will think what items to get, they will build wall themselves. Kaushalya gives her earrings and says keep this mortgaged, Raghav got this for me and did not tell Shanti, take this. Riya says no, I will not keep this mortgaged, I can’t do this.

Kaushalya asks how shall I keep your jewelry mortgaged, whats the use of gold if it can’t be used in tough time. Riya promises Kaushalya that she will get her earrings back once she gets her first order. Kaushalya asks her to take it, and build the wall. Riya thinks and says I can’t keep this, Raghav got this with his first earnings and love. Kaushalya says yes, I agree its close to my heart, but not more than Shanti Sadan, go and keep this mortgaged. She hugs Riya and asks her to go. Nimmi says everything will get fine.

Sarla and Shivam reach the office to pay tax. A man runs away with the money by pushing Shivam. Shivam tells Sarla that man has run with money and runs after the man. Kaushalya feels helpless as she has no ,oney. Nandu, Riya and Nimmi get the items and build the wall. Kaushalya asks Preeti to come and help. Preeti insults Nandu. Sarla sits crying that man has taken our money and curses the man.

Shivam comes and says I did not get that man. Sarla cries and curses the man more. She says what will we do, the house will get auctioned. He says we will tell our problem inside, maybe they will understand and postpone the house auction. Sarla says yes, what else can we do.

Kaushalya gets tea for everyone. Shivam meets the officer and says we got money to pay tax, but a man has stolen it. Officer says we hear such excuses every day. Shivam says give us time, atleast a month, of three weeks time. Sarla argues with officer. The man asks her to talk with manners. She says you are like my brother, I m requesting you. The man asks will his dad get treasure after one month. Shivam asks him not to go on dad. The man taunts Shivam.

Shivam gets angry and holds the man’s collar. Sarla says our money got stolen outside office, you have sent that man to steal money. Sarla and Shivam leave. Nandu does finishing touches to the wall. Kaushalya says you worked well. Shivam and Sarla come home. Kaushalya asks her to give good news. Riya asks Shivam to tell what happened. Sarla tells everything. They get shocked. Nimmi asks did money get stolen really or…. Sarla scolds her and says I took money on loan on my name on 15% interest, I will slap you. Kaushalya asks what will happen now. Sarla says nothing, we have scolded the officer, he will not do anything, I m worried for money.

Shivam asks Riya not to worry and hugs her. He thinks don’t know what will happen tomorrow, house can fall in problem because of me. Its morning, Kaushalya prays Lord to save Shanti Sadan. Shivam talks to a man and asks for the job. Riya talks about her event management. The lady says engagement is after 2 months. Riya says that will be late, I will save your number and call you later. A lady calls her and asks for arranging her son’s birthday party. She says our budge is 1000-2000rs. Riya says its less amount, its birthday and money will be more, my team will work, they will also need money. The lady says its small party, let it be, thanks.

Officer comes to the house and tells about Shivam raising hand on him. He asks his staff to seal the house. Riya asks how can you seal house without any notice. The man says we got the order, don’t teach us laws. Riya gets shocked seeing auction notice.

Shivam apologizes to the man. The man asks constable to lock that room. Everyone stop them, and says leave this room, lock any other room. Kaushalya thinks what will I answer Amma ji when she comes.

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